Mercury Direct, Jupiter and Neptune Trine, August 19th 2018 ~ August 19, 2018

By Nadia Gilchrist

Mercury stations direct at 11 deg Leo on Aug 18th/Aug 19th (9:24 PM PDT/12:24 AM EDT)

Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune Rx in Pisces (15 deg)

Mercury direct promises answers or forward movement regarding any issues that have been tied up since Mercury stationed Rx (July 25th/July 26th). Communication can become clearer and it may be easier for you to find an audience for your words. At the very least, you should have more control over your public messages. 

The last of three Jupiter/Neptune trines continues the theme of movement. This Water trine is a path of least resistance, with Jupiter expanding and Neptune dissolving limits. You can go deeper, which suggests deep release, peace, indulgence or addiction. It all depends on what areas of your chart are being activated. 

There’s an opportunity to get more or slide into tempting but unhealthy habits. It’s still your choice, even if the negative manifestations emerge. Jupiter does promise more of something, so what is it? Even if the initial event is negative, Jupiter is always about the horizon. You can rise to the surface and experience hope. Mercury direct reinforces this- it’s time to look ahead. 

Neptune is spirituality and Jupiter is belief – maybe this is about you emerging with a new sense of belief in a transcendent influence. The emotional dynamics of spirituality are important, because how you feel directly influences what you believe in. Depression, grief, relief or joy can turn the tide regarding where you place your faith. 

This issue is not new. It occured on Dec 2nd, 2017 and May 25th, 2018. If you’re in danger of getting sucked back into something that’s not good for you, you know how it will play out. Is it time to choose differently? If this is the return of an opportunity, go for it. 

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