Archangel Michael ~ The Deepest Peace Within Your Sacred Heart ~ August 16, 2018

Channeled by Linda Dillon

What some humans sometimes tend to forget and overlook is that the greatest waging of the efforts for peace are those efforts within the sacred self – and the greatest waging of peace is literally on the home front.

This gorgeous Channelled Gem is lovingly shared with us by Johan from his reading with Linda on 27 July, 2018

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, brother of your heart, cousin of your soul. Welcome, my beloved one of blue!

Johan: Welcome, Michael.

AAM: I come this day to embrace you, to hold you, to laugh with you, to walk with you and to share with you about this anchoring of peace upon my beautiful archangelic sister, Gaia. You are – and you have – and you will – and you will continue to anchor this deepest peace within your sacred heart, within every fibre and subatomic particle of your being, your expanded field and far beyond.

What some humans sometimes tend to forget and overlook is that the greatest waging of the efforts for peace are those efforts within the sacred self – and the greatest waging of peace is literally on the home front.

Yes, you have accompanied me many times, throughout many lifetimes – and you’ve certainly accompanied me in our many forays into Iraq and Syria and Afghanistan and Yemen, and into the wild jungles. And these are important because we are speaking of the saving of innocent souls who wish to continue in their journey upon the planet.

But the cessation of war is only but a small fraction of what we talk about. The anchoring of peace – of true peace, of rightness, of wellness, of balance, of love – on the home front, within the sacred space of your home, in family relationships, in community, in broader community, in province, in country – these are truly the places of, yes, the greatest challenges, the greatest potential, the greatest opportunity… and the greatest rewards.

Now why do I come and speak of this today on your day of solar return, on your day of victory? Because I wish to thank you, I wish to commend you, I wish to praise you and honour you and say, “Job well done!”

You have allowed – yes, you have worked and then you have surrendered – and you have allowed that sense not only of internal conflict or confusion – ancient despair – to depart. You have allowed the peace, which is my greatest gift. It is my take on the Mother’s love and you have allowed this to truly be firmly anchored within you, and you are transmitting this, beloved brother, far and wide. And that is the true work of peace!

So I thank you and I join with you in celebration of the new because, yes, the new is already upon you, as you well know. Yes, there are physical manifestations here, there and everywhere – and then people turn and say, “I’m waiting for a sign!” [Chuckles] It is peculiar, is it not!

J: Yes, it is here already.

AAM: It is here, and it is anchored within your beloved, sweet self. And as you are holding this – of course you hold it for yourself, for your family, for your community, for your country, for humanity – but, beloved friend, you are also holding it for me.

So in this I thank you, and I also ask you – Keep going!

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

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