Coded Messages in Suspicious Events: The Horizon Q400 Crash ~ August 14, 2018

Editor’s Note: Life on Planet Earth is turning into a galactic “whodunit”! When I first learned of the AWOL Alaska Air 400 plane from SeaTac, I was sure not to believe the “official” story hitting the news, thus…I AM more than ready to understand hidden and coded messages sent by hidden forces operating (both good and bad) in our world. Please read, know there is so much more going on of which we are largely unaware, stay delighted with Joy in your heart (that’s what we are here to learn) and…



The theft of the Horizon Q400 plane at Sea-Tac International airport by an airline mechanic named Rich was very odd by anyone’s standards, and there are many theories about why the Alaska Air mechanic, who seemed to be a nice guy, would steal a plane, perform some impressive aerial stunts and then crash it into an island.

Various people made note of the “Q400”, the pilot’s statement about video games, his possible exposure to flight simulators, and the possibility that mind control was involved. It just didn’t add up. What was the motive?

I think all the press and loud calls for more airport security are just extraneous fallout from this event designed for another purpose.

Most of us reading this would now agree there are no accidents. With a “Q400”, and the following image I kept seeing everywhere…

…and the fact a reader linked to a video recently depicting the hooked X… is it possible it was yet another message to the White Hats?

I’m only showing this particular video as an illustration of the hooked X in the runes of the secret society known as the Knights Templar, for example. You don’t even need to watch it. It’s not the video the reader shared with me but got me thinking.

It’s perhaps a bit of a stretch, but to those who understand the language of the secret societies, it’s possible it is related to the Horizon Q400 as photographed above.

After seeing that silhouette of the plane from below it reminded me of the hooked X Dante Santori has shown us so many times in his “Alien Human Kind” series.

Just throwing it out there because the X-shaped plane literally went down in flames and it would be a strong message, n’est-ce pas?  ~ BP


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