Daily Astrology, August 9th 2018 ~ Confusion and More Relationship Tension ~ August 9, 2018

By Nadia Gilshrist

  • Mercury Rx in Leo square Juno in Taurus: 16 deg
  • Mercury Rx in Leo conjunct Pallas: 16 deg
  • Mercury Rx in Leo inconjunct Neptune Rx in Pisces: 15 deg
  • Venus in Libra inconjunct Uranus Rx in Taurus: 2 deg
  • Venus in Libra square Saturn Rx in Capricorn: 3 deg


Aspects to Mercury continue yesterday’s influences involving the Sun and Pallas, but Mercury suggests specific details or a messenger. Mercury Rx/Pallas combines intellect and communication with a strategy or pattern, enabling you to put it into words (albeit words that are being reviewed). However, Mercury Rx/Juno is about revisiting the details of a relationship disagreement, and Mercury Rx/Neptune Rx can be about revisiting a specific fact that’s false or confusing. So putting it into words will only be the first step – you’ll have to navigate other difficulties. 

If Mercury manifests as the messenger, watch for a person who triggers the above. In all cases, you’re being asked to look more closely at the details, or ask questions (about the agreement or strategy). 

Note that Pallas and Juno will make an exact square on August 11th, so conflict around relationship strategies will continue until then. 


Venus/Uranus hi-lights the disconnect between necessary change versus the desire for harmony. There can be an avoidance of what needs to change (or be set free) or an abrupt development that triggers an extreme imbalance. Venus rules Taurus and Libra, but these signs make an inconjunct with each other- Libra is about relating and Taurus is about self-preservation. These issues will collide, and the trick is to honour both sides. 

The square to Saturn will not make that easy, but at the same time, Saturn will cut out all the non-essentials. You will probably run into a hard limit around what you want, especially regarding a relationship or what you’re trying to attract. So you won’t get distracted, because certain things will simply not be available to you. Focus on what’s left.

Along with Uranus, this can feel upsetting as you’re confronted with change while being restricted. You may feel cornered or rejected. Accept the limits and the change, then do your best to find the balance within that situation. Or, you can say “F**k it” and refuse to play ball. But it’s always helpful to try and work with the energy of the sign that’s being activated.

And now you see why Venus in Libra is not an easy energy to master. I’m not talking about being a doormat or glossing over all the problems. The real task here is to honestly find the balance between you and them. Honour yourself and the other, in whatever situation unfolds. Respect your wants while playing by Saturn’s rules and getting with Uranus’ program.

Impossible? Nope. Libra is being activated because balance is possible. But it won’t be easy. 

Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels



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