The Plan Unfolds; Trump, QAnon, SerialBrain2 and the War Drummer Launch the Next Phase [videos] ~ August 7, 2018

Anyone who doubted Trump and isn’t an unhinged leftie can probably see there really is a concerted effort in America (and elsewhere) to restore power to the People and not only Make America Great Again, but Make Earth Great Again.

It’s increasingly clear that the regime that has been in power for decades are, to be kind, psychopaths, and not fit to inhabit a planet with loving, sentient Beings.

Thanks to QAnon, SerialBrain2 and the War Drummer, Shawn Boutwell, we can more easily see the chess game that has been going on; the secret language and messages volleyed back and forth between the enemy and the patriot/Q team, and realize this is THE END game. (But it is not a game.)

Trump stated in a rally that there is a lot going on behind the scenes that “nobody knows about”; something sure to put the dark in a flap. Sometimes he speaks to the general public—the cameras—, sometimes the Q-Patriots, and sometimes the Deep State. What a mind he must have.

What happens now determines the fate of Earth. We’re told it has unravelled for the Deep State to the point they can never regain the advantage. They will lash out and try to pull a rabbit out of a hat but all those doors are closed but a few—and they only lead to a closet.

We will see more false flags, fires, explosions, storms, distractions and whatever they can muster with their few remaining toys, but they are almost impotent now. The Light is far more clever than the dark. The deep state’s childish Q-attack videos from another fake Anonymous are pitiful.

It now appears that the patriots pulled Donald J. Trump out of a hat, and he is a trickster himself. It’s fascinating to watch this unfold, and all those haters are missing out on the fun. Those premium prices we paid for front row seats to the Greatest Show on Earth were well worth it, wouldn’t you say?

When I saw the new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in action I was almost in awe. For me, he shines as brightly as the President. What an asset to the cabinet.

What we have heard and seen so far suggests that Hillary Clinton is indeed a literal witch, and Donald Trump a Light Warrior, born of the Phoenix fires. It certainly seems like he came along at the perfect time, through the perfect avenues to lead to this momentus time when he—ideally suited to the battleground—would sneak in the back door and melt the wicked witch like in the Wizard of Oz—no weapons required.

We should note that the Light Forces are not resorting to violence, murder, or assassination attempts to vanquish the enemy. That’s not the way they roll. They are doing this to the letter of the law, with every “i” dotted, and every “T” crossed—and they’re still winning.

It all comes down to cunning and patience. The Light leads by example. This is a peaceful revolution for the most part. The fact that the majority of the world is still oblivious to this life and death battle speaks to that.

This past weekend I did something to my iPad and after watching a War Drummer/SerialBrain2 video, it launched into the next one automatically, and the next and the next and I decided to go with it. It was a WD/SB2 marathon and I now have a much better understanding of the big picture.

No matter what the QAnon Phenomenon might turn out to be, as I’ve said numerous times before, it opened the eyes of hundreds of Patriots. For years (6 for me) we in the Truth Media have been sharing information to try to get people to see what happened, what is unfolding now, and what will happen in the near future if nothing is done to prevent it.

We were dubbed “conspiracy theorists” and lost many a friend and family trying to get our messages across and have conversations with people; to share information in direct conflict with what most people understood as a result of the multi-media efforts to establish reality. Many of us have lived in loneliness and isolation to varying degrees. Some sacrificed everything, including their health because they were attacked by the dark.

QAnon took the battle for truth one step further. He/they bridged the gap between conspiracy “theory” and conspiracy “fact” for so many who were unaware. The military intelligence lingo, the “comms”, the photographs, the links to previously unknown aspects of events unfolding across the globe captured the attention of those who began piecing together the pieces of a dream—or a nightmare. Q drew them down the rabbit hole and showed them a world they were unaware existed.

Why the odd messages? Why all the questions? Q tells us (or asks us) if it could be about national security rules. They are lawful, and as I see it, they are pushing the limits by sharing what they do with the public. They cannot make it any plainer.

We have a video below that illustrates three times the dark tried to assassinate President Trump; one attempt from each corner of the triangle; the three factions of the global power structure, as we see below. I recommend it if you like the War Drummer’s style and wish to understand the situation as suggested by Q and decoded by SerialBrain2—who has suffered attacks on the boards.

SB2 extended the reach of Q even further, and the War Drummer has multiplied it yet again. The Truther/Patriot Movement has expanded exponentially this year, and continues to do so with President Trump’s validation.

FINALLY Americans are rising from their slumber. Their job now, if nothing else, is to support their duly elected President and get his supporters elected to his administration so they can continue to undo the devil’s work and squash the evil ones like the vermin they are.

The call has changed to election constituents this year. Rather than, “don’t vote and signal your compliance to a corrupt system”, the mandate is to get out there and vote for the RIGHT people who WILL make a difference.

Election fraud is being acknowledged and addressed; another thing that sends the deep state into a frenzy. Their days of rigging elections are over. Trump’s approval ratings are even higher than they were in 2016 and he is backing people in various areas who he believes will work with him to make America great again.

Do you want to know about the three assassination attempts?

The fact that President Trump knows of these failed plots and continues, unfaltering, to conduct the scheduled rallies across America is testament to his commitment to GET THIS DONE and “never, ever, ever give up”. He goes to connect with the People, the Patriots, Q-fans, and tell them what they need to do if they want to continue down the path he has blazed these past 18 months.

They know authenticity when they hear it, and they know results when they see them. DJT is an honest, albeit clever business man, and he honours his side of the bargain. He wrote, “The Art of the Deal”, did he not? He fully understands that if you betray people, they will never deal with you again.

Lionel Nation expounds on Trump, QAnon, the Patriots, the media, etc. as he sees the dynamics.

Has President Trump been harsh with other nations with respect to trade deals, tariffs, etc. Yes, he has. He is doing what is best for America. That is his job. Were the leaders of trade partners enthusiastic about the renegotiation of the terms? Of course not. The deep state sold America out from under the American People and these diplomats and economists knew it.

When push came to shove, they knew they would have to give up the unfair arrangements those in the previous administration handed to them on a silver platter—or suffer the consequences. Trump understands money and negotiation and he went for the underbelly. No one got hurt, and the outcome was a fair platform for trade.

Whoever, or whatever Donald Trump is, or was, he has the indomitable spirit and courage to pull this off. He said he was going to “drain the swamp” and he meant it. People—men and women alike—are going to cry when they realize what has happened, and how close they came to losing everything; when they learn what others sacrificed for them.

Truthfully, we will have hundreds, probably thousands of people to thank for pulling us out of a certain Hell—in the nick of time. Timing is everything, and the war effort went into full swing when the psychopaths believed they had it all sewn up.

As QAnon says, “These people are stupid.” They KNOW that everything is infiltrated with spies on both sides. They KNOW they are targets and they just can’t help letting their baser instincts take over, not only exposing themselves but making the job of the plumbers easier.

By the time they realized “the plan”, it was too late to regroup. They broke the cardinal rule for a crisis: they went into panic mode… and now they’ve lost their minds.  MEGA  ~ BP


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