Solar Eclipse Energies ~ We Are Being PUSHED to Transform ~ July 14, 2018


By Molly McCord

The first eclipse of summer 2018 is here with a New Moon Solar Eclipse on July 12/13 at 20 degrees Cancer. We are being PUSHED to transform a part of our past, emotional world, unresolved pains, and buried resentments into a more useful and powerful experience as Pluto opposes the Sun and Moon.

It may feel like am emotional time, as power struggles trigger what needs to be healed. You may feel a deep push back to ‘not go there’ or to do what you can to feel safe. Yet the Universe is showing you that what you’ve been holding on to, locked away in a safe, protected space, can only take you so far until it needs to be honestly felt and released.

Every New Moon is both an ending point and a starting point, and we are being guided to connect with how we truly feel around heartbreak, loss, pain, resentment, and bitterness. What areas of your emotional world can you feel more deeply by getting these stale emotions out of your energy field? As you do this inner work, you then feel wholer in your light and ready for a new beginning that is fresh, clear, and purer.

Cancer energy is learning how to TRUST the process even when you cannot see where the river flows.

So if you’re feeling teary, emotional, or stuck in the past about something, this is the time to PURGE in whichever ways feel safe for you.

The same eclipse points typically happen every 18-19 years, and this one at 20 degrees Cancer is quite interesting. We will have another Lunar Eclipse at this same degree in January 2020. Here is a timeline of this eclipse energy. You can look at the themes in your life during these periods to see what has shown up for you:

January 2001 – Lunar Eclipse
July 2010 – Solar Eclipse
July 2018 – Solar Eclipse
January 2020 – Lunar Eclipse

Wednesday’s podcast is right here if you want to hear more about this week’s energies.

Listen here

Soul Growth Transformations Are Happening!

The cosmos is serving up a big energy of soul evolution as this New Moon Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees of Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn on July 12. The time to face a fear and feel bigger than it is here! We will be supported in growing to higher places of responsibility, duty, discipline and self-mastery while also taking care of our inner world needs. This eclipse begins a cycle that will complete in January 2020 when Pluto and Saturn conjoin at 22 degrees of Capricorn. You are seeing something within you that needs to shift for your highest and best good, so trust that you are being taken care of each step of the way.


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