She Accidentally Fell Down the Trash Chute Into the Compactor; New York Post ~ July 12, 2018

You’ve got to be kidding me. Here it is, folks—right from the New York Post. They’re kicking off the narrative.

The woman who just happened to live in the same apartment building as Weiner/Abedin was stumbling drunk and just happened to fall into the trash chute and into the compactor where she was crushed.

Now we don’t need to talk about it any more, they hope. 

Maybe the garbage chutes are extra large in Manhattan, but I’ve never seen one an adult human body would be able to fit in unless they were stuffed. 

Lara Prychodko may have been intoxicated, or she may have been drugged. Or maybe she was forcibly assaulted. Due to the condition of the body, any bruises can’t be attributed to brute force. It will be interesting to hear the toxicology report from the ME—if there is one.

Or maybe a little voice in her head told her to do it .

She worked for WebMD—and all they do is promote Big Pharma drugs and mislead people, so she may know something someone doesn’t want getting out. That’s quite a message, to murder someone by tossing them in the trash.

The chances this woman had nothing to do with the Weiner/Abedin/Clinton crime story is remote, but I can’t for a moment accept she accidentally fell into the trash chute. This story from the NYP just makes it that much more suspicious. Let’s see who else takes up the call. Or who they throw under the bus.

We know there are a few good cops in New York who want to take the pedos/Clinton crime syndicate down so perhaps this will be sorted properly—but don’t hold your breath. It may take awhile.  ~ BP

Woman who fell to death down trash chute appeared drunk: cops

June 11, 2018

The woman whose body was found in the compactor of her tony Union Square apartment building on Tuesday had drunkenly slid down the trash chute and was crushed to death, police said Wednesday.

Lara Prychodko, a 48-year-old mom of one, was last seen alive on surveillance video at 4:20 p.m. Tuesday stumbling in a stupor from an elevator on the 27th story of the Zeckendorf Towers.

It is not known how she managed to get into the chute. But about 30 minutes after she was seen on video, a maintenance man found her body “crushed from multiple angles” in the compactor, according to police.

The only other clue about her fate was her purse, which was found abandoned back up on the building’s 27th floor, sources said.

Cops do not suspect foul play, as the woman was alone when she was seen on video staggering from the elevator.

Prychodko had moved to the building at 1 Irving Place about two years ago, after splitting from her husband of 13 years, David Christopher Schlachet, who owns a Manhattan construction company called Taocon, Inc.

She had worked for about 10 years as a marketing manager for WebMD until 2013, according to her LinkedIn page.

She filed for divorce from Schlachet in 2014, and the legal battle between the two was still not resolved, according to court records.

The couple had been married in 2003 in Prychodko’s native Canada, according to a New York Times wedding announcement. They have a son who is about 11 years old, neighbors said.

Schlachet said “we have no comment at this time,” when reached by The Post via phone.

A source at an apartment in Chelsea where the couple once lived said he saw the son and father Tuesday morning, hours before police confirmed the victim’s identity, and they were “acting normally.”

“He wasn’t like sad or anything.”

At least two residents of the Chelsea building said she appeared to have a drinking problem, as they regularly saw her stumbling drunk when she used to live there.

“She would come home drunk. Like, she couldn’t walk. I don’t remember a specific time, but I remember many times [more than once a week] . . . this was about three years ago,” one source said.

Residents of the Union Square building where the woman lived said she had only lived there for a short time and was not well known.

“It’s just crazy. The building sent out an e-mail saying not to use the [trash] chute . . . What a terrible, terrible way to go,” said a resident of the building, which had previously earned infamy as the address where Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin lived with her disgraced perv hubby Anthony Weiner.

Additional reporting by Tina Moore and Stephanie Pagones


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