Activating Purity Through Playing, Beauty, Nature, Happiness and Joy ~ July 9, 2018

Aloha beautiful Star-Light BEing!

Learning to play like an innocent child, frolicking in nature, connecting with the FEELING and VISUAL STIMULATION of BEAUTY is an important part of our Soul Awakening process here.

I remember how much I resisted this part, because my linear me was holding on to so much still and would not make “time” for play, because it didn’t fit into my schedule or what I viewed/perceived as important….

I even whined, complained and constantly made excuses, until….

It was time for my heart to open fully and to re-connect in a way that only NATURE provides…. to open up to my own Universe “outside”, therefore inside…. 

To support my own physical body with the pristine frequencies of nature/natural order and flow…. to bring more “water” (flow) and Sunshine (Joy) into my own life and relaxing was necessary, something my controlling human ego aspect was not about to allow….

As my heart opened, my desire to be in nature grew too, as did my desire for more alone time and that which supported my own deep inner-Soul work here. I started dedicating my own energy to exploring, and sharing what I “newly” learned/understood…. because I realized how important it was for “others” to EXPERIENCE this (our NEW Earth Existences) too.

…my inner reality changed, therefore my outer did too. As I embraced, nurtured and transcended my own “wounded aspects” of me, I could finally fully love me, appreciate “me” and respect me, by no longer compromising/giving my power away or accepting “less” as “REAL”ity and truly start to fulfill my own higher Soul Purposes here.  Then I could BECOME WE.
When I wrote Navigating Dimensions to assist all with their own Awakening & Physical Body Ascension Process, I intentionally put a section in there regarding my own realizations of re-connecting with Gaia/Universal Consciousness and how all was designed (by us) to support us on every level, when we are ready to surrender our own ego to listen to our own higher guidance that returns our lives to PURITY, replacing all of the distorted illusory ones. One of the reasons I moved to Kauai, was because she would support my LightBody & Service Work fully, so that I could support hUmaNITY through these huge transitory phases, and vibrationally maintain my own highest alignment to fulfill multi-dimensional roles for all of us. 
I REMEMBERED how all worked energetically on a Quantum Scale, how to dedicate myself and all that I had access to, in order to activate much higher dimensional timelines/realities for actual experiences here. I came to see the bigger picture and use it as where I functioned from, instead of the little one. I learned to re-educate and awaken those around me, by sharing through the Simplicity and Purity of my own Soul, that was birthed as I learned to play again, letting my Spirit Free and sharing the magic and magnificence that is ever-present when our hearts and minds are fully open and engaged in the beauty of our innocence
Over the years, the reason I’ve been able to do so much, is because I never went back to sleep again (unconscious) and forgot. Once my entire BEING WAS AWAKE, less was no longer an option anymore….

I live each moment in pure gratitude, appreciation and reciprocation, surrounding myself with that which supports my own abilities to fulfill these highest service roles for all of hUmaNITY here. No longer living as my ego aspect once did, I exist through the Essence of Beauty and Presence within every exchange. Everything a Gift, we choose which “gifts” we desire to experience here. If something is not aligned, we align our self… the rest we realize “is not ready/meant to” and to let it completely go…… so that all new higher-aligned realities can come forth (materialize) for us…. 

The other day, I decided it was time to PLAY. While my every moment has exquisite high-vibe beauty and play within it, which is necessary to keep up the pace at which we produce/accomplish/work, I never forget, get complacent or not totally appreciate everything and the purposes all serves, it was “time” for a day off, to go out and inJOY the magic and open more portals in a multitude of ways.

Eve had flown in, for us to work together again and tackle all of those important projects, while helping me re-structure my whole reality & inundation with work. John Burgos had come over to LiveStream our Cosmic Couch Conversation, as a part of Beyond The Ordinary 16, and we all decided to play together on July 4th and experience a Zodiac Cruise of our beLOVEd Napali Coastline and LeMUrian waters, to activate new FREEDOM PORTALS in our own individual ways. 

If we allow our body’s vibration and Light Energy to get too low, then it’s harder/more challenging to clear/shift…. which is why we surround ourselves with all that supports and release all that does not. 
… the full immersion in FEELING the whole thing, the surrendering/letting go and allowing ourselves to just BE fully in all…. which we did in our own way. Eve and John went snorkeling, while I took photos…. with the BEST PART of the whole thing —- the POWERFUL BOAT RIDE and rainbows and caves! OH my!!!!!

Laughing, playing and taking photos, getting wet (they ran to the front of the boat to get drenched by the waterfall)…. portals inside opening up, rainbows activating our templates… makes all easier to see and clear distortions. When our vibration is high and we are happy, clearing and aligning is easy. If we allow our vibration to get too low, then it’s harder/more challenging to clear/shift…. which is why we surround ourselves with all that supports and release all that does not. 

While there are challenges, these are only to clear the ENERGY OF OUR OWN EGO SEPARATION AND DUALITY PROGRAMS that we still hold within. The moment we realize this, we can shift from SEEing all as we once did. This no longer viewed as an inconvenience, because we sleep to awaken, we rest to integrate, we pull away to clear our field/maintain expansion easier and we don’t fight to hold on or keep allowing the old in our realities still….. We stop being the victim, because we’ve dedicated ourselves FULLY to BEING (IN-SERVICE AS) LIGHT and all that we have access to, supports and serves this too!

So, bring that playful innocent child from within you. Go play, dance and laugh. Then observe your entire reality and see where you can further surrender yourself to inJOY the simplicity of purity too! Look for the RAINBOWS, as they are INSIDE OF YOU!

Magical blessings from our beLOVED LeMUria Kauai,

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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