Twin Soul Energy Report: 7.7 Galactic Upgrade Portal: Collective Shadow Being Cleared Now ~ July 2, 2018

Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high, we come forward as ever in this most wondrous, and extraordinary moment of now, honouring great spirits decree to come forth in this manner, to share with you some pertinent and comforting insights regarding the current personal and collective ascension/ twin soul timeline trajectory.

The gateway of solstice activated an alignment with a bombardment of intense gamma ray/ photonic light particles which are set to intensify in potency and crescendo at the time of the 8:8 Lions-gateway.

Great news we bring forth today particularly regarding the masculine twin flames, en masse who are experiencing going to the next level of consciousness in their spiritual awakening process…… Slowly but surely many many Divine masculines are beginning now to awaken from their long and deep slumber……

The current energetics (and here we refer particularly to Marsnow going retrograde until the 27th july) and this is activating a huge transformation in the DM consciousness, this is manifesting as many are now showing an unmistakable interest in all things of spiritual nature.

They are waking up to the definite possibility that they are in fact multi dimensional beings, and that the codes of the of the higher dimensions have always been tucked away and safely stored particularly in their pineal gland and in their higher heart centre.

They are showing themselves at this time to be attracted to many different types of meditation and yoga and are naturally engaging in conversations that are stimulating their thirst for spiritual truth and knowledge. All of this is wonderful news to behold as in many ways as we have discussed in our previous articles the masculine twin flames (who are not always in male bodies) have signed up to be what could be termed the matrix twins which means that they have contracted to entrench their consciousness rather more deeply into the third Dimension, and this has meant that  their awakening has not necessarily been easy for them. However the current energetics are witnessing a huge surge of the matrix twins awakening at this pivotal time in earth’s collective ascension timeline.

We reiterate again that the Ascension process can only happen in waves, if this were not the case, the electromagnetic grid of Gaia would short circuit, as the transformative frequencies would be too intense.

Dear ones, please know that in this ascension gateway, it has been promised and ordained by the highest living councils of light that there would be an unprecedented number of twin soul recognition and reunions occurring.

This is all part of the Ascension plan for mother Gaia, that vast numbers of the twin flame collective would come into recognition and reunion at particular timeline convergences in order to assist Gaia to assimilate the pristine frequencies that the genuine twin flame unions bring, and thus support her full ascension.

At this stage in the evolutionary trajectory, it is imperative that you give thanks that your twin flame walks beside you, within you, and without you at all times, regardless of whether you are in physical union with your beloved or not.

You are the Alpha and the Omega the beginning and there really is no end. All of the universe has been created to bend to your Almighty will.

You are almighty, and are the offspring of Mother Father God. It is time now for all of those who promised that they would remember to step forward now as the illuminated beings, as the way showers that they truly are. To light the way for all of the brothers and sisters who have signed up to work personally with these here light workers whom we are addressing in this sacred written transmission.

We would like to speak a moment about the twin flame template which is in fact the………. please click the link to be taken to the complete article


Details of the 7.7 Transmission

We would now like to take this opportunity to inform you that our beloved channel Matahari-ji  will be facilitating the extremely powerful 7:7 galactic portal transmission on Saturday the 7th of July at 7:07 p.m. UK time.

The purpose of this transmission is to seal the 7th dimensional union of the twin Flames in the heart chakra of the earth in the inner earth realms of Glastonbury Tor… The sacred realm of Avalon…, in order to do this we are being called togather together as a collective to remove entirely from our energetic and etheric fields the false dark program of “guilt” which has scarred humanities consciousness for eons.

In this transmission we are being guided to fully remove this program for ourselves personally, and we are also being asked to remove this program from the Earth’s grid,and for the collective consciousness of humanity. Therefore the 7.7 transmission will be an extremely Potent, Powerful and life-changing forgiveness ceremony that will free your soul from all binds and contracts that you have with anybody, who has caused you unbearable harm, betrayal, or deceit in this lifetime.

For the ascension timeline to remain on its highest accelerated probability timeline, it is absolutely crucial that this program of guilt is once and for all finally removed from all of our consciousnesses, that we may set an energetic precedence for all of our brothers and sisters and all of our future ancestors, that they will live in and be born in a world that is free of the heavy burden of guilt, that we may all will live in a world that recognises and celebrates and acknowledges our original Innocence as children of the most high Mother Father God.

The work in the transmission groups continues to intensify in potency and will do so infinitely it is imperative that as many souls as possible particularly in the group the event is happening come forward to add their energy to this highly auspicious GalactiC CereMony. Please see below for full details on how to book onto this game-changing 7:7 galactic portal transmission.

All of this work is shared on an energetic exchange basis

Ultimate Detox Pack


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