Headlines for June 29, 2018; The Battle is Hotting Up and Speeding Up [videos] ~ June 29, 2018

Going into the weekend, we already have a “mass shooting” in Maryland, same old story with a long gun, this time, and Thomas Williams said last night on the THI show June 28 there is a rumour there may be another violent attack this weekend wherein President Trump is blamed, so heads up.

There were some surprising pedophilia-related arrests, too, this week—but that’s another post.

The factions are clearly in desperation mode and trying to keep the lid on the pot. They think they can win this war and still remain in the shadows so the masses don’t know who is controlling their fake reality. If they could fight openly—it would be very ugly, but over sooner.

Since few even understand we’re embroiled in a war, however, the turtle approach is probably better. It’s just unbelievably frustrating for those of us who understand who these creatures are and what is happening all over the world in the background that isn’t attributed to their psychotic agendas.

Those executing the takedown of the psychopaths indeed have a plan (albeit a fluid one) and we will see the systematic rollout of specific aspects of that plan when the ideal time presents itself; when it’s safe for all concerned and the objective.

But really… How do you stuff the ‘clash of the titans’ in a closet? To mix metaphors, this invisible war is a series of tempests in teacups. In isolated conditions, the global scale of it isn’t easily recognized, and to suggest it’s interdimensional and carrying on in space… well, watch them roll their eyes and hold up their hand.

If WE controlled the legacy media, everything would be different. It’s been my pet peeve about this whole situation. The media controls the reality for the sleepers, so if we could oust the spin doctors, reality would change. Ostensibly… in time…that has to happen.

And speaking of time, in the first two videos I watched this morning, both commentators said they had to stop to verify what day it was. The construct of time, however unreal it may be, is approaching warp factor 9 for many of us. We are already six months through the year, and however fleeting the first half was, I’m willing to bet the last half will seem to go even faster.

At Least 5 Dead in Mass Shooting at US Newspaper

Journos, Leftists Blame Trump For Maryland Newsroom Shooting

Col. Potter has a heads up for us about “fake news” designed to flood the alternative media with inaccurate details and tie us up in stories that aren’t true, etc. It’s a short video but may help us vet the information we see and hear so we can focus on the reality and not fall for the psyops. He expects this to get worse as the disinfo war goes on.

To help us maintain control of the true information and avoid censorship of real news, Mike Adams (The Health Ranger) at Natural News reminds us the video platform he created is scheduled to launch July 4. You can watch the video update at the link. It’s a little different concept, and not a replica of ThemTube (YouTube) but it’s critical that we have a place to rely on for information that’s been vetted to some degree and the nasty stuff rejected. It will be good to have the fear porn filtered out, too.

REAL.video launch update from founder Mike Adams: Feature set, affiliate program, editorial coverage and more

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton expounds on why the exit of supreme court justice Kennedy this week is a GOOD thing for the People. With any luck the new candidate will be un-bribable and principled.

With all the extreme weather and energies it’s difficult to know what to attribute power outages, Internet interruptions, and glitchy programs. My bank ATM at the grocery store today was out of service, our Internet went down briefly the last two days in a row, and my web mail was affected—and we’re having beautiful, perfect weather here in the Phoenix area. We had our first chemtrails in quite some time two days ago, but they didn’t amount to anything.

Add this kind of thing below into the mix and we would be wise to prepare for a little more severe interruption of power, communication, gas, or groceries. All you have to do is look at the video titles to see that the situation is escalating.

Hailstones and heatwaves—hold  onto your shorts!

The power outages occurred in multiple, widespread areas of the central and eastern US.  ~ BP



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