YOU Can DO This, Because WE Already Did ~ June 14, 2018

By Lisa Brown

YOUR Human Ego will face challenges, while your SOUL Emerges from within….

Magical experiences arrive as WE EACH fully integrate our own Light….

Aloha Beautiful Soul Star Family and Beautiful Multi-Dimensional Light BEings,

How you view, how you see, how you embrace, how ready you are… on a SOUL Level…. how you show up…. on a SOUL Level, how you come together, work together, support each other, or do it all yourself as LOVE…. will determine the experiences you have here. 

WE know you can do this, because WE did it AND you already have too…. 

Every ONE of us who show up to share, to re-educate through highest consciousness, through our own gifts/abilities/access/knowledge, we all had to go through everything you are going through and transcend every bit of duality, judgment, separation (disconnected state), lack and “not believing”… just like every one collectively now goes through to PHYSICALLY ASCEND and ENTER into a PHYSICALLY MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCE on a whole new level… as NEW EARTHER’S …  WE ARE LIVING THE MAGIC AVAILABLE to all who are truly ready for this…. 

Yes, we birth ourselves anew, we dissolve our old ego habits, patterns, beliefs, mentalities, energy, ways…. we CREATE from scratch, all new realities “out of thin air”…. literally…. often from “nothing”, without anything… to GROW those realities and send them out into the WORLD to reach, to teach, to touch, to awaken, to brighten, to inspire, to uplift, to unite and to BRING THROUGH NEW AWARENESS that everything is DIFFERENT HERE. 

Yes, we all went through reality collapses, the physical’ness of our bodies evolving in LIGHT, the reworking of our own DNA, genetics, molecular structures and entire body systems, in order re-align our entire lives and everything in them…. on a SOUL LEVEL…. and keep all aligned… all of the time. 

WE not only maintain a “regular” physical reality, we maintain a gazillion of them…. accomplishing on a Quantum Level, always stepping up to be/do more … to push ourselves so that we don’t have to be “pushed” anymore (REMEMBER being “pushed” is timelines collapsing for new realities to come forth), to dissolve our own egos, so we don’t have to be brought to our knees/on the floor anymore… as many of us did, because those experiences awaken us on a human level from the deeeeeeep sleeeeep slumber of living unconsciously beneath the veils of amnesia…. 

Many of us did it by our selves, utilizing the gift of someone/others in our lives occasionally along the way, to support us through certain intense times, so that we could learn to open up and trust, where we gifted ourselves a roof over our heads and enough food in our bellies, to learn to utilize everything as a gift, to open up to share, to open up to truly care, to step into our roles, without making any more excuses (ego) of how we didn’t have enough or were not enough… the ego stories we used to tell ourselves to convince ourselves out of standing in our power…. fully. 

There comes a point where we have to step up completely and stand on our own two feet, through our own deeply connected inner power, as Sovereign Light BEings, as LOVE —- As the/our Entire Universe, knowing we have no clue on a human level what comes next or where we might sleep or how we are going to support ourselves, yet deeeeeeeeeeep inside we know and we TRUST and we listen and we follow and we JUMP….. 

This journey is intense at times, until we move past the mindsets that we held which “held” us to certain limited and fixed realities/beliefs… so that we could finally see, understand, feel, know and trust and do….. 

The physical body re-calibrations, recodings, re-everything… the physical reality re-coding, reconfiguration, shifting, transitioning, changing… all a part of our higher dimensional/multi-dimensional existence…. and we not only “get used to them”, we embrace them as a “beyond important part” of our process of EVOLVING BACK INTO LIGHT BEINGS… as Souls and Star BEings incarnate/in a body here …. to fulfill much higher purposes/roles/missions….. TOGETHER AS LOVE…. 

NEW EARTH becomes available to all as a NEW HOME, when each is truly ready to fully invest everything that have/are/have access to…. as their own highest aspects connected on a deep soul level… and does the “work” necessary to transform their entire lives from duality to Unity Consciousness too.

We know, because we did it… and you have too…. it’s only our human aspect that can’t see, gets exhausted, worn down, tired and fed up…. and the moment we make ourselves a priority…. make the INTEGRATION OF OUR OWN PURE SOURCE LIGHT AS DIVINE CREATORS and beautiful, magnificent Light BEings a priority, then everything starts to shift…. huge…. 

As we step up and step forth, as we are ready to BEcome all that we truly are from within, as we stop hiding, shrinking down, telling ourselves the old “not enough” stories, as we stop judging and playing in the old games and caring what everyone else is saying/doing…as we take full responsibility for our own CREATIONS (REALITIES) and we let everyone and everything go that is not fully ready/able/open to aligning to the absolute highest vibrational everything…. everything gets easier…. for us all.

WE are the entire Universe, Multi-verse, Cosmos… not just words we speak, but something we BECOME again, through our own inner connected experiences of REMEMBERING…. which is beyond powerful, because we have the SUPPORT of everything when we function from this place/space as ONE. Everything we need, everything available, everything in abundance…. because this is where we live inside and how we function and what our realities are built upon…. the PURITY OF LOVE and this is how we treat each other and what we require to have any kind of physical reality together…. This means learning to love and respect ourselves gain/fully, so that we can love and respect each other too. This means letting go of all attachments to everyone and every thing, in order to free ourselves completely, from our own Matrix program. Understanding that where we rely on (or become dependent on) anything outside off our SOULar Selves for safety, security, happiness, love, power, respect…. is feeding our dis-empowered human ego’s lack and need programming, which has to dissolve for us to fully connect on a deep soul level and learn to understand that we are everything within ourselves, so that we all can fully live our NEW EARTH REALITIES NOW.  

Now, it’s about being totally RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR BEHAVIOR, in every moment…. by treating ourselves, and each other/Gaia, with PURE love, respect, integrity, honor, openness, communication, caring, sharing, inspiring, uplifting, supporting, contributing, each one of us fully invested in what we came here to be and do …. 

The journey from deep asleep to fully conscious/awake is an arduous one at first. It’s confusing, it requires we “leave” old behind and embrace that which is not always visible to others. Yes, we have to get okay with looking like we are crazy, because our realities are MAGICAL, full of JOY and holographic, and only energetically visible to those who are allowing themselves to feel and fully see too….. 

It takes a lot of patience, kindness, consideration and open honest communication…. it takes pure dedication and commitment to “what’s not yet visible”… to anchor higher dimensional realities into this physical one and HOLD ALL IN PLACE OUR SELVES….. 

We know you and all can do it, because we do it every single day….. one step at a time, a gazillion realities floating in the ethers, waiting for each one of us to just grab them and bring them here…. while integrating enough light into our cellular physical bodies in order to vibrate into the reality where materialization can occur. 

NEW EARTH is the experiences we create, we allow, we believe, we focus our energy fully on…. with the codes of our LIGHT-SOUL-STAR BODY embedded in our DNA and activated when we sleep and choose LOVE as our new way…. 

Many of us had to hit rock bottom to wake up; for the strong ego, this is where our hearts finally start to open and the judgment, resistance, fight and walls of protection start to dissolve/fall away…. Rock bottom is not necessary, unless this is the path we choose; which is for many of us, because our hearts (and minds) would not open any other way….. for our SOUL to emerge/come through, for us to open up to listen and actually DO what is necessary for us to shift out of our own human ego and into BEing our own higher selves here. 

I hear from many about how hard this is…. how challenging this is… and yes, for most of us, this is true for awhile. My whole body had to shut down, I had to go to the brink of death many times, I had to “lose” everything for my own ego to break/dissolve and for my heart to open enough that I cared about MYSELF enough to start to love and respect my body, take care of me, focus on my own vibration and stop trying to “save” everyone else from experiencing their own personal soul-chosen awakening journey here. I had to “learn” how all of this worked, so that I could shift all within myself…. to come to stand in MY OWN POWER and become ALL OF MY HIGHER SELVES….. merge all aspects of my own soul fully within me, become my Universe again, expanding into the entire Cosmos, to embody “my” OverSoul here.  

No one could do this for me, and I didn’t understand I was creating my own suffering, because I would not choose or allow myself the time/space for my LightBody to fully activate and integrate. The moment I chose, everything changed. I had to care enough about myself and I had to decide that my SOUL was the most important thing there was, to actually want to embody and step into my roles here too. I was gifted with kindness and a partner at the time when I was going through my deepest-darkest-night of my own ego death phases, non-judgment from one teacher who showed me love, when I was beating myself up for not being good enough, for “messing up”, for being weak (heart opening mis-perception), when I “thought” I had to be strong…. showed me a world that I didn’t know existed, one where others did care, one where it was safe to open up without ridicule or someone wanting anything from me other than for me to love and accept myself too….

This is what WE do for each other… online, in the physical, all that we connect with…. we OCCUPY SPACE AS LOVE….. we transmit light out AT ALL TIMES…. so that others know too, that it’s “safe” to open their hearts too and to “come out of the closet” to be SEEN, to be VISIBLE and to SHINE THEIR LIGHT AS BRIGHT AS THEY CAN …. to affect the lives (field) of all others they connect with too. 

We’ve CREATED all new realities as LOVE, we hold all in place AS LOVE, we re-connect AS LOVE and we are the Light at the end of that tunnel (other side of the vortex), as all are too….. WE ARE HOPE when there doesn’t seem to be any, we are the Light that Leads the Way….we all are… when we STAND UP AND SHINE OUR LIGHT in absolutely every way.

At first, our light is small, dim and even seemingly burnt out for awhile… yet every moment that we are ready to open our heart MORE, more light activates inside and fills our every cell and we transmit out…. and we CHANGE entire realities as we do…. 

So, every time your ego wants to complain, you begin to realize it’s just a TUNING process of dissolving the discordant ENERGY of your own ego too, to clear a little bit more of that lack energy out, for you to start to take your power back and STAND as your SOUL, as your Divine Essence and hold the FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN PLACE…. that when you feel defeated or broken, that it’s not true, it’s just your ego… and that deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeper inside of you is this magnificent, powerful, amazing and brilliant LIGHT ready to shine like never before…. and that AS YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO DO THIS…. you will draw to you all that you desire, to support you, to want to be a part of YOUR NEW REALITY WORLD too… that you will inspire others to open up, to step up as YOU DO…. 

Every time you find your heart closing and you’ve shifted back into your head…. STOP and intentionally go deeper inside of you….. and open your own heart up…. wide open…. again…. and keep it open… don’t ever let it close again. ♥

The immensity of what we endure/experience to EMBODY the IMMENSITY of the PURITY OF OUR OWN LIGHT…. it’s a huge job and takes everything that we are, have and do …. to accomplish here. 

It’s absolutely the most subtle, profound, sacred, amazing, brilliant, exquisite, magical and abundant experience…. within us and “out there”. 

Faith is available through your continual inner connection, your knowing…. and it is necessary to activate our higher dimensional realities to arrive in our physical here…. so if you find yourself challenged, it just your ego…. REMEMBER THIS.

Scroll down through the rest of this newsletter to see some of the the 6/6 Portal Activation photos/video and a bit of the magic we experienced while working physically to accomplish and do too! ♥ 

p.s. This Gateway opened up more HUGE things to come, so stay TUNED as we continually share as we all continue to integrate and anchor more Heaven and the Stars from within, and in our physical, by releasing all that is not this. ♥

p.p.s. The moment each one of us STOP everything to consciously and intentionally open our hearts ALL OF THE WAY – WIDE OPEN – and keep them open, the moment each’s ego can dissolve, be seen and resolved through LOVE, understanding and by shifting vibrationally from one space to another…. is the moment ease can emerge/come through/forth…. which is how we choose the “easier” journey/path/experiences here. ♥ 

Magical blessings from our beLOVED LeMUria Kauai,

♥ Lisa ♥



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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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