Bilderberg 2018 Agenda and Guest List [videos] ~ June 7, 2018

Thanks to Starship Earth for this article on the Bilderburg, meeting being held this weekend in Turin, Italy. I hope all the attendees are scared sh**less by seeing how the dark forces the represent are being exposed. Please read this article, watch the video’s, know that Light is exposing ALL, and…



The Bilderberger Meeting takes place this weekend in Turin, Italy.

One of our favourite paparazzi, an intrepid Canadian independent journalist, Dan Dicks of Press For Truth, covers the New World Order’s Bilderberger meetings every year, (since 2006) without fail—risking arrest, camera confiscation, and his reputation—not to mention his safety. Much appreciated, Dan.

If Bilderberg is new to you, it’s a highly secretive meeting of the globalists of the New World Order to plan their attempts to control Humanity and shape the future according to their agenda. This is a key, annual strategy meeting where it all happens and they have the ultimate security to protect themselves.

As Dan explains in the second video, not all the invited guests are part of the “inner circle”. They may be getting a test drive and having their brains picked to see if the group feels they might be a valuable addition to the inner sanctum, so to speak.

He says the surprising attendee this year is the Vatican cardinal. That’s a first.

Luke Rudkowski is Dan’s partner in crime every year at the Bilderberger meeting where they nip at the attendees’ heels like sheep dogs, intimidating and keeping them on the run.

We, the People like the controllers to know they’re no longer invisible, we know who and where they are, and we’re watching.  ~ BP


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