YouAreFreeTV 5-31-18 video link (about CITD) and the comment I left on it…

I have not been to Contact In The Desert, so I have no realistic way to discern who is correct in determining the value of this UFO/Spiritual meeting near, or in. Palm Springs. But I absolutely agree with Kp’s assessment of any situation. Determine how this feels in your heart,and follow through on your inner guidance!

Although we all have our opinions and differences (ans this is exactly what the Source created us to have), we need to honor other’s thoughts without causing harm for them…or us!

So…please read this message from Kp, determine how you feel about something, follow your guidance, and…


This video, with YouAreFreeTV girl and Patty Greer, was pretty outspoken about the “horrors” of Contact in the Desert, and I was kind of amazed by this. So I made a pretty long comment which I wanted to share.


Kp Comment left at YouAreFreeTV 5-31-18 video ( (comment left on 6-3-18, early AM)

Some of what you both have presented here about CITD may perhaps be valid but much I feel is very distorted, and there are a lot of labels being thrown around about the event that I have NOT found to be valid, from my experience.

I attended CITD last year and this year because I felt DRAWN to go. A deep “pulling off my Spirit to go. I felt I was going there to help clear something or other. And that was done. However, I found it VERY important to stay in my own sovereignty during the event and FOLLOW MY OWN INNER GUIDANCE. I could not stay for everything and see everyone. And I did not. I was NOT there to worship anyone. And I did not.

You were talking about the heat. Which was very intense. But those who were meant to be there dealt with it.

This year it is being held at a local resort in mostly air conditioned facility. So the heat is not an issue. And the energy, from my experience, had been much elevated.

Just as facing the darkness of what the Illuminati has been doing must be faced and cleared. Same as with the SSP and so called “space wars”. Bring the darkness to the Light.

To go to ANY event, I feel one must go with their own INNER sovereignty fully on.

I never felt targeted at CITD… Never.

I did not go just to “meet the disclosure stars”. I went with a mission. I was there to help clear the darkness that might have been there. Many were there for the same reason. And it was done.

Follow one’s INNER GUIDANCE whether to go or not. That’s what each must do.

Yes there’s a fair amount of “Un-grounded woo woo” people there. So that may need to be ignored.

Bottom line, I’ve not felt anything like what you’ve described in this. I am responsible for my own experience(s) at CITD. And my experience was positive and helped me to grow in consciousness.

Aloha Kp


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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