What Happened to Tommy Robinson Can Happen to Any One of Us; Media Blackout [videos] ~ May 28, 2018


To date, this IS the most blatant example of “state sponsored censorship” that is known. Imagine not to be able to even report on the arrest of this civilian journalist. Starship Earth brings us a report that will NOT be permitted in in the UK or any UK territory. Shocking and a sign the cabal is pulling out all stops in their efforts to keep control of humanity.

But…we ain’t havin’ that, are we? So…please read this story, spread the news far and wide of failing cabal control, and…



If you are not yet familiar with ‘Tommy Robinson’ and the breaking story out of the UK—you need to read this. I haven’t watched all the videos and it may take awhile but here they are.

Yes, it’s really happening.

This is not a surface event; it’s deep, complex, and symptomatic of the infestation of psychopathic tyrants on our planet in the process of being removed.

The New World Order has stepped up their game in response and are treading heavily and trespassing on basic rights. The right to free speech has all but disappeared. Videos and other communications on social media are being blocked and removed so we can’t relay the truth to the masses.

The mainstream press is either suppressing or spinning the truth about everything—OR scrubbing the stories. Major outlets like RT have been ordered to remove their coverage. Imagine!

Here’s Tommy’s banned speech.

Following is the aftermath on Tommy Robinson’s arrest and incarceration.

From the Gateway Pundit

From Friday, the thousands of people protesting at 10 Downing Street in support of Robinson after his arrest… kudos the them… and the shameful behaviour of the police.

We need to support the warriors like Tommy Robinson—and protect them for protecting our children from trafficking and worse. ~ BP

Citizen journalist Tommy Robinson jailed under secret order from UK government; total media blackout issued to protect Muslim pedophiles

May 28, 2018

by Mike Adams

(Natural News) UK citizen journalism Tommy Robinson, who has worked tirelessly to expose the Muslim pedophile and sex trafficking rings in the UK, has been arrested and jailed under a Soviet-style secret order from the UK government which then issued a total media blackout order to the press.

It is now a crime in the UK to report on Tommy Robinson’s arrest and imprisonment. Word is still getting out through independent media sources like InfoWars, which has interviewed Robinson’s camera man, who explained that the entire court prosecution of Robinson took “mere minutes,” after which Robinson was convicted and thrown in prison for 13 months, just hours after his arrest.

There was no time for any proper legal defense, no time to present evidence, not even time to make a counter argument. The corrupt UK court system, which turns out to be just as corrupt as the UK government, simply declared Robinson a criminal and threw him in jail. Within hours, a follow-up order went out to the media to demand a total blackout of all media coverage. Even Breitbart News pulled its stories about Robinson.

For the record, the UK government is run by criminal pedophiles who rely on Muslim pedo networks to provide a steady supply of nine and ten-year-old little girls and boys to be routinely raped, molested and sexually assaulted by high-level UK judges, legislators and bureaucrats. This is why Robinson is being so aggressively censored in a Soviet-style media blackout and secret court conviction that no media outlet is even allowed to report took place.

The UK — like much of Western Europe — is currently in the process of being overrun by Muslims. The UK government is complicit in the scheme and has now criminalized anyone criticizing Muslims, even for running child trafficking networks that provide “fresh meat” to corrupt UK government officials.

Visit TommyRobinson.online for more information about Robinson, and watch these InfoWars videos for more breaking news:



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    The iron fist of the UK globalist gov’t has been revealed for what it is. Now it is time for the people to fight back.


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