When Love is the way ~ May 26, 2018

This is a very good message that I received today that needs to be shared int he world of today where there is just so much angst! Should we fear, or try to avoid the dark deeds now prevalent in our world?

Now is the time to “hunker down”, stay out of the way of the dark, and merely observe without much response, or…judgment. This is the moment when negativity is tying so very hard to keep it’s control of the planet which IS NOT going to work.

So…please read this post, know that you have decided to be a part of the “greatest show on Earth”, negative times are coming to a close quickly, LOVE WINS, and…



Since our early years, Humanity’s Team has focused on messages of Oneness.

Our website says “We Are All One. Let’s Live that Way,” and you’re probably familiar with some of our programs including our annual Global Oneness Day.

As you might imagine, all of us here at Humanity’s Team are very passionate about our own Oneness with God, one another, and all of Life.

We believe our spirituality and our faith are the most important elements of living lives filled with meaning and purpose.

I’ve decided that I’m going to let myself to be a little vulnerable today by sharing something personal with you, because I believe this is how we must share if we are going to truly come together in community, trusting and supporting one another, and if we are going to make real progress on our journey toward the future we want for ourselves, our children, and the Earth.

Imagine dividing the Divine into trillions of pieces and scattering Her/His love and peace across the Cosmos in billions of planets with millions of persons, animals and plant life-forms on each planet.

Imagine we are unconscious in the beginning, with free will, but then we awaken to our true essence, love and peace. Imagine the love we would have for the Divine, our Source, and one another when we become conscious, if not before. This is how we perceive Ultimate Reality in Humanity’s Team.

I’m going to share about my relationship and my love for God, other people, and Life itself, because for me, this is fundamental to what Oneness is.

Growing up, I perceived a loving God that always supported me and never admonished me, even when I made a mistake. When I made mistakes, I perceived a God who extended a hand so I could quickly right myself.

God is and has always been loving, trusting, supporting, empowering, praising, gifting, guiding, and blessing. God has never been judging, punitive, angry, hurtful, mistrusting, dis-empowering, authoritative or condemning.

Honestly, when we consider thoughts and beliefs about God, the creator of the Universe and our Father/Mother, I wonder, how did we get this so wrong? When we take the time to feel into God deeply, and we do this on a sustained basis, do we ever really feel into a judging or condemning God?

If we are out in the jungle and we happen upon a large carnivore, fear has a proper place and we’d better find protection. But, how did fear come into our relationship with God? Do we really believe our Mother/Father God, who gave us free will, wants to create fear in us when we exercise that free will in a certain manner?

Before I go further, let me share why I think this is important. Our beliefs about God shape the way we see the world and how we behave. If we believe God is angry and fearful, we will act this way. If we believe God is the model of love and trust we will express that way. Isn’t this true in most parent/child relationships? Our beliefs about God are the model of what we become.

God’s whisper to me, from the time I was a child, was that I and all of my brothers and sisters here on the Earth were to inherit the kingdom. Yes, in the afterlife, but more importantly here, now on the Earth. I was encouraged to understand that I was made in the likeness and image of God, like others and all life on Earth, and to go about creating from this basis here, now and to make this my highest priority during my lifetime.

I want to develop this some more because it gets into a discussion of destiny, but before I do that I first want to tell you about my relationship with God.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE God. How can I not? When the Creator of the Whole Universe, my Father/Mother, extends to me nothing but love, respect, gifts, guidance, support and trust and when God literally says to me “here are the keys to My Kingdom” how can I look away or be anything other than thankful and grateful? How can I not LOVE this parent?

And, taking this a step further, in Oneness I understand that being created in the likeness and image of God means that I was created in God’s essence, which is to say I am a cell in the body of God, like all others and like all animal and plant life.

What does God tell me to do? Nothing, absolutely nothing. What does God invite me to do? Everything, absolutely everything that extends support to another, that stewards life on Earth, that comforts another, that trusts another.

Jesus said it best. When he was asked about God’s commandments he said to “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul with all your mind.” This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Further, it is stated all the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.

This is so elegantly profound and simple, is it not? In Oneness, there is only One Presence, the Divine, whose essence is Love. How can we not love God with all our heart, soul and mind? And others, our brothers and sisters here on the earth, and animal life, each a cell in the body of the Divine, how can we not love them and everything as our self, particularly when they are part of our true Self, because we are all One.

When we shed our bodies and return to the absolute realm, there is nothing but God/Love, so we see through the eyes of God/Love.

Our invitation is to do that now and to create the Kingdom here on the Earth. Why wait until the afterlife? Our opportunity is to create the Kingdom now. Is this not what Jesus implored us to do?

I said I’d come back to destiny and we’ve done this haven’t we? Relationship always leads to destiny. When we love God with all our heart and love others as our Self, we create an alternate destiny here on the Earth do we not? I say alternate destiny because this is a destiny quite different from what is being manifested in the mainstream at the present time.

We create a world where love is the way. Bishop Michael Curry invites us to “imagine our homes and families where love is the way. Imagine our neighborhoods and communities where love is the way. Imagine governments and nations where love is the way. Imagine business and commerce where love is the way. When no child will go to bed hungry in this world ever again. When love is the way, we actually treat each other like we are family.”

Now, if this all sounds too fairy-tale, let’s come back to our day-to-day reality.

In life, we serve a master. But, who is our master? Is it God/Life or is it materiality/power? Is it our small self, e.g., Darwin’s survival of the fittest or is it our big Self e.g., Love/Life/Blessing?

Is your focus temporal or eternal? Does your focus strengthen and empower you or does it only flirt with you and then let you down? Do you experience real prosperity that nurtures you and your family?

These are questions we are wise to consider in our day-to-day reality.

I lived in Silicon Valley, participated in the creation of enormous financial wealth, and worked side by side with entrepreneurs and business leaders who enjoyed tremendous financial success. Unfortunately, in most cases, financial success did not translate to true and lasting prosperity.

What is true for you? Who is the God of your understanding? What does Oneness mean and how does it call you? What master do you serve?

Thank you for taking a moment to mull these things over with me and thank you to each of you who are kindling God’s Light in your home, your community and the world. Together, we are embodying our true Self and manifesting the kingdom here on an Earth we know is ours.

In Oneness and with so much love,


Steve Farrell
Worldwide Executive Director
Humanity’s Team

P.S. I’m going to leave you with a picture of my family serving at There With Care, a nonprofit based in Colorado devoted to serving families with a child who has a life-threatening illness. In Oneness, we kindle God’s light in the world. This is but one example of the many forms of outreach teammates are involved in worldwide. I’m so glad you’re a member of our larger team.

P.P.S. If you’d like to volunteer 5-10 hours per week to assist Humanity’s Team with global outreach, please reach out to prachi.agrawal@humanitysteam.org. In particular, we are looking for assistance with technical, administrative, communications and finance projects. Thank you so much.


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