Headlines for May 14 – 15, 2018: Volatile Energies Simmering and Erupting [videos] ~ May 15, 2018

While reviewing the vast number of YouTube channels on my subscription list I noted several that were deleted due to various infractions. Mike Adams’ new and FREE video platform will be up and running in no time and perhaps many of these ‘tubers will migrate there and shut down YouTube. No views, no advertisements, no consumers, no cash. They’ll get the message. They’re not the only game in town. Truth lives where the People do and there are far greener, cooler pastures where we can chew our cud.

REAL.video: The pro-liberty answer to YouTube censorship is now less than 60 days away from launch

Except for one last step, I’ve severed all ties with Google that I can. There are many alternatives available now for social media, advertising, email, videos, with no bullying or surveillance. (or less surveillance) Now, if I could just get ride of Microsoft…  ~ BP

In these highly tumultuous times there are virtual fist-fights going on all over the Internet, calling out Trump, Alex Jones, Secureteam10, Jerome Corsi, Sessions, Mueller… and those energies are really stirring things up on many levels. Nasty people are even nastier, the petulant trolls are out of their minds, people are out of patience for actions they believe should have happened loooong ago, and Gaia and Pele are having sympathetic reactions with similar rumbling and fireworks.

Ring of Fire On ALERT After Philippines Earthquake: California Is WARNED

Gina Haspel has been attacked, too. People are wondering if she is going to continue with the CIA’s inhumane torture and interrogation practices. Bombard’s Body Language presents their take on Gina during her confirmation hearing.

There has never been a circus like the one under the big top in Washington, DC. Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, does a fantastic job of summarizing the Mueller fiasco and their FOIA actions and law suits to get access to redacted documents and files as the deep state stalls and stalls.

This just in… thanks C, from over a year ago, 2016. Breitbart News features an audio with Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater and retired Navy SEAL who goes into detail about the thousands of emails harvested from Anthony Weiner’s computer, and the NYPD’s vow to go public with the information if the FBI did not follow through. He reports that there has been cooperation from the predators themselves, yet here we are, 2018, and no arrests or imprisonments that have been made public. They may have occurred behind the scenes, thanks to clones, old video footage, new video technology… we just don’t know.

Some are feeling like the whole scenario on this planet is a hoax, that nothing is GOING to happen, and everything is a lie or a coverup. We wonder what possible reason could there be for NOT going forward with public indictment, trials, and incarceration. If the snowflakes are shocked… so be it. Most of them will get over it.

Since 9/11 we have been sounding the alarms and warning of what would happen if action was not taken back then. They had their chance to wake up. We need to move forward and there is one thing we DO know: it is not due to a lack of evidence that the NWO has not been put away. The White Hats do not need to collect further data, so what’s the hold up?

Drop the MOAB on the sleeping masses and rip the Band-aid off. Get it over with, and then we can take it from there.

Dave explains the shrewd plays in his X22 report with his usual dexterity at cutting to the important details. The manipulative moves going on are almost amusing—like the “old photo” trick.

Is The Trap Being Set In The Middle East? Breaking Down The Plan

In this older video from 2013, it’s interesting to note that Kryon speaks directly of Kim Jong-un and his role today; how it could go—either way. Sorry, I can’t recall at what point that was. Not far in.

David Icke explains in his dependable way how the snail-like creep of the New World Order agenda has infiltrated our lives via technology and addiction to it. He hustles through this presentation, almost breathless, in less than 15 minutes so it is succinct. If you’re not up on the technology and their long-term plan, he makes it crystal clear.

That’s a provocative question, is it not? Could you do it?

Speaking of technology… here’s another interesting fact we’ve learned. Oh, for some honesty and transparency. We can never let our guard down because we’re under constant surveillance and attack. It’s a miracle we’re still here. Paranoid, perhaps, but still here, doing the best we can.

Alexa and Siri Can Hear This Hidden Command. You Can’t.


The People are speaking up again this month about our toxic world at the hands of the behemoth Monsanto/Bayer.

You may want to join Millions Against Monsanto on Saturday, May 19th at a march in your town. Find out more at Facebook or your local pages.


Google and their crony friends really need to go. They have their own “laws”, and a separate set for the serfdom.

Amazon Inc. Paid Zero in Federal Taxes in 2017, Gets $789 Million Windfall from New Tax Law


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