Full Moon in Scorpio, April 2018 ~ Dark Needs ~ April 27, 2018

By Nadia Gilchrist

The April 29th Full Moon in Scorpio (9 deg) squares the North and South Nodes. This means the Full Moon’s culmination will be a critical and troublesome issue on the path from past to future. 

The Nodes

As discussed in this post, the Aquarius South Node and Leo North Node is about:

“…creating something out of what you experienced on the edge. You’re bringing warmth and pride to what has previously been about rebellion, disruption or escape.” 

Aquarius to Leo:

  • fringe to center
  • detached to passionate
  • alienated to proud/playful
  • ideal to creation
  • being shocking to receiving approval
  • traumatized to powerful

This Full Moon could be viewed as the pool of shadow along the path. There’s something dark/taboo/intense that you have to deal with, before you can step into the light. Maybe you need to get a handle on feelings of powerlessness. Maybe dealing with an Aquarian issue is much heavier than you anticipated. Scorpio is the gift that keeps on giving – just when you think you’ve gone as deep as you can go, you discover a sinkhole. The trick is to confront the dark stuff without getting sucked in. Scorpio is magnetic, even when the issue is something you’d rather avoid. 


Ceres (nurturing) conjoins the North Node for the third and final time. Not only are you creating, you’re nurturing and giving life to this new area of pride and power. Ceres previously conjoined the North Node on December 2nd, 2017 and January 16th, 2018, so this has been a long process. Now you’ve reached the conclusion, and that conclusion is powered up by this Full Moon. 

Moon square Ceres is an interesting aspect. Ceres (named after the crop goddess whose daughter was taken by Pluto, King of the Underworld) is about the entire cycle of nurturing and loss and rebirth. So when she’s involved with Pluto-ruled Scorpio, you know the themes of loss will be pronounced. Moon square Ceres suggests neediness based on fear of loss. But it’s a particularly demanding kind of neediness – Ceres in Leo craves power and recognition while Moon in Scorpio craves power and absolute intimacy or control. The clash between the two will hi-light a need that’s not being met, so your obstacle may involve your own deep cravings and fears. This culmination could emphasize what you don’t want to let go of. 

The mother theme is also strong, but this is not a warm, soothing mother. She’s a Scorpio/Leo blend of manipulation, domination and drama. Behind the Leo glitz there’s an all-consuming hunger that’s rooted in life and death issues. 

During this Full Moon, consider what you’re afraid of losing, or consider who has a smothering grip on you. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and it holds something precious that you’ve been nurturing. There’s power up ahead, but you must differentiate between the pure power of creation versus the distorted power of fear-based manipulation. You may need to loosen your grip, of figure out how to extract yourself from someone else’s grip. 

You Can Rely on Saturn

There’s probably not many Saturn fans out there, but Saturn Rx in Capricorn does make a trine to the Sun (ruler of the North Node) in Taurus. When you feel like you’re drowning in Scorpio, you can rely on Saturn’s rules. There’s a set routine or duty, and if you stick to that, you can make slow, steady progress towards the North Node. Remember that Saturn Rx is the intensified boundary or revisited/reworked goal. Limits are not fun, but when things get intense, limits can be reassuring. 



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