Interview w/ Classified Scientist Emery Smith – Deep Underground Bases & Examining ET Bodies ~ April 25, 2018

OH MY GOODNESS! That is all I can say about this video. Emery Smith is a former US Air Force scientist (not sure of rank or training) giving an interview that will blow your socks off. Revelations are given through Emery answering questions posed by Jordan Sather that reveal SO very much.

Disease cures, free energy, transportation without using oil/gas/electricity, and the list goes on. Our human culture is soooo undermined by the cabal/Illuminati/banksters , doped to the max by Big Pharma, and barely able to survive the toxic air we breathe,non-nutritious  food we ingest, and the crappy water we drink.

Thank goodness this is all about to end! But in the meantime, humanity needs to learn just how extremely subjugated we are…even the dark here on Earth MUST do the biding of their evil spiritual masters. Just sayin…

So how do we deal with this in our NOW? Humanity needs to educate itself to eat and drink as “cleanly” as possible. The best way is to plant a garden and filter your water (we use a Berkey water filter). Stay as healthy as you can with exercise and like your Mom told you…”take your vitamins” (make certain they were NOT made in China!)

Pay attention to your spirituality (and that’s NOT “religion”). Be kind to each other, and yourself. Learn how you can “Be Happy” and try you best to stay that way. Laughing a lot helps out here!

Humanity is almost free! Actions are being taken by the “white hats” in government and military (who have celestial help, no doubt), who are working to advertise evil plots and deeds to eliminate war and bring peace. Have you seen the news lately? Big political changes in Saudi Arabia (thank goodness), peace in North Korea, and we still need to end that pesky, ever present war in Syria.

Stay tuned as positive changes continue to appear. Do your best, stay aware of positive changes in our government and the world, watch his video and learn the truth, and…



About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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