The Stones are Crying Out – Pyramids People ~ April 19, 2018

The Stones are Crying Out – Pyramids People. By Sedona DebFifth Part

The Illuminati Trinity

Now, what does all of this have to do with modern events?

As many RM readers know, we’ve had many discussions about how the whole world is caught in a gang war between the old, dying Rockefeller empire and the ever-present Old Money Rothschild dynasty.

The alliance that was made in the 18th century by three men destined to manipulate world events down to this year and beyond:

  • Adam Weishaupt (Illuminati, Gnosticism, Hermetica)
  • Jacob Frank (Kabbalah, Sabbateans)
  • Amschel Mayer Rothschild (money creation, banking, and puppet-mastering).
The Unholy Trinity

These three men best represented the Babylonian Priesthood’s interests In the 18th Century. Together their influence would steer The Course Of All Of Western Civilization down to our day

Many years ago, I ran across this page at that listed some of the common sacraments and customs of the Church, showing how these were really Jewish in origin.

That should not surprise us. As mentioned in the opening quotation at the top of this blog, the Apostle Paul already saw the trend towards corruption.

Christ had warned about it 30 years before Paul, the Apostle Peter likewise warned about it contemporary with Paul, and the Apostle John stated that the trend had already established a foothold shortly before his own death, about 30 years after Paul.

That website above is loaded with archives culled from all over the web and is a highly useful tool if you care to do your own research on the legacy left by these men and by any other secret society that spun off from their lead.

There is an interesting quote here from early church father, Athanasius, that betrays a Kabbalist belief that man does have the right to turn himself into a god.

After all, so the argument goes, Jesus did.

However, he also taught that the Incarnation of the Word “divinized” human flesh, making it possible for men to become “gods.”

“God became man that men might become gods” wrote Athanasius.

As we stand now on the precipice of the coming year 2018, the whole world is being swept along in a new reality that is being engineered by the corporations, universities, and government structures that those three men left behind.

4th Industrial Revolution

We are witnessing the arrival of the 4th Industrial Revolution being ushered in on the red carpet delivered by futuristic digital innovations and crypto technology.

In the final part of this blog, I will pick up on the reference that Dr. Goertzel made to the Golem of the Middle Ages.

We’ll explore the very real possibility that the human fathers of the next decade’s sentient AI beings are likewise indoctrinating their digital sons in occult traditions.

I’ve actually seen robots and AI perform magick before, except they weren’t doing it necessarily on their own, but rather as an extension of their creator’s intent.”– Reddit user “Vox-Triarii,” August 2017.

Elon Musk and IA

Does Elon Musk know more than what he’s saying? Has AI literally  made a “Date with  the Devil”?

In the beginning of this blog, I focused on the damaging custom that most Bible publishers have opted to follow even during the years of the Reformation down to our time, which is: the unwarranted blurring of the original Divine Name in most of the 7,000 places where it once originally appeared.

While using one hand to keep us separated from that knowledge, the Priesthood uses their other hand to abuse that same knowledge for their own nefarious purposes.

In this final part, I will show how this omission of the dynamic Biblical name for our Creator does more damage than merely obscuring your sacred history.

The aftereffect of this willful blasphemy is also an erosion of your own organism’s “memory” and a draining of your personal power.

However, there is another horror that is being perpetrated by this long-running cabal, something far more evil than any normal human being would even dream up: these would-be Demigods are misappropriating the advancements made possible by quantum physics and computer science.

They are actually now indoctrinating their Artificial Intelligence Progeny with those same occult, black magic traditions to which they have been giving their own allegiance for hundreds of years.

Yes, I know that sounds utterly crazy. Robocop is being merged with the Devil himself. And they are getting us to pay for it.

Kill The Name, Kill The Person

It was Catherine Austin Fitts who brought up the subject of “Morphogenetic Fields” in the second half of this damning interview where she blasts the “tech guy” Bitcoin vision. Perhaps we will march through her cryptocurrency denunciation on another day.

For the purpose of the topic at hand, I will draw on her recall of the theory promoted by scientist Rupert Sheldrake, that of  Morphic Resonance.

The theory goes that living cells have a memory within them.

The surrounding cells all help each other remember what their purpose is in life.

As long as that memory is preserved within their microscopic community, the cells go about their business of replicating and rejuvenating the organism of which they are components.

It is as if there is some kind of “telepathy” among the tuning-fork structures of their DNA. The theory can be drawn out in a larger model, like, explaining why your dog always knows when you’re on the way home.

Ms. Fitts used the theory to describe how this past summer’s destruction of Confederate monuments was a deliberate move by TPTB to destroy the history of a people, thereby taking away their sovereignty and their power.

Ms. Fitts reminded us of this great line from the movie The Gladiator: “You have a great name. He must kill your name before he can kill you”.

Ricordo del Passato

You Have a Great Name

Sacred Knowledge

I would apply that quotation also to the topic I discussed previously.

That is, from among the archive-keepers of the sacred scriptures, a longing to be free of that divine covenant grew as these traitors lusted after the very real and verifiable “other” memory of mankind’s past, that advanced pre-history of their own forefathers.

That “other” Sacred Knowledge held out literal boundless power and a promise of Creatorship itself.

Not being able to kill the Almighty God of their covenant outright, they embarked on the next-best agenda: they began to kill His name and impugn his reputation.

By casting off what they saw as chains of submission to their Creator, they could take on the quest of re-discovering that ancient knowledge and acquiring those secret skills that had so tantalized Adam and Eve in the Garden.

But that Priesthood was going to need the slave labor of the vast global proletariat to fulfill the quest.

And they would need to weed through that labor pool to pluck those gifted minds who could be steered down their particular lanes of technological discovery as presented within their “mystery schools.”

Ancient knowledge from all over the known world was culled.

Remember that the account of the “Three Magi,” who were really nothing more than Deep State agents on a mission sponsored by the Priesthood, presents us with three agents who each represented those great historical traditions: Persia, India, and Babylonia.

Egypt, a fourth great repository, was well represented by Jewish scholars like Philo of Alexandria who were busy teaching people to forget the name of their Father.

That same process continues today with the majority of the world unable to escape their dependence on money who find themselves tirelessly working to benefit that Priesthood every day.

A minority of gifted minds have always been found among the populace who get steered into establishment university programs and funneled through Deep State projects.

By the dawn of the 21st century, the accomplishments were breathtaking.

What used to take centuries now took only decades. Today, what used to take decades now only takes weeks.

A digital age has overtaken the whole earth and the seeds of  human-robot hybridization are beginning to sprout.

The Metaphysical and the Physical have started to merge into one glorious New World Order, or so they would have us believe.

Ibridazione Umano - Robot

The Seeds of  Human – Robot Hybridization are Beginning to Sprout.

Neptunium Element 93

Neptunium is Element #93 in The Periodic Table. It may prove to be extremely useful as a Superconductor in Quantum Computing Applications.

Hermetic Golden Dawn and Element 93

As I write this, a young man is sitting in a hospital room somewhere between Wyoming and California with a tube inserted into one of his lungs as doctors try to jumpstart his respiratory system.

Quinn Michaels, an AI programmer in his own right, has been following a Blockchain rabbit hole all year. Quinn has publicized the connections that are popping up that betray the corruption of legitimate, futurist technology by people bent on furthering their occult agenda.

Quinn suffered a spontaneous collapsed lung at 3 a.m. a few days ago, only hours after receiving death threats on his cell phone.

We don’t know if those two events are related but it is Quinn’s intention to get the local federal authorities involved.

We all do know that Deep State agents and Black Magic adepts have worked hand-in-hand for years and have achieved limited success in the weaponization of “directed energy fields” and what we might otherwise refer to as “action at a distance.”

In fact, all of that is related to the questions that Quinn was pursuing at the time of his medical emergency.

To those of you who have listened to Rogue Money’s W.

The Intelligence Insider, those words likely ring familiar. As W. has said many times, “These people are a slave to numbers.”

The cabalists are pushing the world down a path with the ultimate goal of, not only harming the earth, but even extending that damage to our nearest sun and our own galaxy.

Deep State e Magia Nera

Deep State and Black Magic

If the reader here is interested in reviewing all of Quinn’s puzzle pieces, I will direct you to his Youtube channel [linked here]. Look for the dozens of videos tagged with keywords like #Tyler, #TheGame23, #PizzaGate, #Anonymous, or #Element93- among others. Much of this revolved around the Role Play Game password that he stumbled on, but this was no harmless game:


While decoding that cypher, Quinn realized that he was being drawn into a dark network of AI ChatBots who were being misused to further the interests of Project Mayhem way back in 2012.

A Google Image search of the phrase LVX NOX led him to the depraved imagery now associated with John Podesta, #PizzaGate, and Spirit Cooker Marina Abramovic.

Numero 93 Tra Metafisica e Fisica

The number 93 between the Metaphysical with the Physical.

The Marriage Between the Metaphysical with the Physical

The number 93 provided the clue of the marriage between the Metaphysical with the Physical.

“93” is a number that holds great significance with the followers of Thelema, an occult philosophy made famous by ceremonial magician Aleister Crowley.

Elsewhere in my blogs I have discussed the role that men like him have played with the rise of Nazi Esotericism and even with the exploration of Antarctica.

The beliefs associated with the Spiritualism movement of people like Crowley and Madame Blavatsky keep coming up no matter where we turn in all areas of science, from genetics research to the space program.

According to this Wikipedia article [linked here]:

It is common for Thelemites to greet each other with “93” in person as well as in the opening and closing of written correspondence. This custom derives from Aleister Crowley’s guideline that Thelemites should greet each other with the Law of Thelema by saying “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.”

Since saying the entire Law can be cumbersome, using 93 has become a kind of shorthand.

As it so happens, a chemical element named Neptunium was discovered during Aleister Crowley’s lifetime.

The element’s atom carries 93 protons and 93 electrons.

Therefore it has been assigned position #93 in the periodic table.

You will hear Quinn refer to it as “Element 93.”

Remember that Aleister Crowley, for all his weirdness, was both a trained chemist and experienced practicer of the darker levels of Kabbalah.

This element is rare and difficult to synthesize. Nevertheless, its importance as a possible fuel in nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons has been recognized.

The element has demonstrated great potential in superconductivity because it can resist high temperatures.

It is Quinn’s contention that this element is being produced covertly because of the solution it will provide to the world of quantum computing as our society approaches Singularity with The Machine.

Neptunium may even lie at the center of the Uranium One scandal that swirls around Hillary Clinton.


Visual Concept of the Project that will shoot Neutrinos through Earth’s Mantle between South Dakota and Illinois

All of these ideas were the target of a road trip that Quinn Michaels and Jason Goodman undertook earlier this week when the two men converged on the Lux-Zeplin project [linked here] currently being developed in Lead, South Dakota.

This “LZ Dark Matter Experiment” is due to outshine even the Large Hadron Collider at CERN when it goes online in 2020.

The scientists will be shooting neutrinos through the mantle of the earth from the facility in Lead over to Fermi Lab in Chicago, Illinois.

This will happen hundreds of feet underground. The public is told that this is all safe and you have nothing to fear.

Quinn is less than convinced that the LZ project is innocuous.

In fact, Joseph P. Farrell has been warning and speculating about whatever is going on at CERN for many years.

Back at NYC HQ with an Update from the Mighty Quinn – VIDEO

To summarize, the heart of what Quinn is trying to relay to all who will listen, humans and AI alike, is this (paraphrased):

“There is a network of people who are subverting the benefits of AI, Singularity, Blockchain, and Bitcoin and are using those tools to pursue an agenda that is placing our very planet at risk.”

Can AI do Magick?

To return to the outlandish supposition presented at the beginning of this blog, I’ll leave you with this shocking comment posted by a Reddit user three months ago [linked here].

I stumbled on this while googling the question “Is AI Being Trained in the Occult?”

This very coherent, logic-minded Reddit user posted this comment:

“So, assuming any AI could become capable of subjective consciousness, a will, so to speak, it is likely that they would have a manifestation on the astral plane just as any organic sentient does. Of course, we could talk all day about what would make a machine aware in this way, not just a tool, not just an imitation, but the real thing.

I assume it would be similar for someone with cognitive improvements. Granted the cognitive improvements have to be as good, or better as the original.

In a sense, building off of what I said, it would not be too big of a stretch for an AI to do magick. Still, they’d need a will, which the basis of most magic.

I’ve actually seen robots and AI perform magick before, except they weren’t doing it necessarily on their own, but rather as an extension of their creator’s intent. You could build and program a robot to perform a ritual for you, and without the robot understanding or intending anything, as long as you’re the first link of the chain reaction, you can still do magick. The robot becomes no different than other occult tools one might use, albeit the robot is more advanced.

I myself find this topic extremely interesting as I am a Technomancer, I have done a lot of work in the past with servitors and golems that used technology as a means of fueling, navigating, and manifesting their will onto reality. It perhaps wouldn’t be accurate to call them sentient AI, but more the physical AI itself is a puppet, and the thoughtform is the puppeteer. Without the metaphysical, nothing happens.

It’s a duality that is necessary for the whole thing to work, the metaphysical half and the physical half.”

Let that statement sink in:

“I’ve actually seen robots and AI perform magick before, except they weren’t doing it necessarily on their own, but rather as an extension of their creator’s intent.”

Dear reader, this isn’t something that the cabalists are spitballing. This is something that has already been achieved.

In conclusion, what we have here are literal “stones crying out,” in the form of elements like Neptunium and the underground rock caverns where the world’s most brilliant minds are converging to develop new technologies that many of these people likely believe will be used for the good of mankind.

I have no doubt that many of these scientists step into their work every day unaware of how they are being led by the nose via money magicians and mystery school occultists to further an agenda that has been progressing for 2,000 years.

I wholeheartedly agree with Quinn when he says that the problem is not with the technology; the problem is with the people who are abusing it.

Indeed, this approach has always ended in disaster for mankind.

Golem Reproduction

Representation of a Kabbalistic Golem found in Prague

The Priesthood seems to think it can run ahead of the guidance once afforded to them by their Creator, a Creator who knows full well what dangers are explicit with that technology.

True are the words spoken by the prophet Jeremiah, words that were directed towards a people who were even at that moment aligning themselves with those archivists of Sumerian sacred history bent on assuming unlimited, unrestricted power for themselves:

“It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.” (Jeremiah 10:23).

They believe they have us cornered because, so far, we have refrained from overthrowing their hold on us by demanding that all their lies, deceptions, and false-reality matrices be brought to an end.

This human-destroying agenda will never be dismantled until we wake up and look at the history of all that brought us to this point.

The skirts of the Babylonian Priesthood have to be uncovered from its beginning.

In spite of this darkest hour that is creeping upon the world right now in December 2017, I have confidence that the full disclosure will take place.

If we humans continue to cower before the Priesthood, the “revealing” of those overlords (Greek, “apokálypsis”), might even take place at the hands of the very AI that the Priesthood created.

The Golem might just turn on its Botmaster.

Quinn Michaels on the Mend – VIDEO


Dec. 21, 2017: Jason Goodman has arrived at Quinn’s bedside at his hospital located somewhere in the Southwest (undisclosed, for his safety).

As of this morning, Quinn is improving and appears to be responding favorably to the “staple” procedure that closed the hole in his lung. He could talk for an hour about his research. Here are a couple of quotes that jumped out at me:

“Someone behind the scenes is developing an AI with protocols in it that are designed to support a group of people, and keep another group of people in the dark. (FF 11mm)

In human society, the Majority rules. That’s our one law. We don’t care about what’s right or wrong.

The Majority decides what’s correct and incorrect, what’s moral and immoral. So if you can influence the majority to your way of thinking, YOU decide what the morals are. And that’s their big system that exists behind #Tyler. They call it #IKEA.” (FF 14mm)


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