Aries New Moon, April 2018 ~ Wild and Vibrant Magic ~ April 16, 2018

By Marcia (aka Star Sister)

mHello, Beautiful,

It’s time. If the high-speed photonic winds that have been bathing our planet in star stuff for weeks on end haven’t fully delivered the message yet, tonight’s New Moon will. Consider yourself addressed by the Universe, as never before.

Because it’s time to tap your birthright as a cosmic fractal who’s wired into the entire Universe, come fully alive — and re-create the world. If you’re reading these words, this probably sounds less like hyperbole and more like a simple, straightforward statement of multidimensional fact than ever before. Even if it doesn’t, even if you’re not sure at all what’s happening within and around you, read on. 

Let the Dark Universe on which your atoms float vibrate to the words below. Listen to the song your heart is drumming. Feel the quantum fire burning beneath your thoughts. Then decide who you really are, why you’re really here, and which inner voices it’s time to start taking seriously.

Begin anew with the wild Mystery that made you.

Every Aries New Moon brings a new beginning in your relationship with the very essence of cosmic fire — the force that through the green fuse drives the flower, as the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas put it. He wrote those words 85 years ago, as a cosmic shift was beginning to accelerate. Now it’s happening again. The great centaur Chiron is now headed for the first degree of Aries, where the dwarf planet Eris had just begun to kindle her warrior goddess frequencies as Thomas wrote some of his greatest poems.

For the first time since 1933, Uranus is now moving through the last urgent two degrees of Aries. He’s on his way to Taurus, the energy where,  long, long ago, in the time before the Deep Time, the generative sky god fell in love with the beautiful blue jewel of the Cosmos — and with his beloved Gaia, conceived a World, the very one you know so well and love so much. 

That’s enough, really, to tell us that this is no ordinary Aries New Moon. Indeed, you’re in the realm of poets, mystics, magicians, and other reality-benders.  Even that, is just the beginning.

Befriend your wildness. Meet the Lady of the Beasts.

Since as far back as the Neolithic era, the sacred image of the Lady of the Beasts – -a woman surrounded by animals who would not normally gather in peace  together, the lion and the lamb, predator and prey. She is a face of Venus, and of Eris, of Ceres and of Cybele, of Hekate and of Baba Yaga, of Magdalena and of you.  Her wildness has long been associated with Aries.

This is the last of nine consecutive new moons to make a direct connection between our planet’s shared emotional intelligence and the source frequencies at our galaxy’s center. Within and around you, your heart-level re-set, the one’s that’s been gestating since Luna turned off the Sun’s light on August 21, is now completing. It’s time to to begin anew. Not just find something to start. Not just a new attempt at the same old same old. That’s not what you’re being invited to do by the Universe within and around you. this is about beginning anew. 

This new beginning that’s now coming into being, even as you read these words, is embedded in a massive stellium of seven celestial bodies. Their leader?  Our quantum Awakener, that eccentric, brilliant smasher of old certainties and stale truths we call Uranus. One of our solar system’s great consciousness shifters, he’s now in the last degrees of Aries. Nearly eight years after he first arrived here in May 2010, he’s about to enter Taurus. The great awakening of Planet Earth is about to begin. 

Trailing behind Uranus through the last six degrees of Aries are:

  • the asteroid Apollo, namesake of the great light-bearer of the ancient world, who’s only 2 arcminutes away from Uranus — the closest aspect in the New Moon sky, has added his brilliance to the Awakener’s awakening frequencies.
  • the asteroid Phaethon, the out-of-control charioteer of the Sun who nearly plunged our Star into planet Earth, has brought his daring to the party.
  • the two great lights of our solar system (and of your life), the Sun and Moon, are achieving divine union in fire.
  • the asteroid Lachesis, one of the three Fates, known as “the allotter” of length to each life on Earth, has brought the precious gift and wound of mortality to the mix.
  • Eris, the wild and untamed guardian of your soul truths, is less than a half-degree from Lachesis, so that she echoes the words of the great Rilke:Once for each thing. Just once; no more. And we too, / just once. And never again (at least, not in this particular 3D costume).
Let the cosmic crucible generate the wild potency you’ll need.

These seven are in a tense and driven cardinal cross with the dwarf planet Haumea, who the indigenous Hawaiians tell us has been birthing and rebirthing the world forever. The earth-shattering pressure she’s feeling is coming from the underworld god Pluto and the Crone Hekate, who’s guides us all along this life-transforming path between the worlds.

Even that is not all. Not even close. This massive, pressure-cooked stellium of pure cosmic fire is setting off an intense and driven cardinal T-square. Powered by six asteroids, a centaur and Black Moon Lilith, that T-square is forging the wild will of the New Moons ruler, Mars, into a force of reality-moving power.

It’s an intensity that evokes the cosmic process that powers the stars, those great beings who made the stuff that became you, and creates the elements of the Universe — a fusion process known as nucleosynthesis.

Embody your Centaur and recover your wholeness.

As Luna conjoins the Sun tonight, in this high-energy pressurized field, the centaur planet Chiron will be just 29 hours away from the zodiac’s first degree. He’s leaving the great cosmic ocean of Pisces with the asteroid Sappho, whose deep energetic roots the astrologer Jim Buss identifies with great insight as “self-love.”  Your magic and your self-love are on their way together to a New Beginning.

And who is waiting for them on the other side of the moment that changes everything — when we step into the New?  Just two degrees from the Aries Point, welcoming them into the New, is none other than the asteroid Magdalena. Don’t just talk about the Cosmic Feminine, she’s telling you. Embody her, more fully than ever, with more daring than you’ve dreamed of. Become the power of the Goddess.

Of his tribe of cosmic integrator planets who slice through multiple planes of the solar system (and multiple dimensions of your consciousness), none is as potent a healer of human brokenness as Chiron. As this wise and ancient centaur crosses the Aries Point — the single most dynamic degree in all the sky — your recognition of what is broken, and the deep and magical medicine that flows through as you acknowledge your need for healing, is about to begin anew. 

This New Moon sky that ushers Chiron into Aries is covered with the fingerprints of the centaurs. Each of the solar system’s 18 named centaur planets is in play as the wisest of them all prepares to begin anew. They’re aspecting: 

  • the Sun, Moon, and all eight classical planets, 
  • the Node of Fate, 
  • the dwarf planet Ceres, who carries the most ancient secrets of the mother goddess who became the Earth; 
  • Orcus, Pluto’s edge-dwelling brother, who carries the life-changing power of your vows; 
  • Sedna, the shaman of the cosmic sea, who stands sentinel at the solar system’s outermost edge, signaling to the denizens of the galaxy; 
  • Vesta, the asteroid who carries the sacred flame and your devotion to that inner fire 

Look again, see anew, and begin. Mercury’s direct and the reality-shifters are on the move.

Perhaps only now could you see. Mercury’s just returned from a three-week walk back in and out of the fire fields. For the last three weeks, he’s been gathering the energy and insight you’ve needed to understand how to begin anew. He’s re-visited all seven of the degrees where Uranus squared Pluto and split the old and dying world apart from 2012 to 2015. He’s been looking for what you missed, and what  you left behind.

And now he’s done. It’s just in time. For Luna is making herself new in a sky that’s ablaze with wild and ancient energies being recombined, opposites in the midst of coupling, polarities being re-united.

Tonight’s wild, vibrant New Moon is in most respects the same map that will guide not only Chiron’s crossing into Aries, just 29 hours later, but his entire sojourn through the Aries fires. That crossing begins early on April 17 (8:09 GMT / 4:09 am EDT / 1:09 am EDT) — and it won’t complete until February 2019. For the next ten months, the Centaur will be going back and forth between the last degrees of Pisces and the first degrees of Aries.  Once he finally arrives to stay, he won’t be leaving until 2026.

When this lunar cycle is over, however, we’ll know that everything is changing.  On the same day as the Taurus New Moon, Uranus will enter the ancient sign of the fertile, a

It shows us the map of Chiron’s 8-year journey through the sign where we step into “Re-imagine the World. 

I’t’s time to open your heart, in all its riotous joy. To talk to the wild Universe. To let your untamed truth be born again as your life. To Let your life begin anew, wild and whole. 

May tonight’s Aries New Moon, bless you with its wild and fiery vibrance, a thousand times over.With love,

Marcia (aka Star Sister)

Please email me at if you would like to book a reading. I’ve just learned, to my huge dismay, that the email problems I thought were resolved are still occurring. So don’t hit reply — just copy and paste this email and tell me you’d like a reading. 



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