Beloved Space Family Take Me On Board ~ April 13, 2018

Beloved Space Family Take Me On Board. By Gabriel RL.

Greetings, Family of the Earth!

For ages we have been involved in this beloved project. For ages, we have moved the heavens to help them in their trajectory toward this Planet.

For ages, we have seen wars being waged among you. We saw hunger, pain, despair… but we also saw that the spark of Light remained lit in the most determined hearts.

Even though the shadows of inhuman, illegal, and violent maneuvers of brothers devoted to evil bruised your souls, that spark remained lit and, with our happy surprise, you, in spite of everything, have been more confident and determined in your Faith.

The faith that built the pillars that would sustain the messages that we would later deliver to you more consistently. Faith that moved you from these depths, even when many stellar leaders looked at one another saying, “Is it…? Will they succeed?

Oh, beloved Earth Family, yes! Not only have you succeeded, but now you gave us the chance to do what we have promised: we are here right in front of you, dancing in your skies, giving the clearest signs possible, and not just that.

Galactic Wave

Galactic Wave

We have heard your requests to “land on my property.

Family of the Earth, at other times and other vibrations this would not be allowed or possible. There was not an appropriate vibration to sustain our approaches this way, and you biological bodies had not yet anchored and assimilated a quantity of Light that would enable it.

Now, dear ones, the times are different. These are times of not only having Faith; are times when your bodies show that they ready for more sublimated contacts.

Now, beloved Family of the Earth, in the time that comes you will need to supply your Faith and not just Faith, but also the awareness of the crystalline radiation that emanate from your bodies. This radiation and Faith, the security that made understand where you came from, should be given to your brothers and sisters.

Not only to have Faith and to radiate the crystalline of your bodies, but it is time to definitively assume your roles as ambassadors of Peace. Peace that leads you to the highest states of sublimity, where certain movements, that awaken in you the feeling of humanity, are not necessary, as in the so-called “catastrophes“.

Simply, this compassionate sublimity and humanity exude from you because you are so, as it is part of your nature.



Beloved Space Family Take Me On Board

Solar System

Solar System

Take those roles, dear Star Children. The call for this is now! You went through yet another powerful marker two weeks into your linear time. Although most did not know this, know it now: you crossed the marker that would allow you another big step.

What’s more, it would give us a chance to take another step toward you, and that manifested itself. Not just a step, but it opened up a range of possibilities for various forms of contact, as well as bringing our Fleets a little further into the Earth’s lower orbits.

And this will bring in a few more movements: more of our clouds/spirals, as well as opening Portals right in front of your eyes.

And speaking of Portals, dear ones, know that all these movements that you have created enable us to perform more closely, and a huge number of Portals of Light open allowing the entrance of more beings collaborating for the Ascension.

With that, you also gave us the chance to go further, closing negative portals that would be used as escape routes for some beings who are trying to escape from your Planet.

Dear Ones, everything you have done and done is very great. It’s majestic, epic, incredible!

Dear ones, how many of you now recognize the importance of all this? How many of you have taken on these roles of not only ambassadors of Peace, but also of replicators of this Greater Truth?

Truth inspires even the most skeptical! Truth, that for some is only a “story for good dreams“, it is legitimated by the radiation you emit by supporting it in your inspired conversations, which leave nothing to be desired in regard to the high vibration.

This same truth sustained by the Christ who walked in the physical body among you.

The truth that the heavens look for all and that also represents everyone of us. Oh, beloved! The spark remains, yes, lit, and it is she who sustains this truth in the midst of the pains, among the skeptics who mock, in the midst of their dark nights of the soul.

Give us the chance to manifest ourselves even more when, if you allow it, open your hearts to us for that interaction.

The fleets that watch them on Earth are eons saying that they are ready and inspired for sublime moments, and although some frown in denial or distrust, they know, deep down, that events long predicted are indeed manifesting.

Predictions that war would end, that hunger would no longer take place on this planet, that injustice and lawlessness would be banished forever. Oh yeah!

Although they can not see with their physical eyes, the MOST important is already manifested: THE ENERGY THAT WILL UNLOCK AND GUARANTEE THE MANIFESTATION OF THESE TRUTHS.

Moreover, dear Family, all the bases for everything to be fulfilled are already in place and there will be no one to overthrow them.

And what would these bases be? Oh … you of course! You who read or hear our message now!

We know that you are indignant with what you see in most of your news programs, which, let us say, are made to truly get angry. But here, we ask our dear writer, Gabriel, to give you the link to a video that we are now showing in his mental screen.

Beloved Space Family Take Me On Board – Jorge Vercillo – Em tudo que é belo – VIDEO

Look, dear Family … Nothing is lost. There is something great happening, something that many of you can not even imagine.

Give us a chance to make sure that yes, something big is happening, and you are the ones who sustain that change.

How long have you waited for us? How long have you seen us in your Skies as mere lights dancing from side to side? Yes! For a long time. It is time we showed ourselves to you in a clearer way.

It’s time to invite you to come aboard our ships. So, ask us in Love so that it may be:


And it will be done, beloved Family. How many of you have dreamed of us? How many of you have seen in your dreams thousands of our ships in your Heavens?

Do you know that when you often see something in your dreams it means that it is very close to its manifestation in physicality?

They knew of the Christ before the coming, in their physicality many dreamed of him, even though they did not know for sure what it was. And there he was, shortly afterward, manifested as the etheric predictions pointed out.

You have begged with the strength of your behaviors devoted to the highest good. This is a right of each of you, and that is what these protocols will do.

This is what we will ensure that is delivered to you: the Truth. Be attentive, dear Family, in the midst of all this, of false truths built by those resistant to the inevitable changes, they will try to link them in the midst of genuine Truths.

And again: your loving conduct will ensure that nothing goes unnoticed by the illuminated sieve of your hearts, those who, like a compass, will always point out what is actually happening, and you will not be deceived. This is another Truth.

May our message come at a good time! May it have come to give you a little more assurance and confidence that you are really being assisted by us, not just assisted, but guided by an infinity of beings who love you and who are inspired by your strengths.



Believe in us, dear ones. You are a source of inspiration to all of us who are flying over you. Some may even laugh at this, but we assure you it is so.

It’s you who are famous.

It is you who have built the structures of change for ages, and we are here just to ensure that it happens in respect to your hard work.

How many incarnations on this beautiful Planet Earth? Most of you have no less than 700 incarnations. Do you think it’s much? Well, you did a lot in a few incarnations. 🙂

It is appropriate to paraphrase our Platinum Fleet brothers: how about a photo with us when we land? We would love to have this remembrance for eternity. Oh yeah!

Once again we say: it is you who are famous. Believe us…

We leave you with a deep joy in our hearts. A joy that fills us with every turn of your Earth around your Sun. The joy of knowing that the time for our meeting diminishes in such a way that we even feel when it will be… “Oh!… And when will it be?” Well, you are already seeing us in your “dreams”…

We love you very, unconditionally, without end!

We are your Space Family! We are the Galactic Federation.

Gabriel RL: Thank you, always, beloved Family!


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