Sunday Update: Too Good to Be True? [videos] ~ April 8, 2018

Once again, Starship Earth, rises to the occasion by bringing us news we want to hear, but are we ready to believe the cabal has been defeated?

Please read this article, wipe the sleep from your eyes, and…


There is wild and crazy stuff going around this morning and because we had company last night, I’m just getting to the news so thanks to the crew for the heads up.

The drama seems to have come to a head—or has it? It’s already over the top of late.

I know one thing: If we all believe what we’re guided to believe, and do what we’re guided to do, it’s perfect. We are playing our roles, and when the whole convoluted operation comes to its conclusion, we’ll be happy.

How close are we?

Co.Bra updates are interesting…  I take it there is an “Operation: MASTERPIECE”? I like the sound of that, and I’ve no doubt it will be.

Saturday, April 7, 2018
RPS: potential HVBN contextual response positive, all past RP- timelines reverse cleared

Prioritize CITA ANNABELLA modulation, RPS strictly enforced

Merge Project 83 / MASTERPIECE


David Seaman says he took down the cabal and Q’s for real, and yesterday and today we have had clear skies here in the East Valley of Phoenix so I’m over the moon. He said he has seen some of the indictments and he’s over the moon, too.

In this video, which gets better as it goes on, he confirms there have been many players in roles that are exactly the opposite of what it appeared. He says it’s over, the Illuminati is toast and that Trump had to be the one to free America from the psychopath monsters.

It’s a rather long video, but there’s a lot of information in it. If it’s true… we should all have some champagne.

Link to David Seaman’s full video

Then there’s this video.  Q said “disinfo is necessary”, and we knew it was going to come down to the White Hats outfoxing the dark—which they’ve done many times—and confusing us as much as they confused them.

Most of us knew Q is real, and the operation was used the way it needed to be. Old Q, new Q… we did our best to execute the psyops and all will be revealed in good time.

Published on Apr 7, 2018

These are MEMES from the MEGA MEME DROP, that I found in the PATRIOTS folder…
the SAFE folder and the RESIGNED folder!

I didn’t want to HOARD this amazing dose of MAGA all to myself, and decided to share.

I hope this makes everyone feel better, after the frightening Traitor 44 disaster.

After this…it will be time for us all to get to work rebuilding our country!!!!

Did I mention that we are winning BIGLY?

Q are safe!
; )


Other news to note…

One Killed in Apartment Fire at Trump Tower in New York

And if you listened to the ‘Lift the Veil’ interview with Douglas Gabriel, you heard Doug say he was given information about Seth Rich suggesting he did not die, but was extracted and is now living in a kibbutz. Douglas hasn’t been able to confirm that, but based on the widely varied reports on the details of the attack and the lack of video, it’s entirely possible. As an IT guy, Rich would be able to provide a lot of valuable information if he were a plant, and it certainly explains the glorification of the biggest patriot out there, or so they would have us believe. Like everything else, it’s complicated.

And this just in…

Breaking: Police Prevent Terror Attack On Berlin Half Marathon



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