April’s Energy Code ~ 15 Universal Month of Love and Abundance ~ April 5, 2018

By Tania Gabrielle

Happy April! In 2018 April is a 15 Universal Month of Love and Abundance. J

15 is the number of the spiritual alchemist!

The root number for 15 is 6 (15 = 1+5 = 6) – the number of LOVE.

1 is a symbol of new beginnings, being true to your soul, boldness, courage, rebirth and opportunity.

5 governs freedom, risk, adventure, the unexpected, movement, decisions, and connection.

The beautiful alchemy of number 15 is created when you don’t try to blend in, but are completely authentic, naturally attracting new opportunities that are aligned with your soul.

Your heart sparkles with joy when you tune into what delights you.

As you take those risks that nurture freedom, lighten up your life, initiate fun and excitement and connect you with, positive people, you naturally attract abundance.

April invites you to engage from the heart, take responsibility for what nurtures your soul, love every part of yourself, and only seek out those people who inspire your deepest passion and uplift you vibrationally.

YES, a tender, deep awakening is taking place…

The magic is especially strong now since 2018 is also an 11 Universal Year.

Think of April as an invitation from the universe to step through the 11 portal into the present moment.

Rise up! Be totally dedicated on what is for your highest good.

  • See yourself as an Alchemist of Love…
  • Love your day into joy (smile more!).
  • Love your goals into manifestation (act quickly!).
  • Love every emotion, every thought no matter HOW it appears at the time (forgive, move on and lighten up!).

Magic happens when you release self-judgment and get super conscious on how you are being.

“How” are you being when create? When you think? Go on errands? As you rest?

“How” are you being when you engage with other people?

Here’s a great way to restart and refresh when you’ve hit a roadblock, are frustrated, or exhausted.

Say to yourself: I am so grateful.

Gratitude tends to be activated in retrospect – AFTER something positive has happened or after we’ve received a gift… as we celebrate.

How about starting the gratitude beforehand – doing it in REVERSE!

See how good it feels when you are grateful for what has NOT happened yet!

So do both.

Appreciate big and small moments every day as they happen – AND start with the end – give thanks for those visions and goals that have yet to manifest.

That will assist the alchemical process of the number 15.

15/6 is a vibration of receiving love, receiving abundance – as much as nurturing with love.

So be an open vessel, invite and allow the universe to bring a bounty of blessings.

Open up to miracles. Invite Spirit in.

In-spirit – Spirit coming in = Inspiration.

Invite the cosmic alchemy to enter you on a cellular level, assimilating into love and helping you evolve. (Note how the word LOVE is in the word EVOLVE).

Evolution means we are evolving to the next stage at the deepest, original source level.

So be much more conscious now of evolving through love and compassion, joy and sharing abundantly.

Thank your lucky stars!

Acknowledge what’s positive in your life, and expect and thank the universe to shower you with more…

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Tap into the cosmic forecast in advance…

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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