Conscious Poetry ~ Easter Stillness ~ April 3, 2018

By galaxygirl

In the stillness of the void
I find relief from the swirling chaos around
That incessantly chatters, demands and wreaks havoc
In attempt to dissuade me from meditation…

For they say, that the inner self is our diamond, Our greatest treasure ~
And one only has to get reacquainted
With the patient god-self within
Who awaits our rediscovery;

And when we connect again, oh the joy, the inner relief at reunion! ~
Is tempered with sadness of the loss
Of time and inner struggle, spent on other less important things –
That consumed us.

But we are growing stronger now, brighter now, Shining like mini-fractal suns of love-light and belonging,
As we remember that we have never truly been separated
And all was a cosmic game to test our mettle.

I’m ready for a new game now –
Of ascending light waves and joy
That consume and caress my weary form and removes the PTSD of this “game”.
I’m ready for a galactic embrace from my ancient family who ever hangs on, in their love for me
~ something that I can’t understand fully yet.

But I know I’ve never felt at home here.
I’ve always heard ~ seen ~ felt ~ what the others could not
And been harshly reminded to silence my voice
For the world was not ready yet.

But now, things are changing;
Time is eroding into patterns of manipulative light waves
That we can form and manifest ~
And if you look closely you can see it ~
For the whole structure is morphing into newness, of bliss, of perfection!

May we morph alongside this crystalline newness,
Ever becoming more of who we are, but had forgotten ~
For we are the “system busters”, the “way showers”, “the-first-ones-to-this-ers”
And it elates me with excitement!

And we learn to flow in this newness of this Now,
For it is different than yesterday’s
As everything just keep getting better, lighter, brighter!
And this is the reality I choose.

And I call the wave,
The “breath of the Mother of all things” to me,
To comfort me, yes,
For I am exhausted from the relentlessness of predictions and time loops and lines ~
That twist, slip, knot, and shift ~

And so, I choose my own prediction and pathway,
My own reality of New Earth here, now!
For we are all creators are we not?
And it is time we remember our power
And treasure hunt for the clues we had left, to form our perfect reality.

And when we are brave enough to do this cosmic, intensely personal, spiritual “deep diving”,
We will find all the bread crumbs lead us back
To the stillness within, the shining brightness of our god-self, who never left, never faltered.

And I’m ready for enhanced spiritual practices and understandings ~
For I am tired of bunnies and eggs and the green plastic grass that sticks between my toes – Although there is joy in it, it is short lived.

For we human collective are ready for our own Easter, of collective ascension!
As we learn from the great master, who lead by perfect example of how is it done right,
We are ready to rise up and claim our own discovery
Of the diamond of Christ within.

~ galaxygirl



About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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