The event – reports from the collective ~ March 27, 2018

This is the latest blog from my good friend and spiritual traveler, Sophia. She has some interesting news to share, so…please read below, get ready for a wonderful change, and…


Today I’d like to share some additional reports regarding this upcoming Event.  Sources are dreams, higher selves, QHHT sessions and One.  I will keep each anonymous while sharing as much as I am able to comfortably.

These were given to me or shared with me by some of my readers, these are not my own dreams or QHHT sessions.

In that way, what is offered here is from all of us, a collective imagining of what is heading our way.  Enjoy.

“I watched another video with Allison Coe. I was happy to see how many others described rainbow light like I described in my dream. The light was alive. It washed the manufactured and dirty veil from our bodies minds and spirits. With it came telepathy and the ability to communicate directly without being recorded and tracked by the dark side. Rather than being and end unto itself, it was simply a tool in the coming transition wherein humanity reclaims their sovereignty rather than being it handed to them. It all comes down to free will.”

“Event to happen by April 15, not sure of any date, with intense bright light immediately followed by ripples of colored light across sky, those whose vibrational levels are not quite high enough will leave the earth for  72 hours and then be returned to Earth to get to raise their vibratory rate, those who cannot/will not raise their rate will be off Earth and taken to another 3D planet, I estimate between 35-50% of Earths current population”

Regarding ascension symptoms:
“The turmoil is akin to a simmering pot.  It’s been simmering these many years. It boils over now because, in a sense, the heat has been turned up.  This is not heat from you.  It is coming from the increased frequency. It has to be seen and adjusted as the heat won’t be going down but increasing.”

“You will not be separated from any loved ones for long enough to worry, but yes, some of those will be on the ships.”

“It will be like the blink of an eye.  Surreal and then everything changes. This is real. It is a joining and recognition of all of you.  Every component. This gives you your full force.”
“These coming times will not feel easy, they will be confusing and could appear frightening.  You know better.”

“You will be empowered to experience and express your full selves, not leaving behind your ego self this time, but incorporating and including her and him into full expression. This means all parts join in the most joyful and desired ways.  It is the only outcome seen now.”

“There is a wave of light coming your way.  It is one in which the colors will be seen as well as felt. It is not one that will be experienced on a purely sensual basis.  It will be visually perceived.
In the majority of the people it will not be understood. This wave is not exactly as seen in the images portrayed by the entertainment industry.  These images are close. They have been presented now in order to instill fear.”

“The image of this light and color love/light wave is more like a moving flowing group.  You will not have to decide to move into it, it will move through you and although it will be unusual, it will not cause fear. The effort at bringing an element of fear to it will not succeed.
This is because the power of the energy/light itself is stronger than anything every experienced here on earth. It will not be overcome by anything else.  It will be known and felt as love.”

“There will be a moment. This moment will or may be confusing for those among you who have not ever attempted to operate from a point of love. It will not last.”

“This is not to say the wave will have the same effect on each of you.  It will not.”

“Many of you will segment this out as if it were a dream.
Some of you will have it occur while sleeping but will recall it as a dream – a dream you may not even speak of until life feels so very altered the following day or someone else mentions the same sort of dream.”

“It comes at you even now, make no mistake. It will also be an isolated physical happening in which there will be a beginning, a middle and an end.  There will be a time known as before the event and a time known as after the event. It will be marked and recognized.”

“The time leading up to the event is right now.  The time after the event comes soon.  This event is not days long but will be recovered from for days after.  It will change everything for everyone.”

“The physical man-made systems will all be altered.”

“You have heard and now expect something in March of your current year.  It is true that something happens in March but it is not the event as you are expecting it. It is a leading-edge wave of love, an introduction to light filled energy that sets the stage for what is to be known as the event. It begins now. It will be known to have happened in March of this current year. That is specific as I am going to be.”

“It is in these pre-cursor waves of energy where you’ll find hearts begin to open and things begin to thaw.”

“You cannot plan your life around its timing. All of you will be protected during this event – it is not one of destruction or of fear, quite the opposite.”

“The event is a singular moment that is set to “on” very soon. It is humanity and the earth and the central sun (that pull the switch).”

“All is perfectly done. Your place when the event occurs is perfectly chosen. You will see. There will be no missing it, sleeping through it, or fear around it.”

“It will not be seen or forecasted.  It will simply arrive.”

“Simultaneously for everyone on the planet – the wave arrives.”

So that about covers it!

We are the ones. We have anchored the light. It is done.

With gratitude and so much love,

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