Did Trump Just Get the Cabal to Fund Their Own Tribunals?! [videos] ~ March 25, 2018

Really? This is what the globalists would like us to BELIEVE. But is it what really happened?

I have to admit it, I have been waiting to see how Starship Earth handled the story of Trump signing the Omnibus bill. Sure enough, Molly has risen to the occasion with a report that is cognizant of both sides, both the naysayers AND the positive faction. Tough reporting takes guts…

So, please take a peek at this article, go to the Omnibus bill yourself (https://www.congress.gov/115/bills/hr…) and research this yourself, and…


Trump pulled another fast one on the cabal? Oh, my goodness. If this is true—and it wouldn’t surprise me a bit—I’m speechless.

I was contemplating the “Omnibus” theatrics and couldn’t help thinking Trump probably pulled a fast one. Yes, it’s a whole shitload of theatrics—but it’s often for our benefit!

Check out this video from Natasha and the memes going around Twitter if you’re not a Twitterererer and haven’t seen all these Twitticisms around the Omnibus.

How could that happen? Regular Starship readers know, but for newbies just trying to wrap their head around the excitement, the deep state is famous for drawing up massive bills, hundreds or thousands of pages long, knowing full well that few will have time or make the time to read it. That’s why Congress, the Senate, etc. get paid all those lovely salaries above and beyond what their actual paycheque is. Just approve it, they’re told. Or else.

So, they either hide all sorts of trickster antics deep inside the bill, or at the last minute they make amendments that no one has time to read and as a result, all kinds of legislation not for the benefit of the People is signed into being.

It is sounding, however, as though President Trump used their own tactics against them. I hope it’s true, because that would be another point scored by the “Trump Effect”. Their own tactics get mirrored right back in their faces.

Listen to some of the text Natasha gives us. It seems to involve costs for a “witness protection program”—which is absolutely necessary considering the Clinton body count and many recent “suicides” and disappearances.

What isn’t being discussed around the funding of the wall, however, is the news from Thomas Williams on Thursday on the Truth, Honor & Integrity Show that the Manna World Holding Trust contacted Trump and the agreement is, they will fund the wall. Or was I dreaming? More on the intel from Thomas in another post. I am so swamped with information I don’t know what to share first.

We really need to remember that nothing is what it seems.

Natasha has a plethora of videos we would do well to take in if we can, so have a look at her channel(s). It’s pretty bad when we have to have multiple channels/websites/blogs “in case” we get shut down, but that’s war for you. Natasha does short bursts of regular updates to keep us abreast of new developments. She’s a fountain of energy and positivity. Thanks, Natasha.

Here’s another good one. Thanks, C.

You Are Free TV presents their take on the Omnibus issue, as well.  ~ BP

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