Twin Soul Energy Report ~ The Event and the March 18th Light Influx Twin Soul Energy Report ~ The Event and the March 18th Light Influx ~ March12, 2018

By matahariji

Dearest beloved.

Greetings of the most high. It is our deepest honour to come forward in this manner, at this most highly auspicious time within your planets evolution into 5D consciousness.

We are over brimming with excitement to bring this message through to you today as we have much to speak about with regards to “The Event”, which is referring to the Huge ascension wave that is now rapidly making it’s way not only to the forefront of many of your consciousness’s but also to the earthly plane.

Many of you will be aware that March 18th is an extremely significant date with regards to this “event” as on This Day The Earth will bear witness to the most intense bombardment of gamma ray particles it has ever experienced within this current 26000 year planetary cycle. All of our ancient calendars and cultures knew that this event was coming, as this is not the first time the Earth plane has bore witness to this spectacular light show.

There are many aspects to what the Event actually is, but predominantly it is an energetic wave which is on it’s way to entirely subsume the Earth plane within our lifetime.

This wave has already been dispensed from the heart of the galaxy and is fundamentally comprised of what could be termed enlightened ascension energetics which are also known as photonic light particles or God Particles, and these particles communicate directly with humanities DNA to inform it to fully and completely reactivate.

Within this 26000 year cycle humanity has been vulnerable to interference from low frequency energy known by many names but for the purpose of this article we will refer to this energy as the cabal. The cabal, as an experiment was allowed to interfere with humanities DNA, and they activated a switching off of at least 10 strands of humanities DNA which insured humanities consciousness would remain locked in the illusion of the 3D dimension.

But the cabal always knew that “The Event” would happen again, and that this world would bare witness to Gaia being entirely subsumed by a vast and enormous wave of galactic love, which would be received by the human DNA, and would serve to reactivate for the entire collective all dormant DNA strands, which would then give back humans their God ordained gifts, such as levitation, bilocation, inter-dimensional travel, instant healing and Regeneration, eternal youth, and so so much more.

Beloveds, Please know that the event is drawing nearer everyday, however, we are not at Liberty to share the exact time and date of when the big wave will reach gaias shores, as it is entirely based on the vibration of humanities consciousness.

Therefore we say unto you, it is your duty and responsibility to stabilize now in the most  awakened and enlightened version of yourself.

What does this mean and what does that look like? Some of you may be wondering. Fundamentally it means being kind at all times, in all ways, to all people, at all times.

It means making forgiveness your very best friend, and remaining vigilant to all stimulus/ environments or relationships that affect your vibration and bring you down. It means clearing your life of toxic people/relationships or patterns. It means being in a deeply wedded relationship with the present moment, and it means facing and embracing your shadow self and running towards this part of you with all the love God has placed in your heart.

The more of you that stabilize in your awakened consciousness the sooner the event will happen. So therefore we say unto you… you all have a crucial role to play in this planets Ascension into the 5th dimensional paradise realm it was originally created to be.

We would like to now take Opportunity to speak about how “The Event” is connected to the reunification of the 144000 Twin-Soul pairs.

Dear ones, please know that this particular soul group was called forth from the farthest regions of this Galaxy to volunteer to return back to the earth plane in this particular lifetime as it was widely known and understood by all galactic citizens that earth would be transitioning from a 3D matrix realm to a 5D matrix realm, and that the reunification of this original group of twin Souls would be absolutely crucial for the full actualization of the Divine plan, as these twin Souls who are already starseeds would have incarnated with many of their DNA strands already intact.

It was known and understood that many of this particular group would incarnate into family bloodlines that were burdened with patterns of abuse and trauma, as these starseeds would have within them, all of the tools, and all of the support they needed, to be able to fully clear and resolve all of these deeply ingrained patterns of abuse violation and neglect.

As we have stated over and over again in these written transmissions, 2018 is the year that will bear witness to a vast number of physical unifications of this original 144000 starseed soul group Who volunteered to return back to the earthly plane at this time to assist in the great shift from 3D consciousness to 5D consciousness.

Please know that for those of you who are vibrationally drawn to these words, it is imperative for you to prioritize stabilizing in Awakened consciousness NOW…so that you may become the wayshowers, leaders, and lighthouses that you promised humanity you would be.

Please know that this has always been a part of your pre birth plan, as many many of humanities children are on the verge of an enMass spiritual Awakening, and as such it is imperative that the twin Soul star-seeds stand tall and firm as the beacons of awakeness that they promised they would be.

For many of the first wavers who have not come into physical Union with their Divine counterpart thus far, please know that it is all part of the Divine plan that this particular period would see a shift in the number of synchronicities and signs that your higher self has been bombarding you with in order to keep you firmly on track with this Union. The reason why the synchronicities have slowed down for many of you is because they they are no longer necessary as you are all firmly anchored on your path of physical reunification.

Please know that it is imperative for you to be aware, that as this light wave reaches and subsumes Gaia, all that is inauthentic and out of alignment with the truth of your souls mission will be removed from your life in this gateway, and although that may sound harsh it is what all of you in the deepest depths of your heart have been praying for.

Here we are referring to the karmic relationships of many of the twin-Souls. Please know that as of March 18th and the huge influx of gamma light particles, this will make it virtually impossible for relationships that have been based upon the Foundation of Fear and lack, will no longer be tolerated by your higher self. So therefore it is advisable for you to Practice transparency with your karmic partner before it’s too late, and the rug may be pulled from under your feet as per arranged by you and your higher self prior to incarnation.

Dearest ones, we would like to inform you that the work that has been achieved in our beloved channels transmission groups has been absolutely fundamental with regards to assisting the collective Consciousness to prepare for this upgrade, transformation and metamorphosis into a 5D planetary system.

The work in these groups is huge and we truly have no words that can adequately express how important this service has been and continues to be for evolving humanity, We now have an extremely solid and committed core group who are showing up in earnest to be the conduits for these huge earth upgrades.. 

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to the highly auspicious Spring Equinox transmission that will be taking place on Tuesday the 20th of March at 8 p.m. UK time which is the exact time of the spring equinox. This transmission is taking place 2 days after the Big light wave (on the 18th)  in order to assist the collective to assimilate the brand new frequencies.

In this transmission we will be again working with our Arcturian Star Family to assist you to fully and completely remove the 3D trauma grid that you inherited when you were born into this realm, This work Is hugely important as as we activate this on a personal level, we will be assisting the collective, to transition smoothly into their brand new lighter vehicles.

Showing up for this level of personal and planetary service promises to profoundly accelerate you on your path of becoming the living embodiment of the 5d light being that you truly are, which in turn accelerates this for all of humanity. This then will accelerate the full coming on line of all your spiritual gifts such as instant health regeneration, eternal youth activation, and profound healing capabilities and so so so much more.

In this Transmission we will also Be working specifically with the energy of “The Event” and we will be communicating directly to the huge light wave that is rapidly heading towards humanities shores as we speak, We are being called to be the bridges for our interstellar star family who deeply require a ground crew to assist in this important light work.

In this transmission we will also be working to re-establish perfect equilibrium between your masculine and feminine energy, and we will be fine tuning your energy field to establish this perfect equilibrium.

There is more to this highly favorable soul gathering which shall be revealed in due course, and please know that we deeply require your physical presence to take part on this highly auspicious day.

Please see below for full details and how to book onto the Equinox transmission

In love and eternal Light

Jen Matahari-ji, and the white wolf tribe

Sat Nam


Image by Eva Ruiz



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