Joy A. Rogers and Sienna Lea posted in WE ARE SOVEREIGN BEINGS. ~ March 10, 2018

Another Yippee! This is a post from the Facebook page “WE ARE SOVEREIGN BEINGS” that not only gives us a pretty complete explanation of why humanity is tied to the economic slavery  package, and why this programming is about to be broken!

So…please read this article, imagine using a replicator instead of a microwave, and…


According to multiple whistle-blowers replicators are in widespread use in the Secret Space Program which has literally become a breakaway civilization due to the technology they have access to and have kept from humanity

In simplistic terms this planet and its people are ruled over in 3D by Fallen Angelic Bloodlines, some human, some not….

Due to the energetic realities of a fallen Metatronic template they must take energy from other beings in order to sustain themselves, as their Metatronic status means they cannot connect with the naturally circulating Krystic frequencies from God-source Consciousness Field….

Humanity is used by these fallen angelics for energy in exactly the way the idea of vampire needs to feed on living beings to remain immortal….

Money is an externalized representation/manifestation of our own energy so forcing us to engage with their system, through our Labour, so we can earn money then pay taxes is equivalent to how a vampire feeds on its prey only these guys are doing it on a planetary wide scale

In order for them to keep Humanity as their personal food source they must keep us reliant on them to provide things to us…..

They have monopolized water, gas, electricity, food, oil, government, finance, education blah blah….. The structure they have setup is vast and extends into everything with the singular goal of forcing us to give them our energy

When a piece of technology comes along that threatens the vampiric feeding structure they have setup, they will ensure that technology is suppressed one way or another….. This is why we don’t have free energy devices or replicators….These all absolutely exist already but they would cause one of their feeding channels to collapse through irrelevance which they would never allow….

Obviously replicator technology would collapse the entire basis of their entire feeding system as it renders the concept of money obsolete which of course is the primary method their system controls everyone…..

If you can manifest a bar of gold on demand out of thin air then you can’t create a monetary system backed by gold as gold becomes abundant and therefore worthless… Replicators allow ultimate abundance of everything causing the concept of something being ‘valued’ by some form of money to be irrelevant…..

Without money the Fallen Angelics can’t feed….. Do you think these bunch of vampires will allow that to happen? … absolutely not…. They will do literally anything to ensure humanity does not gain access to such technology…..

Of course, Humanity is supposed to have direct manifestation abilities, which means creating any object or experience in front of you by the intention and focusing of the mind….. Due to the Metatronic code mess, specifically the Checkerboard Mutation, Humanity has lost it’s direct manifestation abilities aside from a remaining remnant that still functions in an extremely limited way to the point most people are unaware they have it ….

These Fallen Angelics are in for a big shock as eventually (coming soon) they will lose control of this planet and Humanity as a food source….. They can try and stop Humanities awakening with chemtrails etc to block the Sun’s frequencies but this only slows things down…. Even they know they can’t stop this process….

Anyway, nice to see some articles hinting at replicator technology becoming a reality which in the larger picture is the NOW moment adjusting to new higher frequencies of consciousness and possibilities

#replicators via Ian Parks

A Real World ‘Star Trek’ Replicator Is Now Possible Thanks To New Breakthrough

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