Stargate Files Shed Light On Some Astonishing Secrets The Government Never Told Us About Mars

Yes, yes…its’ ALL coming out now. (Didn’t we know it always would? Truth wins you know!) Information is now being released about what our government really knows about Mars these days, and this info is mighty interesting. Thanks to Deus Nexus for putting this out there…our government sure didn’t!

So…please read this article about Mars, know that NOW is the time to BE in your own truth, and…


Deus Nexus

The picture of a small region of Mars above is from the European Space Agency.

What is the STARGATE project? Well, it was a joint effort by the CIA and NSA, along with SRI and a few other academic institutions around the world to study parapsychology (telepathy, ESP, remote viewing, etc). The program lasted more than two decades, and was funded by millions of dollars. You would think that a black budget special access program that ran for more than two decades had some success, and it did. The STARGATE program was used in multiple missions for ‘national security’ and ‘intelligence collection’ purposes, and the United States wasn’t the only country interested in this type of phenomena. For example, here is a document going into detail about certain people (studies by the Department of Defence) with ‘paranormal’ abilities. Here is a…

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