Spring Equinox Energy Wave ~ March7, 2018

This is informative information from Deus Nexus. Please read, think about the timing of political events combined with spiritual events, and…


Source: Focus Sessions | By Lynn

Q. Lynn I just heard Simon Parkes talk about the next large energy light wave coming. He says it’s very soon and that it will consist of two waves actually. The first is an electromagnetic wave that may hinder or knock out some cell or landline service, followed by a light wave generated by Source, coming from our galactic center. This wave will be different than previous waves in that instead of lingering for hours, allowing us to adjust to it, this one will be strong and short. He says because of this action, it will cause everyone to feel really fatigued, and that those in hardcore 3D negativity, etc., will not be able to transmute this.

My question is, when do you see this coming, now that we are very close to it (I know you mentioned around the Equinox)? Also, how will those still deep in 3D react to this? What can we expect to see when this happens regarding human behavior or events triggered by this? Also any other thoughts or insights that you get from my description of this. Thank you so much.

A. When I tune into the next phase of The Event (and I have been focusing on this a lot), I am drawn to the spring equinox.  I see there being some mild electromagnetic interference (sounds like static or white noise), but I don’t see it disabling our communications for any extended time.  The electromagnetic portion feels more like a nuisance versus something destructive.

As far as our physical bodies… I get each person will have a unique reaction this Wave X surge depending on where they are vibrationally and where they are within the ascension process.  I see that those with a higher vibration absorb the surge much like a capacitor (word I hear) right in the heart chakra area.  This energy is intense, and looks to provide clarity (and a feeling of love / connectedness).  They will have two choices: push the energy upward to energize the throat and crown chakra, or force it down to ground for an ultra grounded balancing effect.  I hear there is no right or wrong way to shift this energy, but it will need moved, and your intuition will guide you in the right direction.

For those very rooted in the 3D world, I see this being very tough.  They will feel the surge, but have no idea what to do with it.  They aren’t in tune with their inner self enough to recognize or shift this “thing” within them.  It looks to result in anxiety, anger, irritability, frustration, etc (basically exacerbates the lower vibe emotions).   This also feels like a time when the PTW (Powers That Were) will strike out with some kind of protest, social unrest, or what I see most intently is instigating another false flag (something involving guns since their agenda is already in motion).

I get the best way to prepare for this is be a detoxed as possible (not required, but makes the process more gentle).  I also see it is important to not resist it, because you can’t.  Welcome it, feel the love, and shift it in the direction that most resonates with you.  This is a good thing (for many people).

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light,  
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In preparations for the next wave and the spring equinox, I am planning another group meditation for March 20th at 12:00 PM (noon) EST.  I hope to see you there, even if only for a few moments as we welcome in the transition! (Thank you Da-da for the countdown calendar!).


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