Headlines for February 23, 2018 [videos] ~ Feb. 23, 2018

Good news, folks. It seems Starship Earth has been able to avoid much of the censorship out there right now against the Alternative Media. Any one who routinely follows my blog, knows how reliable this site is for sharing information as Earth surges toward Living in love and prosperity!

So…please read/watch this daily delivery of news that we will NOT hear from MSM, think about all there is to know about and realize that is kept from us, and…


This just in…  One has to wonder if these are sleepers they activated to create chaos and distraction. I hope the President is well protected at all times so that “emergencies” like this one don’t leave a lapse in security.

BREAKING Incident Developing At The White House

February 23, 2018

The Secret Service announced that a vehicle rammed into a security barrier outside of the White House Friday afternoon.

According to the official Secret Service Twitter account, the vehicle struck a barrier at the corner of 17th Street NW and E Street NW.

The female driver of the vehicle was reportedly apprehended by authorities after a brief confrontation with Secret Service officials.

No Secret Service officials were injured in the incident.



Also see…

Sean at SGT Report speaks with Harley Schlanger and the discussion revealed a few things I was previously unaware of. It was indeed an excellent chat.

Our friend at You Are Free TV goes into the FBI and their work with MK Ultra mind control in America.

BTW, have you noticed that vloggers are now having to “disguise” keywords in the titles of their videos and other strategies so they don’t get flagged by YouTube/Google bots and algorithms as “fake news”?

Our youth are under attack from multiple angles. Until the vaccine industry has been reformed and rendered safe, it’s advisable not to get vaccinations at all. Babies are most susceptible to damage from toxic vaccine ingredients, but teens are still vulnerable as this study shows.

Vaccines are threatening lives and human health in undeniable ways yet the establishment has succeeded in coaching the public to demand vaccinations just as they have coached them to demand gun control. Lemmings off a cliff.

It’s Official – Teens Diagnosed With MS After Gardasil Vaccines

And from the world of the unexplained, Tyler at Secureteam shows us an odd line spanning almost half the Earth which is visible in one particular view available on Google Earth.

Since we’ve been speaking of the Secret Space Programs and Super Soldiers, here’s a video interview that many will need to hear to come close to believing there even IS a secret space program. There are many victims of the deep state, as we are coming to recognize.

Thomas Williams shared some interesting information about the “new Earth” last night on the Truth, Honor & Integrity Show and what we can expect to see in the near future with respect to our ascension and evolution as a species.

Another piece of interesting news was that the frenetic flurry of letters Anna von Reitzinger wrote in the past week or so to discredit Kim and the Manna World Holding Trust seem to have taken their toll on her. We heard she left the country and await confirmation. If you can’t stand the heat, Anna, get out of the kitchen.

Thomas was also kind enough to give Starship Earth an honourable mention in a group of worthwhile websites and conspiracy analysts he says don’t get appreciated or shared because of the organized agenda to feature and promote a group of bogus Truthers in the alternative media.

Yes, they share some valid information to throw people off, but they, like the MSM, have approved talking points designed to tell us to look where they’re pointing instead of “over there” where we need to be.

By now we understand we would be wise to look in the opposite direction, and that is why I rarely point to specific vloggers and agents that literally repel me energetically. Why would I send readers to them to generate revenue and possibly be led astray? Their inauthentic behaviour as well as their suspicious alliances have set off my agenda detectors. We know YouTube messes with the number of subscribers people have as well as the number of thumbs up or down on videos. It means little.

I take in large volumes of information from many sources to get a well-rounded synopsis of our current situation and hope all our readers do, as well. After awhile you get a good feel for who is who, but we can all be wrong sometimes.

Thank you to everyone for the videos and articles you share. There is no shortage of intriguing information at our fingertips and it certainly is an exciting time to get up every morning, isn’t it? We have a war to win. Tally-ho!  ~ BP


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