Headlines for February 22, 2018; BIG Censorship—BIG Time! [videos] ~ Feb. 22, 2018

Are you strapped in folks? It’ getting even MORE interesting for u as we watch the present structure of our world unfold. Please read/watch this article from Starship Earth, concentrate on the Love that in is your heart, as you watch what is NOT Love in our world, and…


The number of videos on YouTube being removed is ramping up quickly and so is the information war. I often can’t get to a video I saved before it’s gone, so if you shared one, I may not even see it. Some of them say the account was outright terminated.

That’s what happens, my friends, when a monopoly is allowed to flourish. That is the key way the New World Order has been able to control every aspect of our lives. Monopolies are dangerous. They remove choice. They allow the power to be focused to the point that competition is eliminated, or close to it.

Google, YouTube, Twitter, Microsoft, big box retailers, eBay, Amazon, food companies, Big Pharma, Big Ag, Big Comm, Big Banks… they are almost completely controlling our lives and they’re getting rich doing it. They must be dismantled.

Fortunately there ARE some alternatives for video and social media, but they’re not highly recognized yet. I had to re-post a banned video from YouTube on Vimeo because it was a very important one from Randy Maughans on the background of the Parkland Shooting and those involved. It was a real eye-opener linking it to adoption, Autism Speaks, pedophilia, etc. Not surprising, really.

Following are some headlines and videos for the current state of affairs… which are in no way comprehensive as so much is unfolding simultaneously every day now. People are all over the QAnon posts and I haven’t even gotten to them yet for an overview. I feel it’s important to get the word out on the gun control/fake news/propaganda issue.

The Parkland school shooting was a typical orchestrated event to create a firestorm of public opinion, unrest, outrage and pain. Another drill, more CNN shadow government propaganda, more mind-controlled kids, psychotropic drugs, more screaming for gun control and… of course it’s Trump’s fault for not having legislation in place to prevent school shootings.

Well, well, well. Mr. Hogg is quite the celebrity. Is he a member of DeMolay, too? It appears he has an agenda of his own. Or his father’s. Or someone’s.

Not seeing it? David Seaman explains in this short video:  CNN’s Own Audience Revolting Over DAVID HOGG Interview!!!

What’s happening now is that We, the People are using the cabal’s own tactics against them. We are going to their fake news videos and voting down the content AND leaving our comments—just like they do to Truth Media videos. There’s one difference, however. We are not rude and abusive. We just state the truth; tell how we feel and SHAME THEM. If all the Truthers did that—wow.

A NEW LOW, even for CNN: Exploiting dead and traumatized children to push a radical left-wing anti-gun agenda

And where is the control going next? It may seem outrageous. You might think “it could never happen”, but then, folks said that about a lot of things, didn’t they? And now they’re status quo, because no one did anything about it when they could have.

Americans just can’t believe their government would do the things we say they did—and they’re correct. THEIR government wouldn’t—but it’s not THEIR government that’s the culprit. It’s the shadow government, the deep state, the New World Order and their secret societies that so many warned about long ago.

THEIR government has been bribed and blackmailed to the point most members of Congress and the Senate do anything the puppet masters tell them to do—like the health care bill Nancy Pelosi told them they would have to pass to find out what’s in it. And we don’t even know all the bombs they hide in those bills that are hundreds of pages long and few make the time to read.

In case you weren’t sure, the agenda is unfolding. The students raised 1.5M dollars for a march to demand gun control. Money for what? A protest doesn’t cost anything—unless you’re paying the protesters. Aha! Now you’re getting the picture. I’m sure this was a spontaneous idea the traumatized students had with no coaching at all from the handlers.

This tactic falls in line with previous warnings. They take a very few people and blow it up on the propaganda MSM and make it APPEAR that most of America feels the same way. Don’t fall for it. If most of America wanted to give up their guns, they would have done it long ago and America would have fallen.

The second American Revolution ongoing now is to reverse the damage done. This is a great video from Natasha who is hosting Isaac Green because his YouTube video about the school shooting and gun control narrative was terminated. This is war, my friends.

And that’s not all. Twitter. All kinds of people locked out. This is unheard of. If you don’t believe there’s an information war, think again.

They wanted a fight—and they’re getting it.

Texas Police Chief Advocates Arming Teachers to Prevent Mass Shootings

Share Tweet Reddit +1 Pin(TIM) — In the wake of the deadly shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, 17-year-old survivor Colton Haab told Fox News that he believes that if his football coach Aaron Feis, who died in the attack shielding students from gunfire, had been able to carry his firearm at school, he would have been able … Continue reading

There are a lot of people who know what the NWO has been up to and could spill the beans, but it’s no problem. They often go missing.

FOX: MISSING: CDC doctor (and Harvard grad) disappears “Without A Trace” (dog, wallet, phone left behind)

This just in from Montenegro. Rather a bizarre attack. A sleeper activated?

ALERT American Embassy Attacked

For the latest intel updates and news analysis or to get your questions answered, tune in to the ‘Truth, Honor & Integrity Show’ tonight with Thomas Williams at 7:30 EST, 4:30 Pacific. Below are the “THInk Different” People’s Club website where you can find the link to listen, and the Spreaker page.



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    Time to educate yourselves on what is REALLY going on behind the wall of propaganda fed to the MSM news sources by the CIA and FBI. Deep State is going down and you can help by putting the word out, exposing the hypocrisy and lies perpetrated against the American people to keep them in the dark about the globalist agenda being played out against our way of life, culture, and children.


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