Your Sunday Digest for February 18, 2018: So, What Have We Learned? [videos] ~ Feb. 18, 2018

Kudos to Starship Earth for (1) Bringing us the true news avoided by MSM, (2) BEing the “parrot” day-in and day-out to wake folks up, (3) having the courage to make the statements many of feel, but do not have the “voice” to say.

That being said, please read/watch this video, KNOW the insanity will end (hopefully) soon, and…


To say it’s been an informative week would be an understatement.

What have we learned? This won’t all be new information for many people but if someone goes to the Internet for truth about some of these topics, it helps to have more of it available. Hopefully folks are beginning to realize that bizarre events don’t just happen. Evil doesn’t just happen. There are no accidents, and I’ve turned into a parrot.

It’s been officially confirmed: we live in the theatre of the absurd. After all the hoopla from the treasonous lamestream media about Trump and Russian collusion to throw the election, Rod Rosenstein comes out with a statement that there were 13 Russians who used Facebook and other social media to influence people in their voting, AND that NO Americans have been implicated in any wrongdoing. What?! How did he stand there with a straight face and announce that?

Someone please pinch me and wake me up from this nightmare. I’m speechless. After a YEAR… that is the verdict? And how much money did they spend on investigations to tell us what we already knew?

I had to refer to Lionel Nation for a sensible overview to confirm my worst fears. Yup! Right from the asylum. We’re unquestionably in it and straight jackets are back-ordered.

On a more sober note, through several channels we’re learning that they are actually using “those towers”, psychotropic drugs and our indispensable gadgetry to target specific individuals with “voice-to-skull” technology and use them as patsies in their crimes, like the many false flag events many haven’t connected until now.

I wrote about those “mind control towers” years ago, but no one did anything about the problem and they continue to add more of them to their surveillance network. As long as they resemble palm trees or pine trees, no one seems to mind. Some people even take money to allow them on their property. They want us all to be happy with our tech. Here in the desert we have these, apparently.  So lame.

Remember the Columbine school shooting… and the vacant stare of Adam Lanza after the Sandy Hook Massacre? How about the Batman Theater Massacre? James Holmes looked very similar, didn’t he? Do they perhaps look “hypnotized”? Did a call on a cellphone with a trigger word or phrase, or targeted electromagnetic frequencies—or both—have anything to do with that “out of it” look?

Adam Lanza

James Holmes

These kids have been zombified. They’ll do whatever they’re told and remember nothing. And who has specialized in psychological operations… for decades? The CIA. And the military. Why are the perps—or those they CLAIM are the perps—always said to be on drugs? That’s part of the MK Ultra mind control and other programs they’ve no doubt perfected since the 1950’s. It makes an already malleable personality more “suggestible”.

Insiders have told us that “voice-to-skull” technology has been used for some time. Folks literally hear voices in their head, telling them what to do. Yeah, like Charles Manson. Was he an early test subject?

This news isn’t news to we conspiracy analysts, but it is to some.

The geographical areas where these crimes take place? They’re all in areas where the cabal has corrupt county officials to go along with their little plans. Denver, Broward County Florida, Boston, New York, Connecticut, California…

It seems QAnon has rallied the troops and the Patriots are hunting down the El-ites; the Illuminati slavers and satanists who commit these crimes to satisfy their perverted ritualistic lifestyle. More and more patriots are wise to the con game now—and they’re not happy campers.

Moloch, Bohemian Grove, California

Even Americans’ sporting events are fodder for the entertainment of the New World Order. Think about it. Superbowl (or “superb owl” as Thomas Williams has suggested, as in Moloch, their esteemed idol of the ancient god of child sacrifice of Bohemian Grove fame) featured the Patriots—no translation required—and the Eagles.

Unquestionably—“Eagle” refers to Bill Clinton’s nickname. So you have the cabal versus the patriots of America in the big game. We know they have teams “throw” games all the time. It’s about money—but THIS time, it was about far more than money. It was a message. The Patriots lost. I guess it makes the cry babies of the cabal feel better to win a ridiculous football game if they can slide by one more satanic half-time show under our noses.

They did score one significant point recently, however. They got the programmed gun control fanatics to raise their voices in unison once again to scream for legislation they have been convinced will stop these elaborate, orchestrated sacrificial Illuminati rituals—even though the criminals will ALWAYS have access to guns.

We’ve also learned that “judge” Anna von Reitz(inger) is much more than she has let on. Or much less. No one has yet verified she is or was a judge, but she certainly is judgmental when it comes to the historic actions of Kim/Miss Manna who secured the famed collateral accounts once and for all for Humanity and registered the Manna World Holding Trust.

Since it became public knowledge that the cabal has been effectively shut out of the funds they’ve been skimming for almost ever and promising to use for the daily RV that will make everyone instant millionaires, Anna has made it her job to tell the world the Manna World Holding Trust is fraudulent and just another scheme to steal the People’s money.

Things are just not what they seem, my friends, and if you saw either of Anna’s two scathing letters about/to Kim, and Kim’s reply, I think it’s evident these two know each other. Kim handled herself in a far more professional manner, however.

Yes, Kim was part of the “system” and when the ancient treaties were about to expire and nullify the El-ites’ jurisdiction over the people of Earth, she decided it was important to prevent the slavers from continuing their plunder of Humanity and their rightful assets. She had the background to do it. She spent a great deal of time and effort, risking her life to secure the collateral accounts that gold-diggers like Neil Keenan and others have been trying to gain control of with much pomp and circumstance (and lies) in the alternative media.

She also made it possible to make Americans Sovereign Beings and no longer under the control of the El-ites and their bogus maritime law. It also meant the military is no longer under control of the Rothschilds and they now report to the Commander-In-Chief of the Republic—as it should be. Well, that changes everything, doesn’t it!

Now that it’s a done deal, President Trump has been notified and shown unequivocal proof the funds are secured and that Kim and her team have access to them with the help of the AI system, Anna went on a tear to discredit Kim and her work. It seems all Anna’s letters over the past several years went nowhere, but she did teach us a lot about the law.

Frankly, it’s embarrassing that a grown woman—particularly one who calls herself a “judge”—would berate anyone and the efforts to liberate Humanity from the clutches of the evil ones, unless…

This is the greatest show on Earth EVER, and that is how she wants to be remembered?

And now according to one video I’m aware of it’s been suggested that the Manna World Holding Trust is stealing IRS tax returns? You’ve got to be kidding. Would someone please expedite those straight jackets? I can’t take much more of this.

Why would the people with the only access to the world’s largest cache of money need to steal IRS tax returns for godssake? If anyone steals from The People it’s the IRS—which isn’t a federal agency. And if there’s anyone who NEEDS money—it’s the cabal. They are destitute. The Rothschilds are selling off property! Trump’s Executive Order froze their ass(ets) and they’re being removed from society in any way necessary. It’s a shut-out.

All they have left are their mind-controlled patsies to commit sacrificial, false-flag shootings and derail and blow up trains.

If you still believe, after what we have seen this week, that we live in a normal, healthy society… I don’t know what to tell you. Life is contrived. It’s controlled. We’ve been manipulated and everything we were told is a lie. Even the weather is being created at will.

We are constantly distracted by terrorist activities and threats of wars that aren’t going to happen. This isn’t “living”. It’s existing in a fake construct we’re told is “life”. A holodeck session on the USS Enterprise would be a picnic compared to what we’re experiencing now. Beam me up, Scotty!

The truth is, we’re “trading places.” The jailers are being removed by the inmates and their off-world allies and we’re going to be alright. We need a lot more people researching and using critical thinking, however, rather than just being critical and expecting a quick fix.

Now I’m going out for a walk under a sky filled with milky, white chemtrails that block the sun (simulator). Oh, joy.  ~ BP


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