Early Updates for February 13, 2018 [videos] ~ Feb. 13, 2018

This is another update report from Starship Earth regarding the political scene in the US…chaos! This that should be happening are not, and those that should NOT be happening…are happening! What a crazy mess…stay tuned, the Event is coming!

In the meantime, please read more of this chaos, rejoice as the positive end is near, and…


Since many are distrustful of the QAnon breadcrumbs and the apparent lack of lawful measures to remove the offending vermin in Washington DC and we wonder what we’re waiting for, I thought Mike Adams’ update interesting.

Are the authorities holding off on the indictments and arrest of Hitlary, Obama and others because they fear the dark will ignite unrest and violence in the brainwashed democratic flock? Are they really waiting until a greater percentage of Americans are apprised of the situation in their country?

Perhaps it IS all about “arrest and unrest”. Perhaps the plan IS to activate the sleepers and cause utter chaos and mayhem and the White Hats have chosen to defer the pain indefinitely or until…?

If you’ve not tuned in for updates on the corruption and the activities of Tom Fitton and the team at Judicial Watch, you may wish to get updates at their YouTube channel.

I also found Simon Parkes’ treatment of the orthopedic boots on Hitlary Clinton, John McCain and possibly a few more politicians interesting. I looked for images online when we first got wind of the story. I only found rather large ones which are difficult to conceal. I thought it must be old technology by now.

Simon confirmed there are minuscule trackers now they could have used and said his understanding was that the arrests were “house arrests” designed to keep the criminals from fleeing for safety; which begs the question, “Why are they wearing those difficult boots?” Is it their “scarlet letter”? Is it to assure the patriots the traitors are indeed being watched? Or is it the dark’s way of mocking the patriots, encouraging them to think they are under house arrest when they are free as a bird?

The only thing we had multiple confirmations on was that several passports have been revoked.

With respect to the Russian plane crash and who was on board, details continue to come out indicating the usual mind-fluckery of the El-ites and the actual truth. As I indicated yesterday, the identities of key passengers are called into question.

Thanks for the share, K.

And another piece of the puzzle; this one offered by Roger Stone.

News from Natasha on Comey…  the twists and turns lead… somewhere? It’s dizzying, and we get another, “wait and see”.

In case you missed it: Don Trump Jr. got a loaded missive in the mail containing a white powder that had multiple family members whisked off to hospital as a precaution. Everyone’s fine, but now the psychopathic left is mocking his wife for the “over-reaction” to the perceived threat.

I have lost all patience with the MSM and the programed snowflakes. I just can’t see going on, having to tolerate their imbecilic tantrums and twisting of the truth to attack their opponents. I have no more words for their lurid behaviour. It’s worse than watching the Jerry Springer show—which I didn’t—except to sit in rapt amazement momentarily that anyone could consider it entertainment.

How does that malignant sludge even get on a television network?

And how do these political automatons continue to contaminate our lives with their venomous barbs, day after day, week after week?

Death threats to the President of the United States! Isn’t that akin to breathing the word “bomb” in an airport or on a plane? Apparently not. In THIS war, anything goes, and people would rather fight than switch.

I’ve had it. Ding-ding! Please just stop the world and let me off.  ~ BP

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