EarthStar Update ~ Earth’s Return to the Higher Dimensions ~ Feb. 6, 2018

By Adi Gaia

All the inhabitants of the galaxy are now waiting with great joy and eagerness for Earth’s return as well as all your friends and families. You are the object for a great interest and engagement now dear friends – the greatest that has ever been on this side of the galaxy. It is of great importance that our Earth now ascends. It is of utmost importance for this galaxy. This you will understand when you yourselves have ascended a bit in your vibration. It is a wondrous time that is awaiting you dear Earthlings, much more wondrous that you think. You are love children that are walking on Earth today, much longed for children of love. You ascend with your Earth, your Goddess and master.


Super Full Moon of Aquarius

This Super Full Moon of Aquarius is opening the planetary ascended spacelife system to include the ascended spacelife forces of many other ascended spacelife systems and universes which are compatible with the ascended spacelife of the New EarthStar and its destiny as the Avatar Planetary/Universal SpaceLife Organism for the entire universe.

These additional ascended spacelife forces are the first of many more which will transform the planetary/universal ascended spacelife system to begin the process of exporting the Avatar Planetary/Universal SpaceLife to other spacelife systems.


The Aquarius Gate

Well, I am sure that you are all familiar with the Lion’s Gate (8/8) which falls in early August in the sign of Leo. The Aquarius Gate is that moment in early February (2/2) when the circular flow of the Time Spiral brings you to a point exactly opposite the Lion’s Gate on the great stellar circle. This is the moment when the second spiral of the Sacred Year opens up into a cycle of manifestation. If you think of the flow of Time/Space as a figure 8, then you will see the first circle from July/August and the second circle from January/February.

So, now you are about to flow into the journey of the second circle, from now until the New Year in July of 2018. But, right now, at this time of creative change over, you are also experiencing a series of of eclipses that affect the Leo/Aquarius Axis. The most important of these was the Total Solar Eclipse on the 18th of August 2017, which brought chaotic change especially to the USA where the eclipse was visible. Then, on the 31st January the present Total Lunar Eclipse will bring deep inner changes as it transmits the Lunar Codes from the Heart of Alpha Leonis via the Moon. These new codes will be anchored during the Lunar Eclipse, as you are all urged to dive deep into your hearts and discover the power of Who You Are.

Beloved Ones, let us speak more of who you are on this Earth Journey and who you are becoming. You are Galactic and Stellar Beings and your roots are in the Stars together with your Soul and Star Tribes. As you awaken, you will remember and you will reconnect with the Star Beings and the Star Elders who are your guides and teachers on the Higher Dimensions of Love and Consciousness.

Insights into the Ascension of Mother Earth and Humanity by Council of Sirius

Insights into the Ascension of Mother Earth and Humanity by Council of Sirius


The New EarthStar Ascended SpaceLife Organism

The New EarthStar Ascended SpaceLife Organism is now functioning and is now managing the development of the New EarthStar Ascended SpaceLife Creation and Civilization.

This is the destined Planetary/Universal Ascended SpaceLife Creation and Civilization which is the New Ascended Universal Living Creation and Civilization Organism.

Living in the EarthStar Planetary Universe

As the EarthStar Planetary Universe continues to ascend, it is becoming more unified into an ascended living creation organism incorporating manifold dimensions of life into its unified organism.

The EarthStar ascended living creation organism is creating its planetary/universal living creation and civilization through its ascended masters of creation and civilization who are united into theOriginal EarthStar Living Creation System of Being.

The EarthStar Ascended Masters of Creation and Civilization are the creators of the components of the planetary/universal living creation and civilization.  These components are created by the unified intention of members of the EarthStar Nation Ascended Masters of Creation and Civilization which is the Universally Empowered


The EarthStarNation is now beginning to be created by the starseeds of this planet, and to become the ascending master community which is co-creating this planet’s Universal Living Creation Civilization.

To link up with EarthStarNation online, go to



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