Quan Yin ~ Tipping Point, Ascension of Gaia & Humanity ~ Feb. 2, 208

Posted by Heru Paule LeBreton, 02/01/2018

By Linda Li

Dear Heart, I am Quan Yin. I come today with important news. Divine has decreed that the planet’s ascension has reached a point where all sorts of influences have been recalled by the Mother. In other words, we have recalled some sources home so that the ascension of Gaia and humanity can be smooth. Yes, planet earth, for a while, had been occupied by all sorts of influences. Some are benign. Others may not be so good for the ascension of the planet. In the beginning, the reason we allowed the different sources to come to earth is because the planet earth is a school for souls. Souls come to the planet, get the education they needed. So, the planet was occupied with different influences. In other words, all souls on the planet may not come from the Divine. Some souls are allowed to be here. But there are also souls who are not allowed, and yet made their way here. Nevertheless, we just recalled all the souls who are not supposed to be here home. That way, we are able to eliminate all the sources which are not helpful, and only let the souls who are supposed to be here to stay. So, these souls get to continue their education and development while the other sources got kicked off the planet. As a result, we have eliminated a few road blocks for Gaia’s journey home. And we have made humanity’s ascension simpler and easier. For that, Divine and the company of heaven, feel quite content and hopeful.

Besides recalling the souls who are not supposed to be here, we also called quite a number of souls and made sure that they will do their share of the Divine mission. The souls we called are the ones who have been tasked by the Divine Mother to make the disclosure and announcement. They have been closely watched by us and continued training till now. They have a great record and are great servants of the Divine. Now, we just have to watch and see the fruit of our labor. And see when and how all these is going to manifest. 

Yes, they do have a timeline, and they do have to perform within the timeline and in their full capacity. It is in Divine’s best interest that they act the way we have trained them and do their Divine duties in a timely fashion. As for how long it takes for these souls to make the announcement, we have an estimate of weeks, not months. In other words, we are not going to tolerate the forever waiting game. We gave a timetable and we expect them to follow our timetable and make things happen. So, that is the latest. And we are quite content with the development.
As for what is happening after that, Divine and the company of heaven, have not decided. What we did decide is the next phase, and what we are going to do in the next phase. Some light workers are already on their next phase. The reason we started them early is because their next phase is very important for the whole Divine plan. They need to be the first ones to start. In other words, the ones who have started the next phase, have tremendous tasks ahead of them. They are the trailblazers and pathfinders. They need to start ahead of everyone else so that we can have a sense of where we are going and how to get there. So, those trailblazers are our heroes. They are Divine Mother’s great army, and they are the ones who always play the lead positions in human development. They are indeed humanity’s great pathfinders and true Salvation Army. 

Besides those souls, we now started to employ more and more light workers in the areas where we need the most. Especially the area where humanity can see, such as human development. What I mean by that is that we need some light workers to develop in a way that shows advancements and benefits of ascension, especially physically, and of course spiritually. That way, humanity may see and taste the advantage of ascension. That is the design and that is what we will do next. We already have a group of beings, who would like the adventure of reverse aging, to get on this path with us so that some day they will demonstrate the reverse aging effect to humanity. I am sure humanity will be awed by the effect. And those light workers will be the overnight super stars. We look forward to seeing that happen soon. 

Besides that, there are also going to be groups of light workers who will be joining us in the light work in the other countries. At this stage, we need to bring the message to a broader audience. In other words, we need the whole world to start the ascension education and hopefully those light workers will join the rest of the world, ascend together.
So, that is what we have today. As you see, we are quite busy preparing for the future. And we are also quite excited. Humanity’s ascension has gone so far that we need to get on with the next phase. Together, we will achieve our goal and lead Gaia and humanity home.

I love you, I am Quan Yin. So it is.


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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