Leo Lunar Eclipse ~ Consciously Shifting Power ~ Jan. 27, 2018

By Meg Benedicte

The Sun enters Aquarius tonight to join Venus, the asteroid Juno and the South Node. This initiates a shift in focus with an emphasis on developing more emotional awareness and healing emotional trauma. It also focuses on group mentality and the shifting collective consciousness. We are in the midst of a dying patriarchal regime, as divine feminine energies instill balance with an awakened masculine. This newly balanced composite will usher in a new world paradigm of harmony and peace.

The old guard is trying to hold onto control and dominance. It is in the minority now. The powerful Leo Eclipse series (2017-2019) impacts the power struggle in play. We are consciously shifting the power structure from authoritarian aggression to heartfelt compassion. From exclusion to inclusion. We are evolving from disconnected human beings into becoming whole, complete divine beings.
On Wednesday January 31st the second Full Moon of the month occurs at 5:26am PT. It is also a total eclipse of the moon at 11° in Leo. January’s eclipse is an extension of the Great American solar eclipse last year. The August Leo solar eclipse targeted the collapsing patriarchy, while this month’s Leo Lunar Eclipse emphasizes the shift in power and the rights of women in society. We see evidence of this shift in the #metoo and #timesup movement and the Women’s March for justice.
There is only 0°02 separating the moon and Ceres in conjunction during the eclipse. This powerful duo represents the rising divine feminine in the global collective. The moon is maternal and nurturing, emphasizing home, safety and emotional security. Ceres, the goddess of women and nature, rules motherly love, the priestess and healer.
The Leo Lunar Eclipse affects our relationships with self and others, plus the release of emotional baggage holding us back. This is a very positive influence, as the Eclipse Stargate prepares the physical world to upgrade and transition into 5D. Eventually the lower 3D/4D earthly gates will close and remove any energy that cannot maintain 5D frequencies. The Lunar Eclipse initiates a softening of the heart to pulse with unconditional love.
2018 is the Year of Choice! The Leo/Aquarian Eclipse series opens our hearts to live in the Unity of ONE, as sovereign beings. In any moment we have the choice to align with Light consciousness and heart-centered Love. Many ‘old guard’ timelines are fading out, losing hold and being replaced with non-polarized timelines of co-existence and harmonious flow of abundance. We are reuniting with our soul tribes and forming the community of ONE.
Join me on Wednesday, January 31st for our Leo Lunar Eclipse Global Activations at 12pm Pacific. The webcast/telecast will include timely energetic activations and empowered intentions to accelerate personal and planetary ascension. Let’s create 2018 as the year of accelerated transfiguration! Register to attend here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=120945
Lovingly, Meg


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