Keep standing ~ Jan. 26, 2018


This is just a note to my regular readers. Things a super busy and stressful time for me at work demanding nearly all of my time and attention. Is there a Universal reason for this? I believe there is…this is the time when I AM challenged to ascertain where “Cindy” and her ego is, and where her Higher Self is.

This IS the final push into humanity’s transition into a new spiritual form. Will the physical form change as well? I cannot say, but I know my heart is so full of Love for everything, even the boss who is, well…not so supportive these days. What a priceless gift he is giving me at this time!

This is a very meaningful blog from Sophia Love. Please watch the video on personal energy, read the blog, and as always…


There are a few things I’d like to share.  As we step into our power, we notice ancient wisdom.  Here is a Master and although what he does with energy is astounding, it is what he says about the power he uses to do it that I find most remarkable.  Enjoy.

The court case of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf began this week and will continue into next week.  If you are not clear on the reasons for its significance, watch this wrap up from yesterdays trial.  I’ll give you a hint, it’s not about the money.  It is much, much more than that. This is long, but worth a listen. Play it while you prepare dinner… it is illuminating, and as BZ says after about 40 minutes –  ” I love you all but IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP!!! ”

In gratitude for all that you are,
January 21, 2018

Is there someone who wants to connect?

There is Sophia, yes. We would like to engage in discourse for the benefit of humanity. You are entering a critical moment, a moment of mass awakening.

Hello. Thank you for coming forward. To whom am I speaking?

You engage now with the voice of mass consciousness from Arcturus.

We reach you now due to our commitment and deep interest in humanity. We come to offer aid.

What sort of aid are you here to offer?

Emotional, spiritual, and factual. We have watched you these many eons and waited. Oh, how we’ve waited for you to become aware of the delusion in which you function.

You consider so much of your life as necessary, real and just the way it is or just the way it must be. These, all of these imaginings, due to some sort of cosmic law that keeps you trapped and held in place.

This is not true.

Hold on.

Can you explain first how the voice of a “mass consciousness” is able to communicate with me?

Yes, we will.

Our collective has dispensed now with individual beings for contact in this case, due to first, your energy, and second, the current and urgent need to pass information forward.

Individual personality tends to narrowly describe and define. A broader voice has a better chance of a wider swath of knowledge coming through without bias.

You have moved into a new arena and now it becomes possible for greater and more expanded ideas to be transmitted. It is as if you’ve moved from playing telephone with paper cups to the internet.

Does this make sense?

Yes. Would you offer a bit more explanation on the reason for the star Arcturus and the consciousness there and how it applies to our star and earth and this moment now?

We can, although some of this may seem obscure and perhaps farfetched.

Agreements were made many, many lifetimes “ago” for the star systems that were involved in the birthing of the human to aid in its development when the moment came. That moment is here.

We have watched your race move from unawareness to complete readiness for all of the truth. It is a long process and now that it arrives we are most anxious to positively contribute to the collective. This is done most effectively with broad ideas that illuminate facts and shine light on falsehoods.

Many star-seeds will resonate with the words as they have memories of life in our star system. It will feel like a voice from home. Just the word Arcturus will stimulate remembering and perhaps longing.

It was always meant to be this way for you who wear human suits now. To awaken and then in turn, awaken those still in slumber.

Okay, thank you. Please continue.

Yes. This mass awakening that appears imminent will be frightening for many.

What we wanted to contribute are ideas on appropriate responses. We’ve watched and waited such a long time now to participate in this moment, studying, in a sense, the human.

What we see is a cautious creature easily programmed. Fear and divinity have been simultaneously used to program the collective to believe the absurd notions of slavery, subservience and necessary obedience and hardship.

These tools must be abandoned now, in the efforts to enforce an awakening that will stick. What we see is a being who is prone to worship and looking for a voice to tell them what to believe and/or what to do.

Resist the urge to be that voice or you will have at the end, not a sovereign people but a newly programmed populace.

What we see as necessary instead is a leveling into awareness with love, truth, comfort, patience and acceptance. If people are to adopt a sovereign state – it will only be if that state feels infinitely better than the one they currently operate under. The people have been enslaved and miserable for a long, long time.

There will have to be a very good reason to make the leap away from obedience and subservience. It cannot be fearful.

In these ways you can help to open the eyes of your brethren. With tolerance, patience, love and a gentle nudge. You will have to come out of hiding yourself and with bravery demonstrate its okay to question and search and do things differently.

What we wanted to say to you today is in each interaction, realize that the energy of awakening is upon all of you. Not just you who woke up first.

Realize it is not comfortable. Anything you can do to make it more so will aid in other’s receptivity. You came to do this, and we are here to help you.

We would like to offer our truth. Ask us in your meditations and even in your interactions to flood you with ideas and confidence.

So many of you spring from our star.

This is why we come to you now. To say hello and to tell you (to) always trust your own knowing in these coming days. It comes from our star and is now infused with an intimate knowledge of the human. In both there are fascinating combinations of ability and light. You are now to utilize both. The mass awakening is here.

Is that it?

We are finished Sophia, and we thank you.

Thank you. Much love to you. (Note – I felt a great deal of care and love from this energy.)

Goodbye now.

This conversation ended.

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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