Twin Soul Energy Report ~ Monumental Shifts for Genuine Twins Taking Place Now ~ Jan. 20, 2018

By matahariji

Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time in the aftermath of the most extraordinarily powerful portal the Earth plane has ever known – the 11:1:11 portal.

Dear ones, the instructions and transformations which were activated and sent out on that fateful day assisted many many closed energetic portal points to open on Gaia. These closed portal points represent the earth’s kundalini energy points on the earth’s electromagnetic grid, that had sleeping  dragons guarding over them, whose job was ensuring that the 3-D matrix vibration perpetuates. However on that truly fateful portal date 144,000 of these sleeping nodal points were fully activated,. thus ensuring the swift enmasse birthing and anchoring of these widely prophesied twin soul unions to manifest swiftly upon the physical plane.

The English language does little to adequately convey the extent of what we are speaking about here, suffice to say it’s all systems go now for the 140 000 first wave twin soul collective, who have incarnated specifically to be the living actualised embodiments of the highest relationship template on Earth.

Indeed the Dragon lines have shifted and aligned on their Meridian points now, activating a full upgrade, particularly in the heart chakra portal of Avalon.

The deepest mysteries of the holy grail are being actualised on the sacred shores of Avalon at this time of en masse planetary alignment in the constellation of Capricorn.

The old cycle is well and truly complete beloveds for many many of you first wavers, and before you lay exalted timelines of bliss laughter and of course sacred union.

We are so proud of you beloveds for the way so many of you are doing with regards to your own souls personal Ascension trajectory. You really are the ones we have all been waiting for.

For so many of you it has seemed as though not so much of the new earth frequencies have been showing up in your consciousness field recently, but that is all about to change, and this is largely due to the en masse removal of the energy of illusion and fear that has been clearing from the collective sphere recently. As this energy has been leaving the earth’s electromagnetic grid, it has been much like one stirring a tank which is filled with stagnant toxic waste. The stirring of the water has caused the pollution in the tank to come out of its stagnant state which has made 3d reality appear to be somewhat challenging in recent weeks, please know that this analogy is highly symbolic of what is currently occurring within the collective consciousness field.

Here we are referring to the fact that it is only when old templates and programs are stirred up it is then that they have a chance of being fully cleared.

We hope you understand this analogy dear ones, suffice to say the energies of 2018 are fortelling a time when the liquid in the tank will be purified, and then able to settle again.

This huge purification activity has cleared vast residues of the collective illusionary programming, as dear ones may we remind you, just one of you focusing on this level of work and showing up on the transmissions and setting your intentions is enough to affect monumental transformation in the magnetic field of Gaia. But when groups of you come together often times 222 in the transmission groups to activate these profound commands into the Etheric plane of reality, there is literally no words that exist that can explain how unfathomably powerful that is, and it is because of this, that the year 2018 aligns fully with so many of your highest Christed self timelines.

Now what on earth does that mean we hear some of you say. let us explain. In each and every moment, you as an awake and multidimensional being has access to an infinite number of timeline realities. However within this infinite choice there is a particular timeline that you co-created with your twin soul and Mother Father God which was a vibrational representation of the full and complete reunion with the highest vibrational consort of your soul and where you finally  attain self-mastery within your original Christed self.

Dear ones, this is the highest Christed timeline like that we speak of, and due to the profound level of personal and enmasse clearing you have attained as a collective this has cleared many of the lower vibrational timelines to make way for this most sacred and Blessed vibrational reality.

We have much to share with you as ever and are so excited again to gather with you all for the upcoming 2.2.18 transmission (please see below for full details), please know that these words touch you at your core as this is the voice of the one living eternal heart speaking through our sacred and beloved channel Matahariji, and we would like to remind you that simply receiving this message is akin to the sweetest nectar Caressing your own pineal gland, the aspect of your consciousness that is in full remembrance of your avatar angelic self.

Dear ones, please Know it is she/he whom we speak with tonight.

You must choose to remember that you are safe.

You must choose to remember you are held.

For it is in your choices that all power lies.

Choose wisely beloveds.

All is eternally well.

In love and eternal light,

Matahariji and the white wolf tribe




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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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