Sananda, OWS & Zorra ~ Many of You Are Going to Realize Those Missions That You Are Here For ~ Jan. 13, 2018

channeled by James McConnell

Greetings Everyone,

Although this is coming out somewhat late, I just want to catch you all up on our New Years Eve show. We had a wonderful time and received some amazing messages both about what happened in 2017 and what we might expect in 2018 from the Ascended Masters who work with our group. And near the very end, we received a surprise visit and channeling from Zora. So all in all, it was quite an exciting end to our past year and an inviting look ahead at our new year.

I AM Sananda.

As always it is wonderful to be with you, to be able to share in these ways, knowing that in the not too far off future these ways that we are sharing now will no longer be necessary. For you, each one of you will have your own connection to those levels of consciousness beyond yours, beyond the consciousness that you are now. In other words going to your higher level consciousness; those levels of your being that encompass the entire you. This is what you are moving toward.

And everything is moving in this direction now. Everything is moving to bring you further and further along in this process. Through this transition that you are moving through and through the ascension process, eventually coming into what is being known as the Transfiguration. For all of you are training, preparing to be a part of this new expression … or in many cases the old expression that you have all been through before.

You have moved through an amazing time, this year that is passing now. But I tell you now that you are moving into a more amazing time. A time that is going to, at times, bring you to your knees in terms of not understanding what is happening, not being ready for these things … unless you are.

Unless you have allowed yourself to move deeply within yourself finding that connection once again with that of your Higher Self, the Source within you, that connectedness. If you are doing this, if you are working on this on a daily basis then those things that come in these times ahead, as these shadows that you have been speaking of, as the shadows are coming forward back into the light. And all that is coming back into the light is preparing you for what is coming after this. What is coming along.

You are certainly not alone through this. We are here with you. Your mentors are here with you or they will be coming to be with you. All you need to do now is trust completely in the process. Trust in the process that you have been working toward, that you have been learning about, that you have been training for.

And I do not speak only of training in this lifetime. You have been training for this for a long time.

And those of you that are here now, that have done this many times before, you have gone through these trainings before. This is what you call old hat. It is not something that is new or something that should hold you back in any way because everything is exactly as it needs to be and as you hear many times, it is all being orchestrated.

And all that you are doing is a part of this great orchestration. It is not only us here that are doing the orchestrating. We are what you would consider the ones that hold the wand or the stick or the maestro here. We might be considered that. But in reality it is your Higher Self that is the maestro. It is your Higher Self that is directing the chorus within you, of all of the multidimensional selves that you are. And this is what is happening now and will continue to happen as you continue to move through this most amazing year that you have coming here, the one that has been foretold for a long time here. For eons of time just as … [unmuted phone interference]

Now we can continue. Please continue to understand that all is being worked out and you are in the cusp you might say, you are at the vanguard. You are the vanguard that is bringing this all forward. You are the ones that are going to be and are preparing and have been training to be a part of the missions that you came here to do. You are the ones that are going to be reaching out to all of those that are coming to their own awakening. And as they come into their awakening they are going to be looking outside of themselves for assistance. They are going to be looking outside of themselves for you, for those of you that have prepared for this and have realized what your missions are.

And as this year moves along, you, many of you, are going to realize those missions that you are here for. You are going to know how to look within yourself and find the answers to the questions. Not in asking those of us but in asking within yourself, “How do I proceed? What do I do now? How do I bring this about? Help me through this entire transition that I am moving through now”.

This is those questions you are going to be asking where as others that have not awakened yet or are just in the process of awakening are going to be asking the other questions that you have already asked: “What is this all about? Why are we here? What are we here to do? What has happened to this planet, or to this country, or whatever it might be?” Those are the questions they’re going to be asking. “How can we help the process? What can we do?” The same questions that you have already been asking and now many of you have received the answers.

And if you have not yet received the answers then you’re not yet asking the right questions. So look within yourself and know the questions that you have to ask yourself. And as you ask those questions you will receive the answers. Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. This was said long ago and it is just as much a process that is needed now as it was then; and even more so as you continue to move along in this new year coming on.

I Am not going to speak more about this as I will not want to take the thunder away from our dear One Who Serves.

I AM Sananda. All of my peace and love be with all of you. And I will continue to be a pillar who will be standing by you throughout this full next year.


Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om.

Greetings to you! Happy New Year!

Are you ready for this New Year? Are you really ready? For it is going to be amazing as Sananda has said.

You have no idea what is coming. Please! No idea at all. Yes we have been telling you and preparing you and all of these things but all of the things that we can say and prepare you are not even going to be close to what is going to be happening here.

Those things that you have been waiting for and expecting and things, these are definitely coming and we can say without a doubt here this New Year’s Eve that you are having right now is going to be the last New Year’s Eve you have in this respect. [Yeah! Hallelujah!] That is quite a statement, no?!

We can tell you, though, that that is the case as everything is going to happen in many respects as you move along through this year.

But before we talk about what is coming let’s speak a little bit about what has already happened. Those things that you have gone through for this 2017 and even before that in your 2016. 2016 was the year what we called the Year of Preparation. That was your 2016. 2017 we called the Year of Fulfillment and not everything was fulfilled as you wanted it but it is all happening. It is all being fulfilled. At this point right now, at the end of this year much has been fulfilled.

Now, what do you think the next year is going to be? We tell you. It is going to be the Year of Completion.

Now that does not mean you are going to ascend and go up into the clouds or anything of that nature. We are not saying that. That is not the completion we are speaking of. But we are speaking of the completion of those things what you have been preparing for. When we say ‘you’ we are talking about the collective you. Those of you that are in the awakening stage and those of you that are coming into the awakening stages and will be coming into the awakening stages. So what you have gone through in this 2017, in this Year of Fulfillment, has been miraculous in many respects if you really look at things. Look at how far you’ve gone … you’ve come here.

It is amazing in many respects because you have gone from coming into this year, into the 2017, with a brand-new president that you were not sure, many were not sure, was this going to be the one that is going to change things? Is this really going to be the one that is going to drain the swamp and all of this of the corruption and all of these criminal activities that have been going on? And yes coming at bringing the out of the shadows into the light and all of this is? Is that what it was going to be? You did not know that in the beginning of 2017 but look at how far this has come!

You wanted disclosure did you not? You wanted disclosure of yes the terrestrial activities and some of the Secret Space Program and all of these things and now at the end of 2017 you are getting it. You are starting to get it. It is coming. Maybe not to the point you might have wanted; we know that many were expecting that the President would stand there and would be flanked by Sananda and Archangel Michael. What would that have been like?! Can you imagine Archangel Michael with the wings and maybe even Sanat Kumara and his white horse standing there? Can you imagine what that would’ve been like? Well you know what that would’ve been like: people would have been running for the hills! [Laughter] They would not have been able to handle that. You see? That could not happen. That would be way too shocking.

So it has been toned down greatly to allow for those that have not yet awakened — which is the majority of the population — to allow for them to be able to ease into this. It is all about easing in. Not shocking. Not bringing fear. That is the old way. That is the old paradigm. We are done with the old paradigm, are we not? [Yes] We are done with the fear mongering, are we not? [Yes]

Let us move on. Let us find the love that is there within each and every one. There is a spark of love within each and every individual on the planet. And we speak of every individual. There is no one anywhere that is not, does not have that spark of love that comes from the Creator, that comes from the Source. But … those ones that you know of that we call the cabal, we call the dark forces, they just do not know that they have that spark of love. It has been held back from them or seemingly held back from them.

But you your selves have found along the way that you have never been disconnected from the Source. You only have thought you were because that was part of the game that you were playing here. But that game is over! That is the way you need to look at this now. The game is over. You came here to play this game, you came here to forget who you were but now it is time to remember who you are. That is what it is all about now. That is what you are moving to.

So as you have moved through this past year you have gone through tremendous changes – again, as a collective you. Not you, each individual, but as a collective you – you have gone through tremendous, tremendous changes throughout the planet.

Many changes have happened here in this country. Other changes have happened in some of the other countries as well. Your financial system is in the process of a complete changeover here. Your medical system is in the process of a complete changeover here. Your political system is definitely in the process of a complete changeover here. As well as the truth embargo that has been held over you for so long kept from you is being broken.

It is being busted wide open because you are the system busters! You are busting this system because you are saying enough is enough. Prime Creator has said enough is enough! You see? If Prime Creator says it don’t you think that’s the way it’s going to go?! I mean can it go any other way when you look at this?

We go back to the stupid things that the cabal has tried to do to hold the sun or to hold the light from the sun from all of you. Can you imagine the audacity that they have used here to try to do this? Because they knew that that was your ascension. The sun energy would be your ascension would be the energy coming from the Galactic Central Sun and yes they know about this Galactic Central Sun. And they know about the energy coming from there, and they know all about the ascension, and they have done everything they can to hold it off. Because what happens when the ascension happens? They are done! They are not in control anymore. They are not powerful anymore. They are like everyone else.

And this scares them more than anything to be like everyone else. They do not want this. They want to be the elite. But we tell you now that the elite are not going to be any longer. They are being brought down piece-by-piece little-by-little but they are being brought down, because they must. They must be brought down because the paradigm, the old paradigm, the three-dimensional paradigm that you have been so programmed into is coming down. It has to. There is no way it can continue to hold itself up. And no way that it would be allowedto hold itself up. And we say ‘allowed’ because there are so many civilizations out there, other beings out there, what you call the Galactics, what we call the Galactics that are there to help this entire process.

And they have been given the green light in many respects to move ahead more and to become a part of this process even more and more. Yes, they have to abide by the Prime Directive and not interfere with free will. They cannot do this but they can do this if you have been asking for them to do this. And you, those of you the light workers, have risen enough, you have awakened enough to begin to call out to all of those that are there to help so that they can come in and begin to help and assist much more. If they were not doing this then we would not even be having this discussion with you. You would not be able to be doing it because there would be only the running for survival and all of this. That was the plan of your cabal. That was what they wanted.

They wanted to have fear and survival and only that as your motivation in life while they achieved the greatness that they believed that they were entitled to. But all of that has changed. So you are moving out of your 2017 with great momentum, amazing momentum as you move into this next year 2018 which is going to be an amazing fabulous momentous year beyond anything that you have had yet!

That does not necessarily mean that you are going to have The Event or you certainly could. That does not necessarily mean that everything will be exactly as you want it to be because it will not. We have told you for some time ‘keep those seatbelts fastened’ because the going is going to get a little rocky. But when we say that we are speaking in terms of those that are not awakened yet that are going to begin to awaken. They’re going to begin to come into questioning. And as they come into questioning they are going to question those of you, those of you that are already awakened.

And also, many of you are going to move through this transition in this year and you are going to find not only your memories coming back but your abilities those what you might call extrasensory abilities will come back to you, will begin to come back to you. Some it is already happening on some.

We have been understanding that some of you are beginning to have experiences and dream states, and miraculous imaging or visualizations rather in your meditations and in your dreams, and in your just your waking state, your conscious waking state, you are having amazing experiences that are beginning. As you are realizing that the veil is either thinning or is not even there anymore. Yes in that same thing ‘there is no spoon’, there is no veil.

That is what we are saying now. Believing is seeing! No longer seeing is believing. You do not need to see it to believe it. Yes we know that because of your three dimensional paradigm programming that you must see the proof. But we tell you that the proof is there you just need to see it. It is already there. You just need to believe it and then you will see it.

And as you believe you will begin to create more and more as well. Those of you that have sicknesses and diseases and illnesses and all of these things, that is part of the old programming. That is what is holding you. Or rather what is holding you is keeping you in that programming and finding that you are sick or ill are having pains and aches. Now we are not speaking in terms of the ascension symptoms. That is something different. Now if some of you are having those sick feelings and upset stomachs and all of these kinds of things, much of that is ascension symptoms for you, those of you that are the light workers and even more importantly now the light warriors. Archangel Michael spoke about that. He continues to speak about that. Be the warrior. He is a warrior. He is not a warrior though of battle in terms of killing and murdering and those kinds of things He is a warrior of peace.

And we are saying to you become warriors of peace. Spread peace. Spread the light wherever you can. Talk to your neighbors if you can. If anything comes up that prompts you to begin to speak to them about some of these things do so. Don’t shy away anymore. The time for shying away is over. You hear this people? The time for shying away is over! Speak out your knowing. Speak out your power. Speak out your light and your love because that is how these changes are going to continue to happen across the planet. This is how it’s going to spread. And you are the ones that are spreading this.

Now in terms of predictions about 2018. We know that’s why many of you have joined in here. You want to hear what’s coming and we want to tell you what’s coming too. But they tell me that I am not to say too much here but I can say some things. I have some ability or some allowance here to be able to share some things and I will share some things with you. But before I do, please understand that predictions are nothing more than the possibility or the probability of something happening based on what is occurring right now. So looking at how things are right now we can begin to predict in terms of what the possibility and probability of that is happening. So as we look at it from that point of view without giving you dates and these types of things — and we will attempt very much not use the term ‘soon’, (Okay?) –

But as you are moving into this next year expect tumultuous changes in your political system, certainly, as the Congress here in this country, as the Congress begins to be taken apart through this year. As the various political machines that has developed here that has made the Corporation of the United States is taken down, this is what the President Trump is there for. This is his purpose. This is what he came to do and this is the reason why he is not a lawyer. This is the reason why he is not a politician. Because if he had been a politician he would have been bought just like all the others have been bought before.

Now, when we say that though we must add back here again the idea of the president before him President Obama. He appeared to be of the darkness. He appeared greatly to be of the darkness but he was also of the light and he played the role very well. He had to play this role because he had to bring about the system changes that would allow for a new president to come in such as President Trump. Without those things that Obama had prepared you would have never had Trump. You would’ve had the other one. And you know who we speak of here. We are not going to use too many names here, we attempt to not do this, but please understand as you continue to move through this year in the beginning especially, there are going to be many revealings that are going to come forward. Many revealings!

You have been hearing of some of them in your arrests. These things are happening. These arrests are actually happening. You are not hearing of them through the mainstream media yet, but they are going to be because the mainstream media as you move through this year is going to be taken back. It is going to be taken back by the Forces of the Light. This is going to happen. There is no way they can hold this off for too much longer because the openings in the dam are already occurring in this, in your what was called Project Mockingbird here within the mainstream media where all of those corporations took over the mainstream media here.

So that is ending and will end here as you move through this year. We are not going to say when or how but you will see as these revealing’s continue to come out as the truth continues to come out as more arrests happen, more of these indictments. But we will say that these indictments that are sealed indictments are going to be unsealed indictments. This is going to happen. You can even maybe have a show called “Unsealed Indictments”. [Laughter] That was a joke. Anyway here.

As you continue to move through this you are going to see advances in your medical system. Your medical system is going to change drastically as you move through here because of your pharmaceutical system is going to be taken down as well. This is coming now. There is going to be major shifts here.

You are already beginning to see this in your corporations. If you look closely you will see that there are many of the what are called CEOs that are re-signing everywhere from the major corporations because they realize that the major corporations are not going to be anymore. They are not going to be able to be a part of the Republic. They can only be a part of the Corporation of the United States. They cannot be a part of the new Republic or the old Republic however you want to look at this.

Now so far we have only been speaking about this country. There are going to be many changes that are going to happen throughout the world.

Your EU, your European Union is going to be brought down also. This is going to happen. We are not going to say necessarily when in this next year but it is all part of the process. It began with Brexit and is going to continue with Grexit [Frexit? Polexit?] and all of the other italics and whatever you want to call them. They are all going to be brought out of this European Union and it is going to be a continuous process there in the Europe and in other areas of the world as well. All of this is happening and will continue to happen.

And why we say keep those seatbelts fastened because it is going to be quite rocky for many of the world population. For you even it will be as well because you will wonder at times what is happening because it will be happening so fast, so quickly. We have spoken of dominoes falling before and those dominoes have begun to fall. You have not seen the big one yet that is really going to begin topple them all but the small ones have begun. And it began with the declaration of the President Trump that there was going to be these indictments and all of this where he signed the Executive Order. This was a big thing! As well was the opening of the dialogue between and in the disclosure movement of the ET / extraterrestrial movement here. All of this is a part of this process that is happening and will continue to happen and there is nothing that can stop it now. Nothing that can hold it back.

Those that are of the dark forces, those of the cabal are continuing to try to hold it back is much as they can. They are doing their various shenanigans wherever they can but they are ignorant. They do not understand what this is all about. All they understand is control and power and being where they they’ve always been before. But they do not understand the power of the Light. And this is their undoing. This is what is going to bring them down. And this is what is going to turn many of them toward the Light. It is already happening but it is going to happen much much more as we move through this year because they are going to realize if they have not already that their time is over. And it is now the time for the Light to be completely back here on the planet.

We are getting an indication here that we can continue just a little bit more here and then we will take questions here. We can tell you that as you continue through this year there are going to be certain things that are going to develop.

You are going to also move toward changes within your school system. Those things which have made your school system so disciplined and so rigid and all of this what you call what is the “core values”. That is something that is going to be released and let go of here. It is not something that can continue because it is damaging to the children. It is damaging to their self-esteem, to their continued learning process to be rigid and held in place, to be in the box. You, those of you, those of you the light workers and warriors you know that you need to be out of the box. Right? Who wants to be in the box anymore? Raise your hand if you want to be in a box. Do you? No you don’t want to be in a box. You want to be allowed to be free and roam throughout not only the planet but the universe! [Inaudible interjection]

And yeah there you go! This is where you are going. You are going to be able to be doing that. We’re not saying in this year you are going to be in a ship and traveling throughout the universe but maybe. Maybe that’s possible. Maybe it will move along that quickly that you will be able to do that. Maybe those of you that are being trained here within this group — and this is a hint people — those of you that are being trained here within this group are being prepared for those contacts to also be a part of your expression; your individual expression and your group expression. And if all goes according to plan here you will be having those meetings with those that are ready to experience this with you. So this is something that you can look forward to something that is a part of the expression that is planned in this next year and beyond.

But that is not to say — and we must always reiterate this — that is not to say that you sit back and wait for these things to happen. You must take action and make them happen. Say what you want. Do those things that you need to do in your life to experience your life now. Don’t wait to experience your life tomorrow because you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. So experience your life now. Be in your life now in the moment now and enjoy every single moment that you can because you don’t know what the next moment is going to bring.

Now we will take questions here. Are there any questions here?

We apologize. We were going to have the Robin Williams on here but this has been preempted for the time being.

Q & A

Q:  This relates to the earlier question about if anything happened on December 21st. I had a miracle happen in my life that started in one of our meetings in which someone said she would walk in her snow-covered garden wishing for roses. And then one day she went out and there was a big pink rose. And I thought, ‘why doesn’t something like that happened to me!? I want amazing things like that!’ A few days later, I reached for a pen that was sitting on my desk but instead I opened a drawer where I keep my legal documents. There was a batch of tissue paper that didn’t belong in there. I didn’t put it there. I pulled it out and found it was wrapped around seven crystal stones and I immediately, of course, thought of the pink rose and thought: oh, this is what you’re getting. Three of them are about the size of a $.50 piece. Beautifully faceted. One is red, one is white, and one is blue. Red, white and blue. And it came to me this is for healing the United States of America. The others were smaller ones that related to my soul ray color and the work that I do. Plus 2 crystal hearts. And that was the whole package.

Then I heard them say at midnight be sure you activate these. Do you remember several months ago the Masters said it’s time to start working with crystals again and that we would know who we are that have done it? I knew because I had worked with them for years and years and years and helped to activate them. So that’s my question. Do I understand properly how to use these wondrous sacred objects that I thank God and infinite love and intelligence for?

OWS:  We can tell you about this is what we said earlier about abilities and abilities that are coming forward in many of you, and in some respects all of you as you continue to move through this transition process. You are going to have these various abilities come back to you. This particular ability, and that one that spoke of the rose, that one had an ability to work with live plants and to grow plants when this one wanted to, when needed to, when she needed to at other lifetimes previously. She has worked with this. Just as you yourself who are asking this, and working with this particular experience, you yourself have had these experiences before. You have been able to not only materialize various objects and these types of things but to then work with these objects as you needed to. You could materialize the crystals as you did in Atlantis and you were then able to then work with these crystals in the manner that was needed at that time. Now, understanding that, you are coming back to this. You have materialized at an unconscious level or subconscious level here you have materialized this because it is time for you now not to necessarily begin to work with crystals because as you say you have already been doing this but it is time for you to realize that you are a crystal wizard.

Q:  So what is a crystal wizard?

OWS:  Hah! [Laughter] Now that is something for you to look into. You won’t find it on Google, I can tell you this. But you will be able to find look more into this and understand what we speak of when we say this. You have the ability and will have the ability more as you work with this in working with these crystals in various ways. One is in healing processes. They are very important because they are transducers of energy and they are conductors of energy so you can utilize these crystals and be able to bring energy through you and through the crystal and the crystal amplifies the energies. You see?

Yeshua did not need the crystals to be able to do this because he was already crystalline within himself at that time as he moved in through that healing process that he worked through. But you yourself have not yet moved into the crystalline process yet. You are doing so. You being the collective you. All of you are beginning to do this more and more without your knowing it yet. You cannot look in the mirror and say, ‘Oh, look. I’m turning into crystal’. That is not going to happen. You cannot take a microscope and put your finger under it and see all the crystals there. That is not going to happen. You cannot go into the doctor’s office and have an MRI and he looks at it the MRI and says, ‘Oh my goodness this person is turning into crystal’. That is not happening in that respect. But, you are coming into the remembering of working with the crystals and as we say being a crystal wizard.

Shoshana (Joanna’s Higher Self):  May I offer something?

OWS:  Yes, please do.

S:  The word that comes to me is an affinity with it.

OWS: Affinity yes.

S:  And so that the wizard is one that can grow the crystals at that level that they become one with the [???] (unintelligible)

OWS:  Yes. Wonderful. There is your Google right there.

Q:  [To Shoshanna] Thank you Google.

OWS: Very good. We appreciate the question and your experience because it is very apropos for what is coming in this next year, for many of you are going to experience this. Some of you are already experiencing many of what you would call miraculous stages in your lives in terms of healings that have happened. Those that have attended these sessions, these Advances that we have conducted with you, some of you have gone off with miraculous healings. What you call miraculous. We do not call miraculous though, we call it science. It is all a part of science here. A different science than you are used to but it is science and you will find that as you continue to move through this transition and into your ascension you will understand that which we speak of now.

Q:  What is the probability of the IRS being dismantled within the next four months?

OWS:  The probability of this happening within four months is not very strong. But the probability and the possibility of this happening within this whole next year is very strong. So this is how we can answer that at this point. Your IRS, as you are understanding it, will not be the way it is now. It cannot be. Because as the Corporation of the United States goes down so too do all the parts of that Corporation and your IRS is a part of this Corporation that has enslaved the population here. Not the elites but the population.

Q:  I have a question for you about the personal year of 2018 being an 11 and how that works with our chakras and everything that is being activated in our mission work. Could you enlighten us on the gate way that is approaching, the super moon, and things of that level from a cosmic level?

OWS:  Yes your 2018 is as you are saying if you look at it in terms of numerology it is an 11, and that is a master number. And that is, as you are saying, a gateway. And what is it a gateway to? It is a gateway into higher consciousness. It is a gateway into allowing for higher consciousness to come in, for the connection for you to make to your higher consciousness. That is what this is all about. Opening the gateways within yourself. Not so much the gateways around the planet although that will happen. The portals and all of this will also happen. But we are speaking of the gateways within yourself into higher consciousness or connecting with those higher levels of your consciousness. This is what is symbolized by the 11 or the one-one. And when you bring the 11:11 together as many of you have in the past, many of you have been seeing this, this is that gateway that is being shown here to you, or rather being remembered by you. Because this is important. Those of you that are having this connection, having the synchronicity happening in your lives where you are seeing the duplication of numbers and all of these things, is an indication or a DNA download you might say that is coming into you to continue to move you, this process, or you within this process along.

S:  May I add something?

OWS:  Yes, please do.

S:  What comes to mind for me is how a master, power master thing, and that is shown to have mastery over ourselves and mastery over our domain. And it requires that we shift the way that we, we shift the way that we think about who we are.

OWS:  Yes. Very good. Yes. Wonderful. http://interference That is important here. If you believe it will be difficult it will be difficult. If you believe that you cannot heal you will not heal. If you believe that you are slow at learning, you are slow at learning. If you believe that you cannot see, you cannot see. You see? Was that a pun? [Laughter]

Q:  Was Yeshua using the practice of Reiki in his healing? Was it taught to him or it did he teach it?

OWS:  Both. It was taught to him and then he also taught it as well to his Disciples and to those that were companions that were following in his ministry at that time. But there is so much that has been omitted, left out of the story, that you have not received fully.

So much that has been shifted and changed in the narrative that has been given you over time here because it has been a part of the programming. If He were here to share with you those things which He said and what He meant by what He said that has been changed drastically over the many reiterations, that, had these sayings that have gone through — in other words as these were written down long ago and they were written down from memory to begin with or from a channeling source that happened at that time — and then as they were reiterated as stories to others you know what happens to stories as they are told over and over and over again. The beginning part of the story is lost at the end. You see? Or the story maybe even the meaning within the story is lost at the end as it is told over and over again. How many times has your Bible been rewritten over and over and over and lost in the translation as it has gone through? Even as the translation has gone from the original Aramaic language into your English and the other languages and all of this, it has been changed and shifted and altered — purposely in some cases, in many cases actually — that it is no longer resembling what it was meant to be in the beginning, what was initially said. Just as when you hear these words come through this one James. You hear them at this time but can you repeat them two years from now? You see? You see how difficult that is to have the continuance of the truth continue to move along when there is all these distractions, all these parts of programming that come into this and want to change these great mysteries or these great discourses and revealings that were given back then by Yeshua? You see? Does this answer your question?

Q:  How do we get to know that? How do we get to know what the truth was?

OWS:  You get to know what the truth was by going within yourself. That is the only way you can do it. You cannot hear it from another being, even through those of us that are considered the Ascended Masters. We can tell you these things but they are not going to fully resonate within you and you are not going to fully remember them until you are going within yourself and your Higher Self the Source Within You brings the knowings back to you. And we always reiterate by “back to you”. Remembering. This is not anything new to any of you. And we say none of you this is new to. You already have all of these answers they are just not here within your conscious knowing self at this point.

But they are coming back. You are going to experience, in this next year predominantly, you’re going to find that one day you will wake up and, as the one that spoke about the crystals, you will wake up and open a drawer and there will be crystals. Or you will wake up and you will have these memories flooding back into you and, ‘Wow I really was Cleopatra,’ or whatever it might be. You see? You will really understand who you have been before and we are being funny here. We are not being really serious about that. Although one of you might’ve been Cleopatra out there, that is possible. But then there are so many aspects of who you have been before as well. This is why some can say they are Lady Nada or Mary Magdalene whatever it might be and they really may be that because they are an aspect of that. Even though Lady Nada may be coming through this one James, or another, and you say, ‘Well how can that be Lady Nada coming through this individual here when this one over here she was Lady Nada, or is Lady Nada, or whatever it is. And you see both are correct. Both can be because there are many aspects of the same of the whole here. Okay?

OWS:  Before we go on here we must say we did never hear that this was being recorded. Is anyone recording this? Is anyone out there recording this on their phone or anything of this nature?

It’s a shame because there was quite a bit of information that was given here that would have been very beneficial to those of you out or rather those that were not a part of this call that would have benefited from this. So what we will do in this respect is we will attempt to reiterate or repeat this as best as we can in your next session the next Sunday that you come together. We will attempt to do this. It will depend on the energy that is there in the room and the energy that is here within this one James as we speak through him.

Q:  One Who Serves, you answered the question about the IRS maybe being dismantled next year and I was wondering if there is the potential for a revaluation or abundance program (some kind of financial help) for the light workers and for the masters in 2018.

OWS:  The potential is certainly there. The possibility and probability is certainly there. Whether it will happen or not we cannot fully say but everything is indicating yes you are going to have that. And you are not going to have to wait until the end of the year or anything of this nature. It is being in the process now, the work, and it is all a part of all of the other facets that are needing to come together at the same time. And it is part of the movement toward The Event as well.

Q:  Could The Event be happening in 2018?

OWS:  That is also a possibility and a probability here. But we cannot say for certain that you will have The Event but you will have many mini events leading up to it. That is what we can say here.

This is what we are being directed to say here. Much of it depends on the awakening community, on the awakening masses here, whether they will be ready for The Event or not here in this next year. In other words, if you do your jobs, if you become the warriors as we are saying and begin more and more to spread the light. And don’t think in terms of ‘what can I do, I’m just one individual person. What can I do?’ If you are thinking that way then you are right. You won’t be able to do all whole lot.

But if you are realizing as we realize the immenseness that is within you, the immenseness of the consciousness that is within you, then you will be able to do great deeds throughout this next year because you will be the ones that will be spreading the light and as you spread the light those that are awakening to the light as it is coming to them will begin to do so was well. And this is how it continues to spread from one individual to another. And say it is by word-of-mouth as you continue to go. And word-of-mouth in these cases, in your timeframe now, becomes your Internet. You see? And much as you are already finding, much is being transferred; much light is being transferred through your Internet.

And before anyone even asks is the Internet going to be brought down by the cabal – no, that is not going to happen. Even though you have had a indication that they are attempting to control the Internet and all of this this will not be fully allowed here. It will be stopped.

Q:  I had a question about the Mandela Effect as in paying attention to the different glitches in the matrix. Can you elaborate on the advances that we are making on a collective or individual basis that’s effecting the hologram of the matrix.

OWS:  When you speak of hologram of the matrix many might not understand quite what you are referring to. But we can say that yes you are within a hologram. A hologram has been created here and it is a hologram that is holding you here in the three-dimensional state as you are moving through this transition. It is needed to have this here for the Earth, for Gaia to hold this hologram for you to move along through, to be able to move through this matrix and eventually be able to escape the matrix. The matrix being the three-dimensional illusion or this hologram.

Now to understand this for more fully you have to look at how Gaia, Mother Earth has moved ahead, has moved along into higher dimensional frequency. And she is there now and she is holding a place for you. But eventually — and we will not say when eventually will be. We will say “someday.” Okay? — but as you are moving through this transition and moving through these times and in this … we’ll just say as you are moving through this transition you are going to find that the Earth, Mother Earth herself is holding this open for you but eventually she will not be able to hold it any longer and will not be allowed to hold it any longer. And this will be the point of demarcation where those of the light will move on and those of the dark will not move on and those who are not wanting to move on will not move on as well. You see?

Q:  Will everybody be made aware that they need to make a conscious choice to either move on with the light or not?

OWS:  When you say a conscious choice you have to look at the idea that they have already made their choices in many respects. Many have come into this life having already made those choices. Now, as you are, as those of you that come into your higher level of consciousness as you move through this transition you will begin more and more, or those will begin more and more to realize that they are a part of this higher consciousness, that they are a part of the light, and that they want to continue to move on into the higher vibrations and therefore into the higher dimensions here.

Q:  You spoke of 11 being like a symbol of a gateway to higher consciousness. I was just wondering how like the mystery schools and all of their column and pillar symbolism, the two pillars side-by-side, is that what that is standing for?

OWS:  We can say that yes, because all of the various occult (meaning unknown), occult knowledge that has come forward and been used by those of the cabal, those of the dark forces, they have known of these symbols, they have known of the power within these symbols, and they have utilized them for their own purpose. The swastika, of the Nazi’s is a perfect example here. This was a wonderful symbol of light and love and learning and experience that has been used in the past and it was changed drastically to mean something entirely different by those who took it and utilized it for their own purposes.

Q:  I can absolutely believe that because it seems that pretty much everything of the light, whether it’s our symbols, our words, or whatever, they have turned into a dark version and they take it over. And I just see that with literally everything.

Q:  Can you provide more clarity on the 144,000 and the spreading of the light. It seems like at the Advance we were told part of our job was to seek out, spread the light and awaken others that could perhaps be in the 144,000. And I’m just wondering if you could weigh in on that versus the importance of awakening the masses as a whole.

OWS:  First, in order to awaken the masses the 144,000 must first be awakened as well. And once they are fully awakened then they can begin to assist and awaken all the others.

Now, with that understanding, know that many of the 144,000 have already awakened. And many of those that came after the 144,000 in terms of other waves of light that came to this planet, those also, many of those have been awakened. But that is where your mission comes in. Not you, the one who has asked this question specifically but all of you, the collective you, that’s where your mission comes in to help to awaken all of those as well. And in order to awaken you need to look at yourself as a sheepherder. That you are herding the sheep, bringing the sheep back to the flock. That is what your mission this. That’s what Yeshua came here to do and that is what you are now tasked to do as well if you accept it. It is like your “Mission Impossible”. If you accept it then you will be able to do it. But it is not an impossible mission. It is a wonderful http://interference.

Q:  So you would say it’s more important to focus on spreading the light throughout the masses from sort of this group’s point of view.

OWS:  As much as you can, as much as will be allowed to do as you continue to move forward. Think of yourself as a way-shower, a forerunner that is moving along and preparing the way for all to come. Really in many respects you are preparing the way for the Second Coming. Think of it in that respect. You are all John the Baptists and preparing the way for Yeshua, or in this case, the Christ Consciousness to come within the planet. To all within the planet.

OWS:  Anything further now before we release channel?

S:  I have a comment. I want to clarify what it is to be awakened. And the way I want to clarify that is we don’t, cannot inform others to become awakened with our words. We have to do it by example.

OWS:  That is correct.

S:  And I think people think they can talk others into being awakened when we must become awakened through our example.

OWS:  That is correct. First you must be awakened within yourself and then you can assist others. If you want to teach you have to embody what you teach. And teach what you embody. Yes. But that is also not to say that words are not important. Words are very important if they are backed by the spirit behind the words. Understand this?

S:  Yes, but most words come out of programming.

OWS:  Most do but you are not ‘most’. So there! [Laughter]

Anything further here? Then we are going to release to another. You know he would not go quietly into the night here. So he is going to come in here and just finish this out you might say. We appreciate the time that you gave us here that we could share in the ways that we have here. It is very important as you continue to move into this year to remember who you are.

OWS2:  Greetings to you! It is always wonderful to be with all of you. We are always so excited to be with all of you to experience this, to be a part of your expression, and to bring our expression to you. That is important. And we do everything that we can to bring our expression. Not in terms of being a master although that is wonderful. And when you become a master that will be wonderful as well because you are being trained to be the Masters. You are being trained to be the mentors. We have spoken many times about mentors coming to you but you are going to be the mentors going to others. How is that for an expression here?! You see?

So just everything is going wonderfully. You are going wonderfully. Just allow for the process to continue to move through you within you and move through your being because that is what you can do now. That is what you can be a part of as you are doing all that you can to become the warriors – the peaceful warriors that you are all meant to be.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.


All:  Happy New Year! [Air kisses all around!]

James:  Yeah I wish some of that was recorded. That’s a shame. I didn’t think about it. I’m sorry.

Rita:  A lot of people think when they love themselves that it’s an ego thing or it’s narcissistic and so they can’t say that they love themselves or they don’t know what love is to love themselves. And a mastery, in my book, we all are masters anyway. We came here as one of the 144,000. We’re already masters. And let’s get a definition of what a master is. I don’t know. I’ll have to look it up. But it’s not as big and high as we may think it is. I don’t think. To me you all are masters. Every one of you. I’ll say that we are still in 3-D but we are moving out fast and that thinking kind of like we’re still in the matrix in the 3-D. But I really feel that like the One Who Serves says this year is really going to be the big year and I do have a lot of numerology behind this year, (as you know with this number bit,) but he is really correct and much more than I could ever say because I don’t know what he knows. But I will say that we came down here already a master for us to be able to come now and be chosen after we volunteered. [Expressions of agreement.] It’s not loving ourselves narcissistically. That’s an abnormal love for self.

Marilou:  Jesus told us what it is to be a master. He said that you can do all of these things that I have done you can do and even better. And the other line is that we are created in God’s image. And if that’s not perfection I don’t know what is. And a lot of people say that nobody is perfect. Well we should be. We should strive to acknowledge our perfection.

James:  Yeah, I just heard if you want to get out of the matrix become Neo.

Q:  I think all of us in this Ancient Awakenings group absolutely we know our value. We know that we love each other, we know we love ourselves. I don’t feel that any of us in this group here are feigning any kind of ridiculous belief system that we don’t actually know who we are and our value. I think we all know our power and our self-love. Right?

[Expressions of agreement.]

James:  Not to the point though that the One Who Serves and the others are talking about. They’re saying really come to know who you are. Remember.

Q:  That’s what I was referring to. I meant deep deep self-knowledge and love.

Marilou:  Not consciously we don’t.

James:  Yeah. Most of us have not come to that at a conscious level because if we had we wouldn’t be in the matrix anymore. We’d be beyond it. We would’ve ascended basically.

Joanna: It’s a nice concept you know.

James:  Well we’re moving in that direction.

Joanna:  So a master does not have the capacity to entertain doubt. That’s when you know you’re a master.

Darrell:  You know Joanna, when you started talking about mastery you know we’re all in tune with that. At some level we are mastering the physical level; mastering let’s say our egoic self; mastering our remembrance that we’re multidimensional. So at a higher consciousness level we are connecting back through this meditation, through these crystals, through these calls, through various modalities that we are using, numerology, etc., but these are the things that are helping us to remind us that we’re masters of love and we incarnated here because we volunteered and it was approved that we have the capacity to love, and to love as we are beings of love, beings of light. And so yes, we are walking through this remembering of who we really are.

Surprise channeling from Zorra

Zorra:  Gods and goddesses. We have told you before and we have told you all along that you are realized gods and goddesses. You have the knowingness within you. Every time we mention the term gods and goddesses your insides leap for joy because they are in alignment with the gods and goddesses of who you are. Remember you’re gods and goddesses. We iterate this every time we speak and the reason for that is because your mind needs to be to receive the message that you are all gods and goddesses and healers. Yes you are all healers as well. There is no reason for you to be ill at all. There is no reason for you to be under the weather as they term it. Because you are gods and you are goddesses and gods and goddesses do not become ill. They are powerful beings. They are all-powerful, all-knowing and this is you. All of you have the capacity within you to be Gaia’s healers. This is what you are. Many of you don’t realize that you are still Gaia’s healers or Terra Christ’s healers. You all have this power within you so never let anyone ever tell you otherwise that you do not have power because you do. You have always had the power. It was given to you at birth. So there should be no reason why you should be in ill health at all. No. Do not worry do not waiver or fret…

[Acknowledgments to Zorra’s identity]

James:  I thought I recognized that voice. Well thank you if you’re still on the phone thank you for allowing that to come through. It was a good message and perfect timing for it. And if you’re still on the call I appreciate your allowing that to come through, Zaraya, and I appreciate that you joined us on the call to begin with. I didn’t even know you knew about Ancient Awakenings.

All right well it’s been a wonderful call I hope you all got a lot out of it. I hope you learned something not only about what’s coming in 2018 but where we’ve come from as well. And not only just from this call but I hope we’re all really understanding exactly what Zora said that we’re all gods and goddesses. We always have been and we always will be. So I’m ready to end the call.

Joanna:  It’s complete.

James:  I don’t know about you but I’m ready to have a drink and I’m ready to party. It’s only 10:30 here so we have time here. We’re gonna party like it’s 1999!

Happy New Year! 

Channeled by James McConnell

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated.

“Believing is seeing!”



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