Your Life Before & After This One ~ Jan. 6, 2018

January 5, 2018


Michael Berg, 32, discovered that our life between lives 

can be accessed through hypnosis,  among other techniques.  
Understanding the nature of our existence as an immortal 
soul and the purpose of life, can help us with self-healing
and help us deal with the social ills of our present world more effectively.


“Death is not the end of anything. It is just the beginning. Death is a natural path we all must take. 

No one really dies. Only the physical vehicle dies. We continue on to our true home.”

(Disclaimer: I am reserving judgment here but feel this information is of widespread interest & merits consideration.)

By Michael Berg


I was born in 1985 in Israel. My family are European Jews.

From a very young age, I felt that religion simply didn’t provide me with answers. Then in December 2007, my journey of self-discovery began. I was interested in the subject of hypnosis as a means of enhancing memory. My interest was purely academic. I had read that it was possible through hypnosis to tap into memories of past events normally hidden from our conscious mind.

I went into the “Google” search engine searching using the words “Hypnosis uncover memories”. I couldn’t imagine at the time that these three words would lead me into a journey that would eventually change my life and my perception of reality forever.

Newton.jpg(Dr. Michael Newton, 1931-2016)

Suddenly, I saw this interesting website that talked about hypnosis as a means to tap into our soul memories and our lives as spirits between incarnations. They talked of a groundbreaking therapeutic technique called “Spiritual regression” as a means to facilitate the process and that this hypnosis regression technique was developed and pioneered by a retired American psychologist named Dr. Michael Newton.

Being a religious Jew at the time I “thought” I knew “everything” about the purpose of life and why we are here. I soon realized that neither Judaism nor any other religions provided us with the answers. But this new groundbreaking technique might be different.

Out of curiosity I read through the entire website and watched the interviews conducted by Dr. Michael Newton on the subject. While reading it, I felt something moving in me. For some reason, it ringed TRUE. For the first time, I read something that made sense to me about the purpose of life – who we are, why we are here, where do we come from and where we are going.

Needless to say, I was fascinated that it was possible to tap into our soul-self and our existence as souls in the afterlife. I contacted a therapist in the field of soul regression. He had a very long waiting list. In this case, you don’t have much choice but to wait.

All you can do is give it a chance and be open-minded. It can potentially change your life. After that, needless to say, I had left Judaism behind me once I understood that it’s meaningless. I also didn’t like the anti-gentile hatred within the creed which was always a problem for me.

In the meantime, the entire subject of soul regression opened an all-new door of spiritual interest to me. It brought me to the subject of Out Of Body (OBE) travel.
After researching the subject I had my first full consciousness OBE in November 2011. I remember feeling like electricity going through my body, paralysis. I couldn’t move my body and suddenly I saw myself in another place, in another reality. I was there; it was not a dream. It was so mind-blowing that I couldn’t sleep that night at all. I was busy writing my experience in my diary.

9780738704654.jpgLife Between Lives (LBL) Regression is a deep hypnotic technique, developed by Dr. Michael Newton (1931-2016), an American psychologist, and is described in detail in his books, Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls and Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy, as well as the latest book in the series, Memories of the Afterlife.

These books summarize the findings of Dr. Michael Newton and Members of The Newton Institute (Link below) who have taken many thousands of people into a superconscious state where they were able to “see” into the Spirit World – the place between our physical incarnations. The data shows that thousands of different people, from different races, ethnic groups, and religions – from atheists to religious fundamentalist had the same CONSISTENT accounts of what it is like in the Spirit World after we “die”.

Based upon his groundbreaking regression technique with thousands of “Between lives” clients, Dr. Newton has been able to describe the realm of the spirit world which is consistent with, yet far more elaborated, than that found in the Near Death Experience (NDEs) and Out of Body (OBEs) literature. Dr. Newton’s findings are among the most significant, in terms of both the depth and inspiration, of any in the metaphysical and spiritual literature. LBL takes one to that very special time a soul spends in the afterlife (“The Spirit World”) between its physical incarnations.

During an LBL, one experiences oneself as an immortal soul, meets with their spirit guides, loved ones who had passed away and other beings who help one explore their soul lessons, life’s purpose and other questions that you have prepared for the session. During this time in spirit, many experience healing, unconditional love and oneness with all things. LBL is a profound, life-transforming experience.

Additional research in the regression field was carried out by Psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss (linked below) while Robert Monroe and William Buhlman (linked below) pioneered the Out Of Body (OBE) field.

We live in a world of real intolerance (Not the pseudo “intolerance” promoted by the establishment), where races and religions don’t respect each other’s differences and their RIGHT to be different. A world where peoples do not respect the right of others to be who they are (i.e. their God-given right to preserve their own kind – their racial, ethnic, cultural and religious identity). A world where 700,000 innocent civilians were murdered by religious intolerance in middle-east. A world where 0.2% of the world’s population steals the productivity and national treasures of 95% of humanity. A materialistic world of “me”,”me” and “me”, where Globalism destroys everything that is God-given, natural and good in the world (i.e. family, race, nation etc.) for the sake of material gain and control.


We live in a world where males and females are brainwashed compete with each other (Feminism) rather than complement each-other and become ONE in flesh and in spirit as they were intended by Nature and God.
Specifically, this is a world of racial intolerance against the ethnic Europeans – a program of hatred, ethnic cleansing, and genocide against the native European peoples worldwide (aka “White Genocide”) is being promoted and celebrated by Anti-European hatred and Anti-European racism.
This is a world where the native Europeans are being told that they shouldn’t exist since their existence – their race and their DNA – is “evil”.

I believe Humanity is a family of races, each of which makes up the whole. Each race has something to contribute, and each race deserves to survive and has a right to their own homeland. There’s no need to hate each other, displace each-other and steal each other’s land. women and wealth. We are all connected on a soul level. By harming other races we are really harming ourselves. By stealing from others, we are really stealing from ourselves.

People should have the right to believe any religion that they choose to as long as they respect each other. However, as the research shows, there really is no need to hate each other based on religious differences.In our true home (aka The Spirit World) there really are no “Christians” or “Muslims” or “Jews” or “Buddhists” or “Hindus”. There are just souls and all are treated with love and care since we all come from the same Source. The truth is universal.

Destiny-of-Souls.jpg“God” IS Consciousness IS Love. We are all part of this all-knowing, all-powerful consciousness that drives the universe and which created everything in it. As souls, we all strive for perfection. The powers that be want us to become ego-based, fear-based individuals who care only about themselves and not about others.

Our mission here as a soul is to evolve in consciousness and become Love. We become love by overcoming fear and ego. Thus we become less about ourselves and more about others. This is how we evolve and grow as a soul. In practical terms, we do this by Loving, i.e. sacrificing and protecting first our own family, then our own race, then our nation, then the rest of mankind (The order is gradual as we must live in accordance with Natural Law for this to work).

We choose to come here to Earth for the purpose of evolving as a soul – we do this by overcoming Fear (Ego) and all negative emotions connected to fear. Our one ultimate goal is to become Love. This is the one main lesson we need to learn. This is how we seek perfection.Once we finish this one main lesson we won’t need to return to this place.


Death is not the end of anything. It is just the beginning. Death is a natural path we all must take. No one really dies. Only the physical vehicle dies. We continue on to our true home.


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  1. These words have a context of truth. Looking forward to more of us with this grander view


  2. Of a reality which we are All coming into.


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