This is Either FANTASY or a DREAM COME TRUE ~ Jan. 4, 2018

I AM so excited! Coming home from work to blog and reading so very many blogs written by other truth warriors about (D)isclosure on many, many news items is very refreshing to read, and…JOYous for me!

Please read this article by David Nova over at Deus Nexus, please join me in rejoicing as more of humanity sees the Light, and…


Is this news true?  Or is this just fantasy?  Is it too good to be true?  Or the result of years of careful planning and clandestine strategy?  No one can yet say, though the circumstancial evidence is mounting up, with two presidental executive orders and the deployment of AZ National Guard military police to Guantanamo Bay.

In our hearts we choose to believe that good triumphs over evil, and yet we’ve been programmed to believe the system is incapable of such change, that the Matrix always wins. Therefore I believe it is wise to be optimistically cautious, to believe that positive change is indeed possible, yet prudent enough to let the positive manifest and become grounded in our reality, rather than being cynically impetuous, incapable of imagining any positive change, thus becoming imprisoned to the negative.

There’s been a lot of spiritual proclaimations in the past few years that we have to save ourselves, that we can’t sit around and wait for someone to save us.  This spiritual instruction was always meant for our internal self-developement. No external savior can save us from ourselves, we have to do the internal work ourselves, to create change in our own lives.

This instruction has been cynically applied to the external world as well. It is true – no external divine or extraterrestrial intervention will save us from ourselves, we have to do the external work for ourselves as well. Isn’t the possibility of White Hats applicable to this scenario?  Mankind has to liberate itself, collectively. Though we have different lives, we have our different skills, our different calling, our very different jobs and roles to play. Is it not possible that we have been working together to liberate ourselves, though we have not seen the collective evidence of our work? We have no choice, other than to accept the world that darkness wished to bestow upon us.

We may soon see if we have been living in a dream of our own making, or if we have collectively been making this dream a reality. I suppose the answer depends upon how much we believe in ourselves.

Published on Jan 2, 2018

Loads of #Qanon predictions continue to pile up, and in this video we take a look at the latest developments, including airport closures, grounded flights and reports of high value targets being rounded up. So many of Q’s statements appear to be bearing fruit that even investigative journalist is now regularly quoting Q.

Based on the growing evidence to date that something strange really IS happening and President Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp”, this is all shaping up as either the pure fantasy of wishful thinkers, or a dream come true.

Source:  | commentary by BP

What we are witnessing now appears to be the perfect storm for the dark cabal: Trump + Positive Military + Q-Anon + Galactic Guardians + _________  = Liberation

Can you fill in the blank? The Truth Media! Without our Internet presence, the plan would not have been as successful or as rapidly unfolding. We are all part of the Resistance, many of us unwittingly playing our roles. There are even a few brave souls on networks like Fox who are breaking it gently to the unsuspecting public.

Are the White Hats using us? Of course they are—in many ways. They use us to disseminate information—and disinformation.

We and our comments and interpretations of events, the weight we give certain topics, our emotional responses and choices to join mass meditations—it’s all used to gauge a state of readiness, I believe, as well as a course of action. They can only guess how the sleepers will respond to major revelations and actions like shutdowns of the banks, but with us here laying our thoughts and feelings on the line every day on blogs and YouTube… they know where our collective head is at.

We are as much a part of the team as President Trump, Q, and everyone else. Hopefully we’re on our best behaviour most of the time, but we’re only Human, right?

As important as all the team members are, there’s no denying that Q’s cerebral questions, queries and quizzes have ignited the fascination of many patriots these past few months as the military closes in on its quarry. Have you ever seen so many Q’s??????

Some are almost afraid to trust it’s real; that Q could be on our side and that the military is truly apprehending criminals and acting on indictments, collaring cabal members like Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Obama and other politicians and putting them under house arrest; that lawyers are negotiating plea deals and subtly encouraging many corporate and governmental resignations and getting many parties to squeal on their cohorts.

Imagine a President who is exactly what he appears to be and does what he promised. Is it even possible?

It would seem there truly is a Dream Team, and that life is about to get really, really good. If we hear it often enough, from sufficient sources, perhaps we will believe.

The following video is a rapid-fire summary of all the latest news concerning the take-down and intelligence reports. When you hear it all at once, all in once place, you realize the magnitude of these operations. It’s far too much to be a coincidence.

And let’s not forget we still have one big job ahead of us. When the trance lifts and Humanity is forced to see the reality, it won’t be easy for them. We will be picking people up off the floor when it all breaks and they simply can’t assimilate the news, and it sounds as though that day isn’t far off.

Thank you, Sean, for your outstanding SGT Report videos.  ~ BP


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