The Tearful and Terrible Back Story on What Just Happened Which Led to Our Liberation [video] ~ Dec. 23, 2017

Kudos to Starship Earth for bringing us this video from Natasha. It appears things are cooling off a bit on our earthly plane now that Trump’s Emergency Executive order is in place freezing (legally complete) the assets of those displaying evil negativity (Pizzagate/human slavery/human bondage) as well as the assets of corporations/family who are in contact with these evil monsters on Earth.

Awesome, just awesome as humanity just barely begins to see the glimmer of FREEDOM and JOY for ALL in our world! So…please read this blog and watch the accompanying video, know that days of abundance are near, revel in your new-found personal self, and…


Most of us on the planet will never know how Humanity was freed, by whom, how mission critical the behind-the-scenes actions were, or the many levels this battle for planet Earth encompassed. As Natasha explains in her video below, everything was strategic, timed to the moment, and everyone played the roles they were meant to play. Every “i” was dotted, every “t” crossed. It was all done using the legal system and every document, every Executive Order is watertight.

Most of the danger we faced over the past week is lessened now, but the battle is ongoing as the last dregs of the dark are washed down the drain in the swamp.

I hope everyone reading this feels some sort of obligation to contribute to the cause; the Liberation of Planet Earth, to some degree—be it energetic support, financial, emotional, being a cheerleader, sharing information, or any other actions your soul feels guided to undertake.

Thank you to all those who have toiled through unspeakable circumstances in pain and suffering to bring us to the culmination of our plight, but thank you also to those who were just “here”, as a support network; a warm body offering feedback and resources, a cheery hello, and unspoken love for Humanity. Starship readers have sent the most delightful notes to me and I appreciate it although I usually don’t reply.

We are all actors on this stage and nothing has been as it appeared. Our faith in the mission told us that. Our messengers and spiritual leaders told us that. The last act is yet to play out. Just be who you are and watch the fireworks at the end of this phase.

Rejoice that this time we finally did it. We finally beat the evil warlords and freed us and those far beyond our planet with the help of millions of sentient Beings we will soon meet. Some of them have already decorated and are now dipping a fingertip into the food to make sure all is perfect for the grand finale.

Thank you Natasha for sharing your experiences and your sacrifices. Anyone who doesn’t see who is who in the zoo by now may never get it. I no longer tolerate comments on this blog that attack Trump or his team. They’re probably trolls. You’re all entitled to your opinions, but I don’t want to read them any more. Not many of us saw this coming, and had to remain open-minded. We will have choice in what happens in our world once the dark is removed completely.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to all. Something is already different, and 2018 is going to be the most spectacular year ever. Ever.

Peace is a reality we will see very soon and the suffering will end. Expect more miracles.  ~ BP



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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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