3 Military Officers Re: Disclosure ~ Dec. 19, 2017

A? Yes, I do because of the way this article “feels” to me. That is what it is all about folks…the way something “feels” to your heart! So…please enjoy this article, imagine what our lives will become once we know “the truth”, and…


Hi everyone.  Today’s is a day later than planned.  Yesterday morning the guys you’ll meet below showed up as an answer to a question, and changed my scheduled release.  This edition now concerns the NY Times article and subsequent news reports which were released this past Saturday…  See them here, if you haven’t already. Here are the videos in question –

I will reserve my comments on this until the end of today’s newsletter.

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Marching into our dialogue around Artificial Intelligence comes this remembered life.
Hu-man be-ing: “A man, woman or child of the species Homo sapiens, distinguished from other animals by superior mental development, the power of articulate speech, and upright stance.”
What then, makes a human? Is it merely the sum and function of its parts?  
A true story.
In gratitude for all that you are,
December 18th, 2017

Is there someone who wants to connect? Particularly in light of the main stream media announcement on Saturday, regarding a decade-old hidden research project into unknown aerial phenomena?

There are three of us, Sophia. We would like to come forward. There are things to address.

Hello. Thank you for coming forward. Please continue.

We would love to. We feel the announcement in your media is a sham and structured with just enough truth to appease the conditional hold-outs. It has trigger words sprinkled through-out, to have it appear, at first blush, to satisfy certain criteria for disclosure.

It doesn’t. Instead it places yet another half truth out there that will have to be dealt with.

(Note – words I saw were black ops, secret, millions. Sophia)

No doubt this dignitary functioned in the capacity described, and research was done, as indicated. Yet what is blatantly incorrect and deceitful is this exposure being THE BIG STORY OF GOVERNMENT KNOWLEDGE OF LIFE BEYOND EARTH.

Please, before you continue, introduce yourselves. You said there were three of you.  


Indeed, there are. We are a corporal, a lieutenant and an officer in the cooperative space program with your US Military. We are, none of us, human. But two of us are humanoid. One of us you would call a mantis-like being. We are male, and representatives of our races. Our interest is in the freedom of your race.

Is this enough?

Sure. Go ahead then.

Yes, what we wanted to impart, from this perspective, is a knowing of a sham when it is portrayed.

What is happening with this “news” is diversion. It is a satisfying of the rules without any substance.

It’s been deemed necessary that truth emerge. The news release is not so much news as it is distraction. This is a refusal to expose the real “outer space activity” – which is the sale, use and harvesting of the human on a massive scale for such a wide range of uses and reasons that have not even been entertained in this “news” piece just released.

The reason it was picked up and spread was because it was safe. What your earth’s managers and owners have been involved in is anything but safe. The truth behind the names on milk cartons are that missing people come in all ages and demographics and bring in big money. Pedophilia is the human version of child trafficking – it is so much bigger.

The truth has no chance to be told in a way that will make it palatable. It is not, not for any sentient being who comes from love.

What we came to say is this. Do not be appeased with this tiny blip of partial introduction to space ships.

Space ships are old news and have been used for decades not only from earth but elsewhere, to transport the actual value and the real cover-up – the human. Humans are sold. Not a few humans, millions of them. Your race is a commodity.

You cannot assume in any powerful way this “release” that exposes and harms no insider – WAS IN YOUR BEST INTERESTS. IT WAS NOT.

Most of these stories have been circulating for decades. Yes, there are levels of truth and what you’ve read now is one of them. But it shocks no one and retains the power and control right where it sits now – in the government.

People, many of them, have died attempting to expose the horrors being perpetrated and advanced by your government’s “secret” programs. You truly have no idea and almost no human does.

So, do not rest or believe this will lead to disclosure of the truth. This tiny peek into the potential for deceit and use, without your knowledge, of many millions of dollars, is for stalling tactics only. It does not promote your call for truth.

I am, we are, part of a fleet who are determined to stop these service-to-self ships, agendas and programs. Many, many battles ensue right now to this end. It is assured that we succeed. Our enemies, for indeed they would kill us all, will never concede. It is not within them to do so, seeing no benefit in it, no benefit to them.

We came to warn you and instruct. The way to tell that we’ve succeeded and that true Disclosure is at hand is when the stories you are reading are beyond anything you’ve imagined was possible and that once told, there is a stop to them.

This stop is dramatic and final and ugly. The story of your journey is not an easily read story.

It is because of this that so many of us come to your aid, and are doing so relentlessly. The call has been put out by you and is being answered.

No one underestimates the human potential, yet the time for an end and a victory is here. We come to you in service to a greater calling, to help right decades of wrongs. We desired to alert you that some will be satisfied with these little stories that don’t disrupt their faith in mankind.

What we’ve seen will disrupt all of what you’ve been told is true about you and your history and your movements forward in the universe. It is just not true that you do not know what you are looking at in the stars.

Many of your people at the uppermost and innermost levels are so deeply embedded in these things that they become as their oppressors – calculating and without any compassion for life other than their own. For them, the playing field is little more than a game.

They have every intention of winning.

As a human, you should be outraged, not grateful, for this story released as an attempt to nullify you.

We are confident, now more than ever, that your planet will soon be free. Your oppressors are getting desperate. Do not be fooled. You’ll know a true disclosure announcement. It will be unmistakable and unlike anything you suspect is true.

Good luck and know that there are others in the galaxy who are kind and compassionate and who do not view you as a commodity, but an ally.

Thank you for answering our call. Goodbye now.

Thank you. Goodbye.

Notes from Sophia ~

Before these guys showed up yesterday, I had only seen the original article and then heard a broadcast recording by Jimmy Church on Fade to Black regarding the article.

I have since seen that other journalists are calling this fake news and prep for a false alien invasion.  I don’t know.  I will admit that when I first read the article in Politico, I thought, well, now it is in the mainstream dialogue.  Will it stay there next week?  It is pretty much buried in a Saturday edition.  I then wondered what it’s purpose was, because I hold no trust for the main stream media on any level.  There is an as yet unseen agenda to this release.

So, there you have it.  I do not know the specific group they are from.  I have heard Corey Goode mention an Alliance and I wonder if it is in fact that group.  The names are tricky, and what groups call themselves are not always the same names we refer to when referencing them.

In any case, this announcement could pretty much bury the tendency to call any UFO announcers “tin foilers” and such in the USA.  That is a good thing.  We’ll see where this goes.  If anyone has anything to add, please shoot me an email.  It is bound to be a very interesting rest of the year.

Much love,


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