Twin Soul Energy Report ~ Solstice Gateway, Significance for True Twins ~ Dec. 18, 2017

By Matahari

Dearest beloveds.

Greetings of the most high. We are overjoyed as ever to be granted this sacred opportunity to communicate with you all during this most highly auspicious Gateway (post Atlantis) that the earth plane has ever known.

We are so grateful to all of the souls who showed up in their ascension groups to anchor the potent 1212 frequencies. Huge transformations were activated in all your energy fields and the group intentions that you set forth are now rapidly in the process of aligning very proficiently and smoothly onto the 3-D holographic matrix reality.

You are all so powerful dear ones. You are all the living embodiment of God. However you have also incarnated with an egoic consciousness whose primary purpose is to perpetuate the illusion that you are a separated isolated island of consciousness, but nothing could be further from the truth.

At every moment you are presented with the choice to adhere to the promptings and in many cases bullying of your egoic consciousness or to adhere with the oftentimes silent whisperings of your higher divine God self.

You have free will choice dear ones. When will you say enough is enough.. I will no longer give energy to fuel this negative narrative in my mind by believe in the limited ideas and perceptions it has about me, and instead I will commit to regularly practicing to be grateful, and use my God given powers of belief and intention on the knowing that whatever I choose to focus on is what I will experience first hand in my own personal holographic matrix.

There is nothing solid about this world except the belief that you all hold personally and collectively that say that the third dimension is comprised of solid matter. That wall in front of you is comprised of frequencies and vibrations just as you are. If you choose to remember that you can transform your frequency to the point that you can effortlessly walk through that wall, then this will be your direct experience. This is how powerful you all are dear ones.

These spiritually dark ages are rapidly culminating right before your very eyes, and what is leaving is the idea that you are limited beings. You are not. If you can perceive it and conceive it it is possible and it already exists. Anything is possible to Mother Father Gods Holy Child.

Dear ones, the solstice energy of 2017 is set to be the most potent gateway thus far on this personal and collective Ascension trajectory. At the time of the solstice when the sun stations direct for three days and three nights, during this time our own sun also known as the solar logos will receive an almighty upgrade of its geometrical patterning, as it aligns perfectly with the heart of galactic centre

These upgrades have been strategically planned so as to not overwhelm or cause a short-circuiting within the electromagnetic grid of Gaia.  The imminent upgrade will bare witness to our own solar logos being infused with 12th dimensional Christ actualisation codes which communicate specifically with one’s DNA in order to inform them to oscillate at an unprecedented new frequency level.

This upgrade is set to affect all aspects of life on earth, and if you surrender and remember your God given power to choose which vibrational frequency to be attuned to you will bare witness to the following;

1.The speeding up of distance between thought and manifestation.

2.Health issues long and short term being miraculously healed as the new frequencies will literally be unable to maintain the old discordant patterning which caused disease in the first place.

3. You will witness the societal atrocity of homelessness been fully cleared, and all homeless people being housed in safe places. this is a reality dear ones and has already begun.

4. Many many twin souls will miraculously unite in this gateway despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles. When God chooses to unite genuine soul matches there is no force on earth that can prevent this from happening.

5. There will be a huge en masse awakening of the divine masculine and so much more.

Please know that as ever these gateways will continue to increase in intensity until at least the time of the great rapture which will bear witness to an enmasse spiritual awakening of the entire population.

These facts may seem far out or unrealistic probabilities dear ones but we promise you Gaia is galloping rapidly towards this reality.  We invite you to all hold these visions and knowings in your prayers and daily meditations in order to ensure their swift grounding into this current reality matrix.

A few words now about the divine masculine consciousness which is currently going through a huge metamorphosis. Many many of the divine masculine polarity twins have made unconscious and sometimes conscious choices to settle for karmic relationships believing themselves ultimately to be inherently unworthy and undeserving of that which is known as true love.

For many divine masculine who have incarnated on mission to fully unite with their divine counterparts, many of them have been hypnotised by the collective spell of the third dimension to believe that the hope for this love is childish, unrealistic and not on the cards for them in this lifetime.

Dear ones please know that this current gateway is absolutely fundamental to the unfolding of the divine plan with regards to the reunification of these original God mates and as such the divine masculine is receiving a huge wake up call from his higher self at the moment. many of them are beginning to feel a deep sense of dissatisfaction with the karmic partners which they are no longer being able to ignore.

We advise you dearest Divine feminine to send telepathic messages to your divine masculine at this time. Sing to him that you are here, that you love him and that it is your inevitable destiny that you Will reunite in this lifetime

Please know divine feminine and that Mother Father God is very much in the process of intervening with many of the divine masculines in order to redirect them onto their path of destiny with you.

if you receive a repetitive message to reach out to them or contact them in 3-D please know that if you are a genuine vibrational counterpart you will be deeply supported on all planes of consciousness to get this message to them at this time.

We love you all so deeply and are in awe of all of your grace tenacity and wisdom that keeps you showing up to receive these energy reports and stay so focused on your twin soul mission.

We are delighted to announce that the last energy transmission of 2017 will be held on 21 December at 3:33 PM UK time in order to be live the exact time of the solstice which is at 16:28.

this transmission will be a celebration and witnessing of the light codes that will be pouring into the Earth on this day and as such we are calling fourth mother Gaia’s front line ascension crew to step forward to be the anchors and conduits for this extremely important soul gathering. All the work that we have done has been preparing us for this highly auspicious moment.

We are being asked to witness and observe this light bombardment which is deeply connected to the full anchoring and stabilizing of the Christ consciousness grid.

We are being called to bear witness to this phenomenon in our sun but also in our higher self which will then send forth these light codes into our human physical vessels.

The results of taking part in this transmission are way beyond the English language to convey suffice to say all that we have mentioned in this article will be given full permission to be entirely activated in your own personal energy field.

There are more aspects to the solstice transmission which will be revealed in due course and we ask you with all of our hearts to please share this sacred written transmission far and wide.

You are all so loved

You are all seen as the eternal divine beings that you are.

All is well

In love and light Matahari ji and the white wolf tribe




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