New Cobra Interview By Japanese Prepare For Change Team ~ Nov. 29, 2012

In this interview, Cobra is interviewed by Iruku Umino. This video is short, but provides many examples of reading materials that may prove quite useful in understanding the “end times” we are living in, as well as provide new insights on spirituality.

So…please check out this interview of Cobra, find a few good books to read, and…


Cobra Interview by Iruka Umino 2017


November 28, 2017

Cobra Interview by Iruka Umino 2017

Original article is here:

Iruka: In Japan, attacks to Light Workers have been substantially reduced since the beginning of 2017. What can be the causes for this?

Cobra: Cobra: Advanced light technologies (Tachyon chambers, Mandala laser systems…)

Mandala laser systems

Iruka: While taking a Tachyon healing chamber, may we connect with Pleiadians,Siriuns and angels?

Cobra: Yes.

Iruka: Such connection may continue even after chamber session?

Cobra: Yes.


Iruka: Can you please raise effects and merits of Tachyon chambers that are not widely been known?

Cobra: Tachyon chamber connect you with your I AM presence.

Iruka: I heard that Tachyonized Farden Quartz and Aquamarine has an effect to connect with a mother ship of the Galactic Confederation. Are there any other minerals that have a similar effect?

Cobra: Aquamarine is the best stone to connect with the mother ships.

Tachyonized Aquamarine 

Iruka: Are there any minerals that enable us to connect with Ascended masters?

Cobra: Goshenite.

Tachyonized Goshenite (beryl)

Iruka: How Aquamarine , Morganite and Goshenite as you recommended are great? What sort of secrete is hidden in beryl minerals?

Cobra: Beryl minerals have hexagonal crystal structures which is the most powerful sacred geometry form to connect with the light.

Tachyonized Morganite (beryl)

Iruka: Can you please comment on Guy Ballard or Godfre Ray King’s books and I AM activities?

Cobra: Both are very good books to connect you with your I AM presence and with ascended beings.


Iruka: Can you please comment on Alice Bailey’s books?

Cobra: Partially correct. use discernment.

Iruka: The book called Divine Healing of Mind & Body by Murdo Macdonald-Bayne is said to be written being overshadowed by Jesus Christ. Doyou have any idea about this?

Cobra: Murdo Macdonald-Bayne had a strong connection with ascended beings. His connection was quite reliable, but again, not perfect.

Divine Healing of Mind & Body by Murdo Macdonald-Bayne

Iruka: Astrology generally has a geo-centric theory view as it analyze and predict the situations by looking at the positions of Sun, Mars, etc. from the earth. There however exists a heliocentric theory based astrology by looking at the earth, Mars etc. from Sun as the center of the solar system and it may make more accurate analysis.

In the heliocentric astrology, a person born under the zodiac sign of Scopio for example is Taurus. Any comment this?

Cobra: For people born on earth, Geocentric astorology is far more accurate.

Iruka: Many people say that they are healed when they visit Okinawa. Is Okinawa a Goddess vortex?

Cobra: Yes.

Iruka: The existence of many US bases there are intended to suppress the vortex?

Cobra: Yes.

Hateruma-jima island in Okinawa

Iruka: There is a legend that Sanat Kumara descended on MT.Kurayama-yama in Kyoto, and in fact in every May, Vesak fest is hosted there. Do you have any idea about MT.Kurama-yama?

Cobra: Kurama-yama is one of many entry points for the energies of Sanat Kumara.

Iruka: Is there in japan an underground base and high speed railways of RM and the Light forces?

Cobra: Yes.

Iruka: Can you tell us anything about real Japanese history such as imperial family, Shintoism and when Cabal entered here?

Cobra:First, the Jesuits came in the 17th century through Nagasaki port and were later expelled. Then the Rothschilds infiltrated the imperial court at the beginnings of the Meiji period and they still keep controllings Japan.

Iruka: Are there any books other than Gnosis writings that describe the accurate information of Archon, Chimera and Yaldabaoth?

In the books of David Icke for example, we see reptilians but not Archon and Chimera.If there are books or knowledge systems that accurately describe Archons and Chimera, can you please let us know?

Cobra: Not in His Image by John Lamb Lash is fairly accurate.

Iruka:Please rate these people from 1 to 10. 1 is very good and 10 is worst.


Queen Elizabeth 8

Dalai Lama 14th 6

Pope Francis 8

Xi Jinping 5

Shinzo Abe 7

Emperor Akihito 4

Emperor Hirohito 7

Bashar Hafez al-Assad 6

Hasan Rowhani,Iranian President 5

Orban Viktor, Hungarian President 4

Iruka:How do the positeve Andromedan and Arcturian look like(appearance)?

Cobra: Humanoid.

Iruka:Pleiadian may look gentle and Sirian may look light. Then, how about the positive Andromedan and Arcturian?




Iruka: In Japan, it is suspected that there have been tampering in the vote counting. Are there illegal elections occurring in Japan?

Cobra: Yes.

Iruka: Why President Kennedy was assassinated?

Cobra: Because he wanted to release the collateral collateral accounts and because he wanted to tell the truth about UFOs.

Iruka: After your introduction to the book by Amora Quan Yin at our last interview in Japan,many of us have read it. Canyou please recommend some other books too such as ones for spiritual and esoteric, extraterrestrial beings and truth of earth?

Cobra: The Crystal Stair by Eric Klein. The Legend of Altazar by Solara

The Crystal Stair by Eric Klein

The Legend of Altazar by Solara

Iruka: Thank you very much.

Translated by Terry

Link to the interview last year:



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