Twin Flame Energy Report ~ Huge Shifts Aligning for Genuine Twin Flames ~ Nov. 25, 2017

By matahariji, 11/25/2017

Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high. It is always our most sincerest honour to gather with you in this way, and as ever we have much to discuss and share with you.

Beloveds we come forth on the aftermath of the potent new moon in Scorpio, which for many of you particularly those with Scorpio in your natal chart’s has been extremely confronting.

This new moon conjunct the sun in Scorpio during this particular ascension gateway has served to stimulate many of your deepest core wounds, which for many of you have been poked and prodded in the last few days. There are a myriad number of reasons for this but the most important one we believe, is that it offers you the opportunity to face, clear and transmute many of these core ancestral wounds. For many this is around the area of communication and the realization that one does not need any reason to offer a NO from the depths of there being.

Take heed dearest ones. Pass these tests your higher self is currently sending you. Know that as usual, everything is meticulously aligned on your spiritual pathway, and indeed lessons and tests will continue to present themselves until the test is passed. So beloveds please know and remember who you are. You are Mother Father God‘s most precious and beloved child. The whole universe was created to delight you, you are loved so much, that our creator deemed it necessary to create tens of millions of different species of flowers purely to delight you.

There is no-thing that you cannot achieve that you can conceive. You are Almighty you are all powerful.

Our Messages have been coming in consistently for some time now, and we are often times overwhelmed to bear witness to the level of transformation these sacred offerings are activating. Dear ones now is the time. We are again on the verge of an almighty influx of gamma rays but this time the level of bombardment is truly unprecedented. The Ascension energies trickle in consistently and have been doing so in earnest since the harmonic convergence of 1987, but we must inform you now in order to prepare you, that the solstice energies of 2017 will be the most intense energetic bombardment Gaia has ever seen.

There is a collective Ascension timeline trajectory which is very much unfolding now in earnest, and in these energy gateways larger quantities of light flood the 3D realm,  in the most part these gateways are aligned with a huge number of twin flame recognitions and reunions and the reason for this, is that the Earth / Mother Gaia needs twin flames to be in union on all planes of consciousness in order to release the extremely potent vibrational medicine that is generated from a genuine twin soul connection.

The last few weeks have been extremely challenging and testing even for the most stabilized and enlightened among you, and the reason for this, as ever is due to the clearing out of many ancient false limited beliefs from your consciousness and unconsciousness.

Many of you are experiencing a dark night of the soul currently, but may we remind you that the darkest hour is always just before the dawn. The solstice energies of 2017 are truly unprecedented beloveds and all of you on the awakening spiritual path are being prepared for this Ascension wave to subsume all.

Dear ones all is not what it seems for many genuine twin souls who are still in physical separation. Many of the divine masculines, (as we stated previously in our recent article) are aligning with the point in their timeline whereby their failsafe mechanism is activating, in order to redirect many of them back into your energetic field.

Many many of the divine masculine twins have very much lost their way upon the third dimension and one of the side effects of this is that they have been very  easily seduced into entering into superficial relationships with karmic soulmates.

However for a significant number of genuine twin souls these karmic soul contracts will be completing by January 2017, and fate and destiny will be aligning many of you Divine feminine with your genuine divine masculine counterparts.

We wish we could show you what lies before many of you, the joy, the celebration, the jubilation that comes when genuine vibrational counterparts unite after aeons of perceived physical separation.

You are creative beings. Your thoughts and intentions are what create your holographic experience of reality. For many of you, old-time lines of pain, lack and limitation are completing now, which is making way for brand-new 5d timelines to predominate your reality.

Let go gracefully, of all that is leaving your reality right now. Stay focused and aligned in present moment awareness, and know implicitly and irrefutably, on all planes of reality that all is well.

Dearest ones,It is our greatest pleasure to announce that the next transmission will be facilitated on the 12:12:17 at 5:55 PM UK time. Please know that this is an extremely important transmission that is essential to prepare many of us personally and collectively for the upcoming solstice gateway of 2017.

In this transmission we will be working specifically with the divine masculine and feminine to activate the Earth star chakra which exists below the root center. The earth star chakra has been designed to fully anchor and ground the individualised Christ frequencies into the core of the Earth, such that they may be activated on all individual specific grid points. This is deeply important preparation work for the solstice gateway, and is an extremely auspicious activation for all genuine twin flames.

The Earth star contains all the codes, which when aligned, are able to flood your entire energetic system with your own personal higher self God codes, which in turn deeply stimulates your personal powers of manifestation.

As ever this work can be done on an individual level, however when it is done in an enlightened group setting, the results for everyone are exponential and thus hugely magnified.

This is huge work that we are being asked to do for Gaia and the collective consciousness and we are also being asked to activate gaia’s earth star which thus enables her to fully ground and anchor her 5D timeline.

The benefits of activating the personal and collective Earth star are vast and far-reaching, and please know that all those who come forward to take part in this important ceremony will experience profound shifts in their current reality matrix, particularly with regards to an increased ability to stabilize on your own 5D timelines, and in empowering all the sacred and ancient codes of manifestation that are stored and waiting to be activated within your earth star.

This transmission is directly related to, and in preparation for the solstice gateway, and please know that more will be revealed with regards to the 12:12 Portal in due course.

All are welcome on this call,

In love and eternal light Matahari-ji and the white wolf tribe,


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