Sananda, Aramda and OWS ~ You Are an Aspect of Source Within You ~ Nov. 14, 2017

Sananda, Aramda and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our first Sunday-of-the-month BlogTalkRadio broadcast from our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on November 5, 2017

Zoe: Hello everyone and welcome to Ancient Awakenings – Prepare for Change on BlogTalkRadio.
(I’ve got to tell you, while the music was playing I just had a visual of silhouettes dancing like in the old iPod commercials. Were you dancing?)

This is the once-a-month edition of our weekly Prepare for Change gathering and we’re happy you’re joining us and adding your energy to Sananda’s meditation. You’ll also be hearing messages given by the Ascended Masters, Galactic Beings, or from the Company of Heaven, and you are welcome to participate with us in a question and answer session with One Who Serves.

I’m Zoe, the call facilitator and I’m joined by our co-host the lovely Rita, aka Pallas Athena, … resident numerologist … astrologist … spiritual counselor … musician, songstress, and all-around teacher. Rita, are you on? Did we finally get the timing right?

Rita: Yes I am. I’m right here.

Zoe: Okay! Well our dateline today is Nov 5th, 2017. This is the first Sunday of the month therefore it is BlogTalk day. Rita, would you be up for telling us what this date means in numerology?

Rita: Well, we have November which is the 11th month and 11 is a master number and it means illumination. Lighten up kids! Lighten up this Light.

What the magical number is — I call it magical but it’s mystical number — this day is the 5th which is our day. Now, you take the month and we have the 5th day of the month, we have the 14th day (4 + 1 = 5) and then we have the 23rd, (2 + 5 = 5) and so on those days well we will say that on those days there will be a lot of activity going on. And if you want some real great activity happening in your life do it on those days. And it really works. That’s why they call it mystical. And it is divine. Numerology is anyone who is has a belief in the divine. And it also collects and adds with astrology. It works together.

Now we’ll take the 5th day. Now last month it was 1 and it was a new beginning. Now we’re going to put those together and new beginnings started last month and a lot of new things that happened last month if you’ll recall. And so we had that 11-11, you know, that happened. All right so now we have the 5. Five means changes. Now the new beginnings are starting to change this month! How about that?! Now don’t hold your breath too long because it is happening as we speak. The changes are starting now.

Well then when we go into December … well I won’t go into that. We’re not going to have a radio show next month because of the Advance that we are having in Arizona. So we’ll take even the fifth. You have a personal number, everyone does, and if you want to know what your path is, your lesson you have to learn, you take your birthday (the year the month and the day,) and add it. If it comes out to be a five that means that you have to learn to all the freedom time you have in your life to do it constructively. Do not waste any of your freedom. And that’s what that means. And that’s what mine is, by the way, is a five. And so that’ll be fun to do for those who would like to know what their lesson is.

And I just want to say with this numerology it absolutely — if you do it correctly — it absolutely happens. It is not just a bunch of numbers. And we put the numbers with the words and you can take every word and if you know what each letter means with a number you could tell what that word means. Now I did cat just for fun. C = 3. A = 1. T = 2. Now that comes out to be a 6. LOVE. Cats are loving. They are full of love.

And that’s why numerology is to guide us because our veil had been put over our minds when we came here, but we knew what we had to learn before we came. So we chose our parents to help us do that and our own birthday. The most important number for you is the day you were born. You cannot change that. Some people change their dates for other reasons.

So I just want to leave you now and say Happy Happy 5th day today! And keep those lights shining … your love light shining. Bye for now.

All: Thank you Rita.

Rita: You’re welcome and thank you Zoe.

Zoe: I expected James to jump in as the One Who Serves’ talking in the background: “There is no veil. There is no spoon.”

Rita: Not now, no.

Zoe: So anyway, to let you know how this usually works, James will start us off by leading us into the guided meditation. And typically, once he gets us situated or orientated, Sananda will step in to take over.

After the meditation, we move into channeled messages by any Master who has something to say that we need to hear.

Then our hosts, One Who Serves, will jump in with their comments and then answer your questions.
I’ll give you the details on how to get into our queue at that point.

Rita, do you know who we expect to hear from today?

Rita: Oh we expect to hear from Sananda but I don’t know who the guest is today, and it’s channeled through James McConnell.

Zoe: Very good. All right. Well, like I was saying earlier, after Sananda’s message our long-time hosts, the One Who Serves, will pick it up and say a few words, before leading the Q & A. And, you know, occasionally they may make a point or two about whatever we had been talking about earlier in the private section of the call and if you’re interested in being a part of that, I’ll give you the info on how to join Ancient Awakenings group after the Q&A.

So for those of you who are new to our group, OWS is actually a collective of ascended beings who choose not to be identified individually. On different days you’ll hear different voices – and you’ll certainly get different personalities — but they are united … well mostly united … they are perfectly united in their message to us.

And as Rita said, Sananda and The One Who Serves will be speaking through James McConnell who is the founder of our Prepare For Change/Ancient Awakenings group. And as a note, we were recently blessed when Charles Osburn stepped out of the quiet of the background and agreed to be the voice of some for our other friends in channel so you can expect to hear from him occasionally.

So again, welcome everyone … and James, would you like to take it from here, please.

SANANDA Guided Meditation

Find yourselves now in a quiet place. Get into a nice relaxed breathing motion. Breathing deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth. Evenly, deeply.

Focus now on finding the quietness within yourself, that sacred place that is deep within you. And find yourself moving deeper into that place, deeper and deeper, quieter and quieter. Relaxed.

Now as you breathe, breathe in a golden white light and hold that for just a few seconds. And then breathe it out and breathe out any kind of tension that may be still residing within you at this time. And then breathe in again the golden white light. Feel that light moving through your body going everywhere in your body. See yourself filling with light. And then be aware of that light as it has filled your entire body. Feel it moving outside of your body. See it moving outside of your body, surrounding your body so that you are now filled with light and sharing and spreading light as well. You are The Light.

Now also be aware of your chakra centers; all seven of your chakras as well as those chakras that are just now beginning to come into being for you. They have always been there but they are now becoming involved again in your beingness. I speak of the two below and the three above. You may just be getting somewhat of a silhouette of them at this time … an inkling of them, but yet they are there.

So see all twelve chakras now lined up. And all becoming enlivened with this light, with your consciousness. And as you are focusing on your chakra centers, these energy centers, know that they are a part of you and you are a part of them. All is one.

In particular, be aware of your fourth chakra, your Heart Center, and just above your Heart Center is that Higher Heart Center. And see that center now as a beautiful brilliant magenta color, a new color that is coming, a new higher frequency color that will become very prominent in the future, even more so than it is now. Because it brings not only light but it brings high-frequency light.

And also be aware of your third eye center in the middle of your forehead. And move your consciousness now into that center so that you are looking out through your third eye as a window, a doorway. And move out now let your consciousness move out through this third eye center into the very room where you find yourself. And then become aware of yourself as a conscious knowing being outside of your physical body.

And know that your physical body is but a tool, an instrument that you are using at this time. But you, you are the collective consciousness of all as you move outside of your body and begin to move up into the pillar of light as not only found here in this room but in all areas where you are as well. If you did not make it specifically know that it is there and find yourself moving up that pillar of light. But at some point all of the pillars of light come together and begin to move up together as a group, as one, as many. Many as the one and one as the many.

As you move up the pillar of light higher and higher until you can turn back and look down at the Earth; our dear Gaia, dear sister Gaia, mother Gaia, far down below in the brilliant colors that the Earth is. Brilliant blue color, crystalline blue.

And if you have not already become aware of all of the ships now that are all around us. Everywhere you turn the ships are there. They are now uncloaked for you to see here in your astral or your etheric bodies you can become aware of all of these ships.

And as you look back down at the Earth now see the Earth as we see her: with the higher consciousness, higher vibration. And the Earth as she is going through her birth motions now, birthing into a new level of her being almost as if the caterpillar is becoming the butterfly and going through all the machinations that occurs through that; all of the energies shifts, the frequency changing. But you can see it as she is becoming born again new, birthing a new level of consciousness both within her and without her outside of her. And of course you are that collective consciousness. You and the plants and the flowers and the bees and the animals and even the rocks. All is becoming born again anew.

With this Violet Light, this fire — you can call it Violet Light. You can call it Violet Fire, White Fire, Golden Fire, even Blue Fire if you like — but send this out now across the planet to all areas of the planet. And as you are sending it out across this Christ Consciousness Grid and then down to the Earth, all of the ships that are here are also doing the same. And the energies coming from the Galactic Central Sun are joining this as well. And all are becoming a part of the One.

As these energies, this light, this love spreads across the planet as a new consciousness, a new higher consciousness and you see everywhere now people begin to awaken whereas before it they may have still been asleep or appeared so, they are now being awakened by that inner alarm clock that is going off because of this light because of this consciousness shift. And it cannot be anything but this.

Yes there is some that will refuse the light but you cannot become involved in that. You can only send it. And do not be concerned about how it is received just that it is received. That you have done your parts in sending and sharing and spreading the light everywhere as you are doing now through this exercise through this meditation.

And as all are receiving this light all becoming imbued with this new higher frequency of light, everything is beginning to shift. And I am not speaking of the future. I am speaking of the now. The now that you find yourselves in in this very moment. And this now is creating this consciousness shift across the planet. This group that you are a part of is a part of the whole. And as the whole you are bringing this all about together.

So feel and know and understand the shift as it moves across the planet more and more to all areas and all areas and all people and all life is becoming illuminated.

Simply bask in this light for just a little bit, a few moments. Feel the energies. Be the energies.

Allow yourselves now to begin to move back to the pillar of light that you came up in. Move back down the pillar of light. Back down toward the Earth, towards your physical body. And as you merge with your physical body once again feel yourself become fully enmeshed in your body, fully a part of your physical body. But bring that light, that oneness that you felt, if only for a moment, bring it back in with you. And know that as you continue on each day that you carry this light always and in all ways. Allow yourselves now to come back into a complete state of consciousness and circulation fully revitalized and refreshed.


I AM Sananda and I welcome you back.

Welcome you back to your physical form, this physical form that you have been in a sense in love with your whole life as if it is the only thing you know: this body. You wake up each morning, you look in the mirror and you see yourself.

But I ask you is that really yourself? That image that is showing back in that mirror, is that you or is that simply an aspect of you? An aspect that you are carrying at this time. For that is what you are. You are an aspect of your Higher Self, of the Source within you. An aspect. Not this physical body. Yes your personality is you but it is only a part of you as well. You have many personalities you have been many personalities and all of the personalities coming together that you have ever had make who you are. Not this body.

And I tell you all this now because it is time. It is time for you to no longer care what others think about you but only what you think about you, what you know about you. Because as these times continue on you are going to become more and more aware of the greater you that you are. As your memories begin to return, as your experiences expand, as your dreams continue to evolve within you, you will become more aware of the totality of who you are. And as you do this you will begin to remember that this has happened before many times. You have all been here and done this before. In other places yes, in other systems, other realities, and yes, even at times, in other illusions.

But at this time now you are breaking out of that illusion if you have not already done so. But if you had already completely down so you would not even be here in this room, in this discussion. You would be amongst us at this point. But because you are not yet does not mean you are less than. You are just as great as we are and just as low as we are. Because we are all one and in this together as one and have always been and always will be. More and more you must come to understand that you are the masters just as we are the masters. You have chosen, volunteered, to be here, to be a part of this expression to assist the awakening process on this planet.

And in so doing you have lost your selves at times. But just as the sheep wander off from time to time and the sheepherder goes and finds that lost sheep so too have I as Sananda and Yeshua gone out far and wide and found our lost sheep. You are those lost sheep but you are only lost within yourself. That is the way you see your selves as lost.

But many of you now are beginning to find and understand even if only the concept that you have never truly been lost and that you are the ones that are the sheep herders now. You are the ones that are going out and finding the lost sheep, the ones that still believe they are lost.

That is your mission at this time, those of you that are ready to accept it. If you are not at this time yet, then be not concerned about this for it is what it is and you are who you are and you are loved and accepted by all no matter what or how you find yourselves moving through this process. And moving through this process, this transition, you are in this very moment.

Many things are happening. Many yet that you have not seen or are even not aware of but they are happening behind the scenes yes. But the truth shall set you free. That was said long ago and has been reiterated many, many times over because it is the truth and you are that truth. And you are the way, the truth, and the life, just as we all are.

I AM Sananda. I leave you now. All of my peace and love be with all of you and may the light continue to shine deeply within you and outside of you. I turn this over now to our dear brother Aramda to share with you as one of the Galactic members.


And I AM Aramda.

It is wonderful to be with you to have this time, these moments that I can share with you. Those of you that do not know of my name, you will know my name. Just as you know Sananda. Yeshua, Archangel Michael, and so on, you will know my name as well.

And that is not in an ego standing that I speak. It is a standing of understanding of who I Am related to who you are. Many of you have been with me before and I with you. We have shared bread together many times. And yes at times we have even shared the spirit, wine, and others. (St. Germain would certainly attest to that!)

My connection with you is grand and I am in the process now, upon my ship the Amalia, I Am in the process of waiting just as all of us are in that process now of waiting. And you are in that process of waiting.

But do not wait and wait and wait and forsake your lives each day, each moment. Continue to live your life as if it was the last moment here on Earth because at some point it will become the last moment. Not in terms of dying and moving on but the last moment of this reality that you have become accustomed to, that you have somewhat even found as a comfort zone within you. But I tell you now that this comfort zone that you are in now, (some of you that still find it as comfortable,) I tell you that that is going away and it will be replaced by a new comfort zone much more so than it has ever been in this life or in many of the lives you have had before. Even if you found yourself in an earlier lifetime as a King or a Queen or with riches, they will not compare to the riches that you will have as you move into the next heaven of your being. That is what awaits all of you.

All that have gone through this ascension process before have done this, have moved into the higher heavens of their being into higher levels of consciousness, into higher knowing, just as you are all moving into this higher knowing as well. Some of you not so fast. Some of you kicking and screaming even. Not quite ready to leave that comfort that you have felt and that you shy away from change of any kind. But change is coming my dear friends. And it is coming fast. And at times even furious because you cannot hold it back. No one can hold it back anymore.

Change is a part of the expression of life. And just as Sananda said about the Earth moving through her cocoon becoming a butterfly you are now in that stage, in that cocoon, sheltered from the elements around you. But soon, very soon you will be breaking out of that cocoon. Some of you have already begun so and becoming the butterfly, becoming the beauty that you are meant, always meant to be, and have always been.

But not always when you look in the mirror do you see beauty as we see the beauty within you.

We are standing by on all of our ships. All are at a go state, ready, ready to move in a moment’s notice. But just as was said a long time ago no one knows the hour, the moment, the day, but the Father in Heaven. The Source of All knows when to give that signal, the green light so to speak. We are all watching for this now. All anticipating it.

And yes many celebrations have already begun because we know it is quite imminent at this time that you are going to begin to find a great many things beginning to shift in your lives. First as just a trickle, just a simple movement of the snow on a mountainside. But as the frequency rises on that mountainside it begins to shift the snow a little bit more and the snow begins to slide down the mountain. And as it begins to slide down the mountain it gains momentum and it picks up trees and buildings if they are there, and whatever stands in its way. And the avalanche continues down the mounting taking everything within it.

This is what is coming the avalanche. And those of you that are acclimating to these energies will be able to ride this avalanche as if you were on skis or your snowboards. Ride the wave you might say. You can use the same analogy in the ocean of the waves, whatever one works for you. But this is what is coming. And you are a part, a major part, each and every one of you, of this avalanche of truth, this avalanche of love, a tsunami of love, if you will, that is moving across the planet even now. And nothing — just as nothing can hold back an avalanche; nothing can hold back a tidal wave or tsunami — nothing here also can hold this back.

I AM Aramda. I love you dearly and deeply more than you can know at this point. And I will be back with you when you find yourselves at that Advance, that next Advance. And as you find yourself there, those of you there in person and those of you that are on the phone, and yes, even those of you that listen to the recordings after, you will find that you are all a part of this great movement. And you will all feel the energies in that place in those moments when we are all together at this next Advance. Because just as the avalanche coming down the mountain this will be an avalanche as well as it takes all of your old knowing, and yes sometimes even your comfort zones, and begins to scatter them to the very winds and replace them all with the new understandings, the new higher frequencies, and the new consciousness that you are bringing to this world.

I leave you now with all peace and love. And yes, continue to spread the light everywhere that you go, everywhere that you have that opportunity, but never ever take what another says or does personally.


Om Mani Padme Om. Om Mani Padme Om. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

How was that for messages?!?! Did you like all of that? Did you enjoy all of that? Did it get into your thick noggins at times? And we say that purposefully because you all have thick noggins. You really do. We do all kinds of shenanigans that we can come up with to bring these messages to you in many different ways in many different tools that are needed here and we do all that we can and yet we look sometimes at some of you and it seems like nothing is getting through. But, that is not to chastise you for we would never do that. We are not here to do that we are not your mothers, we are not your fathers; that is not our role. Our role is to nudge you … to nudge you along. To give you that surfboard or that snowboard or the skis that you can ride upon the waves. This is our role. This is what we are here to do.

And you are being trained to be in our role — those of you that want this, those of you that find this calling. And yes we know that some of you that have come to this calling now, volunteered to be here, we know that many of you actually are saying, ‘This is it! We are not going to do this again no matter what you say, no matter how you say it, no matter how many times you pound this into our noggins. We are not going to turn around and say, okay what’s next? We’re ready for the next venture, the next adventure here’. But as we look at each and every one of you — and yes we know every one of you. Not so much your names (some we do) but your essences, your frequency. We know you by your frequency. — and we know that just as you volunteered to come here this time you will turn around again when the moment comes and the call goes out again, the Clarion call you might call it, rings out again and you, many of you, will be the first ones to get in line and to jump at the chance to be of service again. Because that is what you all are.

You may not think you are, you may not think you are being of service. You may think you are, what is the term, selfish. And at times your mate may think you are quite selfish that is true. But you are not. Because if you were you would still be a part of the sleeping masses that are out there. But you are not. You have awakened.

We find here the movie, the Dune movie, where Atreides yells “Father, the sleeper has awakened!” And a new Christ was born on that planet. It may be a fictional story as you know it but there is much truth to that story. The sleeper has awakened. All of you have awakened.

Many around you have either awakened or are beginning their awakening process because that is the way it must be. So my dear friends, people, believe in yourselves. Believe in the light within you to carry the day, to shine forth to all out there. Where ever you find yourselves be that light, be that beacon that calls even to one more out there, one more that you can help to awaken.

If there are questions now we are ready for questions here. Anyone out there wish to ask a question? Zoe, do you need to give indication here how to do this?

Q & A

Zoe: Yes please. Thank you One Who Serves. If I may, I’ll all add these few notes. As you know to get into our queue and ask your question, press 1 to raise your hand. When you’re called upon, tell us your name, where you’re located, and then ask your question concisely and succinctly. And then once you receive your answer, please press 1 to remove yourself from the queue.

And also if there’s a lot of background noise around you can you please mute yourself while One Who Serves is speaking. And I know you can’t always tell because when you’re in it, it doesn’t sound that loud to you or that it’s very distracting or drowning out, we’ll just mute you from here. So, hang on and we’ll get you back open so you can be heard.

Rita: Okay Zoe, the ones in the house there to ask their question, too.

Zoe: Yeah. But they know how to do it. And having said that, what would you like to start with, on line or in the house? One Who Serves …

OWS: Oh, you’re asking us?

Zoe: Yes … You’re One Who Serves aren’t you?

OWS: We would say here that it matters not how you go about it just that you do it. Whatever you wish here.

Are there any questions here for the ones here in the room first? Anyone? Going once, going twice. Are you sure? Speak up now or forever hold your peace. Isn’t that the saying you have? That is a very weird saying by the way just so you know. If you don’t speak now you can’t speak later? Come on now. Anyone here? Anyone. No? This group that can always ask questions, that has access to this medium you might say for at many times and have asked many, many questions over the years and maybe they have gotten their questions answered and have no more! Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Q: What was just going on with this big boom this big sound that has come out all over that people thought might be an earthquake?

OWS: Yes we knew this question was coming and we are ready for it with an answer. And what we can tell you is there are frequencies that are increasing across the planet. You are going to see them, feel them, know them in many different ways as these frequencies continue to rise. You call it your Schumann Resonance when it begins to spike. You are going to find that there are going to be more and more of these spiking activities as well as these things continue on. You can call it the Earth herself, Gaia herself going through her birth process. That would be wonderful to think would it not? But that is not so much what it is.

It is more of a what you have already surmised here in some ways is that it is a clearing out process. There is clearing out of those bases you have spoken of. Yes, that is occurring and it is going to continue to occur, has occurred much before and will continue. It is a process that is happening here. And although you are not aware of this from your mainstream media that does not share these things with you — they are supposed to share the news but they do not share much of the real news anymore, you found that out. Yes you have. And these things are happening, are going to continue to happen.

Many different sounds, vibrations are going to happen. Even to the point of hearing these trumpet sounds, bugle sounds, whatever you want to call them, that have happened in the past as well. And this is the Earth going through her process. So there are combination of things that are happening here to help to awaken the public here, to the sleeping masses here, and also to bring about the shift of consciousness that is necessary to move those here on the planet that are not a part of this process or do not want to be a part of this process to move them into a new timeline that is set for them. Okay?

And incidentally while we are on that, that question that was asked or spoken of earlier in terms of your loved ones not coming along with you and all of these kinds of things, that is not your concern. Yes they are your loved ones yes you love them deeply, we understand this, but if they are not meant to go along with you, even if not in the first phase or first level of this, maybe they will come in the next wave or the next wave after that or maybe not. Maybe they will move to a totally new experience outside of your experience here. That will remain to be seen for them as they are moving through this process as well.

All are moving through this process just at different rates, different frequencies and resonating to different frequencies as they move through this. And if they are not able to resonate to the new frequencies that are going to be a part of the Earth as she continues to move into the higher vibrations then they will not be able to be here with you. But fear not. Do not be concerned with this because you will see them again. All will see again in the times ahead. Okay?

Q: Everything you just said was wonderful and I really needed to hear that so blessings and love, thank you. When the James was taking us through the meditation and we all came up through the light I saw everyone coming up in their astral forms and we all joined in. Some of us were linking hands and some weren’t but I linked hands am I experiencing something different from somebody else but it will just tell you what I experienced as we went up I linked hands with Rita [editor’s note: both are aspects of Pallas Athena] and we looked back at the ship and we saw all over our loved ones on there and Athena came out into her light body and joined with me and Rita and help both our hands as an this love just came out all of our hearts onto the planet. It was one of the most magical moments and I asked collectively and to Rita, can you see it or can you feel this. I thought it was wonderful that Athena came out to join us. I want to ask if what I was seeing is what was actually happening or if it’s just me seeing it?

OWS: You know how we are going to answer that question! [Laughter] Are you seeing it or are you seeing it? You are certainly seeing it as you need to in that moment. You are experiencing what is there for you in that moment. And yes we can confirm to you that your Athena, the higher aspect of yourself and of Rita and of others here not only those here but others have also have this aspect just as many have the aspect of Yeshua and Sananda and Archangel Michael and so on and so on. You see? You are all a part of the greater family here and this is what you need to come to understand. So yes it was real.

And we need to help you to understand also that you said the James led this meditation. The James did not lead this meditation. This was Sananda from beginning to end. We are only saying that because it was special here that he would come and fully lead this meditation and take you to a new level of consciousness that you could each reach within yourself as a result of this. It was as if Yeshua was standing in front of his Disciples and sharing with them. This is what you are. You are all the Disciples. All those that are carrying on the discipline that is necessary to move through this process, to move through this ascension process. And in so doing not only to ascend yourself but to assist many, many others to move through their ascension as well. Yes. You heard the James’ voice but you had Sananda’s frequency here.

This is just a small glimpse of what you are going to receive when you are together at that it Advance. We have been planning this particular Advance for a long time now. Each one greater than the one before: more frequency, more consciousness, more experiential. And this next one is going to be what you’re saying is one for the books. [Jokingly:] No pressure here though on those of you that are there. We know. It will be what it will be but the plan, the great plan that we have in store for you is in the works you might say. And we are going to begin to share this more with the James in this coming week here so he can put it on paper and send it out to you. Paper? No, not paper! Your electronic medium here. E-mail. You don’t want to use paper anymore do you?

Q: I have a question about the upcoming 11/11. Could you give us some inspiration or discernment about the Triple Gateway, about this upcoming November 11th?

OWS: Yes as many of you are already aware this is a special time a special numerology event you might say to go along with the astrological events that are occurring too at the same time. And this is important, yes, as a gateway. If you take your 11 11 and separate them with what you have in the middle there, a little colon there you might say, [11:11] and on each side are the pillars, the pillars of the gateway that you move through. And in the middle is that gateway. So you are all moving through a gateway of sorts.

And because of the building of the grid here on the planet — the new grid not the old grid, not the ones that the cabal has created and all of this but the new ones — the Atlantean Grid, the Crystalline Grid which are somewhat one and the same, and the Christ Consciousness Grid of course all of these grids are bringing about the higher frequency or moving into the higher frequencies the higher vibration and they are opening up more and more of these gateways. Not so much that you can like your movie Stargate where you can go and move through into a new planet or something of this nature. Not so much like that because that was somewhat fictional but it is based on reality. And these gateways are opening up so that you can travel yes within your consciousness not so much your physical bodies yet. And I repeat here the term yet. You are not going to be able to do that yet but that is also going to come. It is going to be a part of your expression but now it is a consciousness shift that is happening as these gateways open more and more. And the 11/11/11 is going to be a major Gateway just as ones previous to this in the years past have also opened these gateways. The 11/11, November 11th, is an important one and many of you will feel this Gateway opening as you are prone or akin you might say to these energies as they change. Okay?

Q: As you know I have been very interested to jump the timeline and am working my body doing the Five Rites and all of that. And I thought that what was going to happen with our bodies and the light body was that our body would kind of morph and be filled with light but it wouldn’t go away so to speak. Then I heard a gentleman talking about three ways that the light body could happen. One was that it literally — kind of like Jesus’s body — it sort of incinerated (if I understand that correctly) and was gone. Another one said there was some religious sect of individuals where the body would kind of shrivel up like a shriveled head — I mean it was kind of twisted — and people would put little clothes on it and put it on a shelf … which I haven’t got a preference for that one. And I just wanted to find out what was going to happen, what can we expect?

OWS: First of all, stop reading [Laughter] these particular things that you are finding here. Yes it is true of Yeshua when he went through the process that he went through and we’re not going to speak directly about what really happened there because that will come to you as you are ready for it. But we can say that he did spiritualize his physical body. Now take that as you will. Does that mean he took the body with him? Yes in a sense he did take the body with him. And you yourselves are going through this process as well. You do not have to die on the cross or anything of this nature. You do not have to go through that. You do not even have to go through the sense of physical death to have this process, this ascension process because you are going to be, if you choose to as you are going through this, you will be taking your physical body with you. Not as you know your physical body now though. It would not be able to withstand the energy and the pressures that will be there. But you will be able to also in a sense spiritualize your body and take it with you as well. And it will feel just the same as your body is now. It will be just the same. But remember the body, just as Sananda said earlier, the body is only a tool, an instrument that you are using now. And you are going to continue to use it if you will if you want to as a continued instrument of your use here. Okay?

Q: We were talking about the light chambers before and now I’m a bit confused with the answer to the last question about when we spiritualize our bodies. Does that mean when we go into the chambers or
to a degree will we go when we’re into the Event and the Galactic Pulse wave has been and gone? Will we go to the ships in our physical body to be acclimated and then go in the chambers or do we have to be acclimated in our physical bodies first before we go on to the ships?

OWS: There will be a process that you are even going through now as you are continuing to acclimate to these energies so you will be, when the frequencies are right, and you can call it when the time is right, you will find yourselves moving up in these ships and down into Inner Earth. And once the Cities of Light appear as well you will be able to find yourselves there as well. And this is where those crystal chambers will be. They will be there waiting for you, each and every one of you and all that are ready for this process across the entire planet. And you will be going into them more with your physical body as you know it now and you will emerge from that somewhat more spiritualized you might say. This is the process.

Now not all have to go through and move into these chambers. Some are able to go through this ascension process without needing to go through this. This is for those who are either not ready or unable to find themselves through this ascension process on their own or even with their mentors helping them. So it is for everyone whatever is needed you might say. This is how it will be approached. Whatever is needed will be provided. Okay?

Q: I give you full permission to come and land in my back garden. We can get a small scout ship in the garden. I can’t wait. Blessings.

OWS: Be careful of what you wish for! If they we’re landing in your garden the garden might be gone!

Q: It’s quite big but depending on the size of …

OWS: We are joking here! We are joking. Not being serious. You need to understand what we are all about here. And we say things in humor but we mean them in the best of intentions always. And if it is to be that you would have a ship, a small ship you might say, landing in one of your backyards, calling to you saying, ‘Okay. Time to get in. Time to go’. If that occurs — and it’s going to occur for many here just so you know — it will be a process, it will be offered to you when those times are right for it. And if it is and you are one that has one of these ships land either in your backyard or a field close by or whatever it might be and even if they don’t land are you ready to beam up? You see? They do not have to land; they can beam you up in a momentary notice. Just as you have heard the one Cory Goode has gone into these small blues spheres and you probably wonder how can he go into a small blue sphere. But he did. You see? And in a moment’s notice. Or sometimes no notice at all. You see?

So much will change. Much is changing. Much will continue to change. And the more that you are wanting to be a part of these changes the more that you will be. But always that saying is there: be careful of what you wish for because you are going to find that your wishes, your ability to manifest is going to become more and more real and immediate to you as these things continue on, as these changes, these shifts of consciousness continue. You have no idea yet how powerful — power not in terms of ego — but powerful in terms of knowledge, understandings, spreading the light that you are going to become.

Q: Blessings and love. In speaking for the collective we can’t wait!

OWS: But you have to wait! [Laughter] In other words you are in the now. You are in the perfect moment now and that is where you reside at this point and that is where you will always reside. So do not focus only on the future, only what is coming. We know we talk about changes and all of this that these things are happening and coming and all of this, but we always need to take you back to the present, to the present moment, to your life as it is right now in this moment, and live your life to the best that you possibly can each and every moment. As always find the joy in each moment of your life. Okay?

Q: I don’t know if this is appropriate [asking a personal question] but I’m not feeling too well and I’m asking for healing and any guidance about how best to take care of my physical body. I’ve been under a lot of stress recently.

OWS: Are you familiar with the Guardian Angels? Are you familiar rather not so much the Guardian Angels but the Archangels? And do you have a certain relation or feeling toward the Archangel Gabrielle? Or Gabriel or however you want to look at it here, for he and she are one and the same.

Q: Yes.

OWS: And we are saying to you now that is a strong connection that you have. You are very much related to this one. We cannot say how at this point but go within yourself and ask for Gabriel or Gabrielle, you probably feel more akin to the female version here, so reach out to Gabrielle and ask that she come and share her light with you. And feel this light as it moves through. It is a process.

So ask, receive, and accept, as it comes through. And that acceptance part is the greatest part there. That is the belief part. If you do not accept it, it will not be real. So you must accept it. You must put away all preconceived notions of this is not real, this is just my imagination, this is part of the illusion, etc., etc., etc., and know that it is more real than the very illusionary life that you find yourselves in now. Okay? Do that. Do that and you will feel a warmth. If you do this as we are saying and accept the light you will feel a warmth come through your body and as it moves through your body it will bring about a healing process. But again you must believe; you must know it to be real. And know that your connection with Gabrielle, Archangel Gabrielle, is very strong indeed.

And we know now there are some out there saying, ‘We’ve asked questions like this before and you never gave us answers like this before’. But there are certain times, certain moments, certain connections that must be made and this connection between this one who has asked this question and the one Gabrielle was very important to reestablish here. She will understand and know as this happens what we are speaking of. Now we are going to get questions “Who are we related to?!?” [Laughter]

Zoe: We have two more questions if you can hold out for the last one.

OWS: We hold out for two more. We’re struggling but will hold out for two more. [Laughter] We can make it!

Q: Regarding those of us that do want to and are open to going aboard the ships and being beamed up. Will our dogs, will our pets be able to come with us?

OWS: Oh my goodness! If you would know what occurred some time ago in year 2012 as we are finding it, and the one that is known as Steve Bekow, planned this trip aboard the ship, and planned it aboard the ship Neptune, we believe it was. And this all was happening. It was going to be real and people began to line up you might say to go aboard the ship get beamed up and all of this. They were told about scout ships were going to show up and pick them up and all of these kinds of things and you can imagine what occurred from this.

The questions started: Can we bring our pets? What do we wear? Can we bring our children? Do we need to eat before we go? Do we brush our teeth first? Etc. etc. etc. Now we are not making fun here of you. We are making fun of the situation here you see. When you say can you bring our dogs, what makes you think your dogs are gonna want to go? You see? Your pets what makes you think they’re going to want to go up on a ship? We would think that they probably would not want to. They are quite comfortable right here where they are. Now, is that to say that you are going to go up on a ship and leave your pets behind and they’re going to have to fend for themselves? No! Certainly that is not going to happen. But we would ask you: when you go off on a trip and you go travel somewhere do you plan for someone to watch your pets? Of course! And that is what you will do here as well as you will have some notice if there is a situation that is requiring this. You see?

That is also in terms of your spouse as well. Some will not go with their spouse. Their spouse is not awakened you might say, and they would be leaving their spouse behind. But also understand that timeframe difference here. Time as you know it here is different than the time sense upon the ships. And that time that appears to go forward in terms of say three months or something of this nature, would be only minutes here. So it would be as if you had not even left. You understand this?

Q: I do. That’s very helpful. Thank you. I just didn’t want to abandon my doggies.

OWS: No. You will not.

OWS: Final question? Sounds like Jeopardy or whatever that show is. Final question final answer. (laughter)

Q: I have a question about our mentors. And I know the connection is getting stronger for all of us and we need to keep raising our vibrations and when the time is right and all of those obvious things but is there anything else we can be doing specifically to have like a more physical connection? Sometimes they feel so strong in my presence it’s like I can reach out and touch them. I’m just wondering if I’m stopping the process or if there’s something else I need to do and if this is truly my mentors that are here with me now?

OWS: You made this saying there the statement that at sometimes it feels like you can reach out and touch them. And we would say to you do you reach out and touch them? Do you see the difference? [All: Trust]

Q: I have. And I don’t know if it was mentors or Archangels where they actually let me feel the outer perimeter of their form.

OWS: And did they touch you back?

Q: They held my hand.

OWS: Yes. Yes. Then there you go. It was not as if you were doing it, you were doing it.

Q: Are these my mentors that I’m feeling?

OWS: We would say to you at this point what difference does it make who or what they are, just that they are. And they are there for you to share to experience with you and to help to guide you. Just as we do with this group in these times we come together, they are there for you whoever they might be. And yes we can give you in a sense here that there is an Archangel involved here in this as well for you. So they are real. You can touch them you can reach out and touch them. What was that the Yellow Book or something here? Reach out and touch someone.

Q: Can you tell me the name of that Archangel?

OWS: What do we say here people??? [All: Go within!] Yes. Go within. No we cannot give you the name. You must come to the name yourself who it is. what it is. We only gave this other one the name of Gabrielle because it was important for this connection to be made at that point because of her situation. But for you, you are not in that type of situation and it is better for you to go within yourself, find the Source within you and then ask those questions. And when you receive the answer know that it is more than just your imagination. It is much more than your imagination. Your imagination is much more than you think it is. You see? Make it real. It is real.

Q: We are ready then to release channel. Is there anything left here before we release?

OWS: Actually there is one more that got into the queue.

We take one more and that is it. Close off the queue here. It is closed. We just closed it.

Q: I’m also wanting to find out — I go tomorrow to get a pet scan to see if I am still in remission for my cancer. And I want to find out if you can tell me an Archangel that I would be able to communicate with that would be there with me.

OWS: We are searching here looking and what we find here is not so much what you would expect. Not so much of an Archangel or even a guardian angel but there is one that is out there in the wings you might say. (Waiting in the wings? Is that how you say it? In the wings or in the winds?) The wings. Yes. Out there in the wings waiting just for this very moment for you to reach out.

She, it is as she, she is waiting there for you to reach out. Cannot give you the name. It is not an Archangel but it is one that has a strong connection to you from the past. Not past in this lifetime but past in many lifetimes previously. You have been together with this one. You have strong connection. So simply go within yourself, reach out to the one that you have known before. Simply put it that way: “one that you have known before,” and she will then make herself known to you if you are open enough to it. And she will then help you through this continuing process that you find yourself in now. You are going through this because of a past life trauma that you had a long time ago. And it is a pattern that you are moving through at this point. But once you have moved through it, it will be over. And he can be over even sooner. Okay?

Please understand everyone that at times we are somewhat cryptic you might say and we need to be because we cannot do it for you. We cannot live your life for you. We cannot tell you what to do, how to do it, went to do it, where to do it. We can only give you a nudge here and there and provide a little bit of guidance. We can open a door but you need to move through it. You see?

We are finished now then we will release channel.

Just as you continue on in these days that are coming up, these days and weeks that are coming up, where much is going to be revealed many changes many things are going to be revealed. You have heard of announcements that are coming and that is still true and they are going to manifest in those times when the frequencies are the best for it to happen. And these frequencies will manifest based on the timeframe in terms of your numerology as you are beginning to more and more understand and how important these dates these times these moments are in bringing about these many shifts that are happening and coming. Okay? We are ready now to release channel.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Zoe: Okay, well thank you all for joining us today. If you plan to attend next Sunday’s group meeting either in person or by phone, please rsvp at That’s where you’ll be able to log into the site that will put you into the group.

Our regular website is and there you’ll find a bunch of interesting blog posts on these various topics we’ve been discussing, the recordings are there, the transcriptions are there, and translations, and movie recommendations amongst other things.

While we’re on that subject, James is always looking for volunteers who can translate the calls, the written part of the call. So if there is anyone who would care to volunteer and translate it into another language, get in touch with him, please. Helping these messages reach other people is definitely a light worker/light warrior’s work.

Oh and what else are we missing? facebook … our FaceBook page is AncientAwakeningsonfb.

For this BlogTalk show you’ll find the replay online at -Prepare forChange. There’s a lot of hyphens going on here.
But Moses will put it up on the website under the Channelings tab so you can just look for it there.

We’re also on YouTube. I’m not really sure if there’s a direct line to that but I’ve always been able to find it by searching for Ancient Awakenings OR for Prepare for Change. Either one has gotten us into the YouTube videos or whatever those are called.

And we need to reiterate that next month, December 3rd there will not be a BlogTalk broadcast because that weekend we will be holding our winter Advance. We’d love to have you come so let’s have James, if you’re back, explain how you can get involved in that.

James: I’m back. Yes. If you’re already a member of Ancient Awakenings it’s simple. Just go to the Meetup site, click on December Advance, it’ll open up to a new page, and at the top right it’ll say Are You Going. You will simply say Yes and it’ll prompt you for a payment of $15. That will provide access to the entire weekend and all the experiences that we’ll be having personally there, many of you will be able to have somewhat the same experiences over the phone … almost as if you were live and in person with us. That’s what we’ve been told. When we have the experiences you’ll be having them as well.

And also I been told too if there is some kind of manifestation that we have available to us, we’re able to generate the frequency enough for that to happen, it can also be wherever you are as well so you can see the same manifestation. As they say there is no time and space. It’s all in our heads.

Zoe: Great! Actually I’m looking forward to the part where you get to do both voices between Robin Williams and our own comedic One Who Serves. That ought to be a real hoot.

James: I’m looking forward to that too. I don’t know how in the world they’re going to pull it off. I have no idea. Those of you that know me, I’m not a standup comic at all and I don’t do voices or … Unless you call the One Who Serves doing voices but I’m not doing it so. I don’t know how to explain that. But it should be interesting to say the least.

Zoe: Okay well that about covers it. Do you want to do the closing prayer?

James: Cheryl is going to do the closing prayer.

Cheryl: Let us pray. Thank you Sananda, Aramda, One Who Serves for the wonderful messages today. Thank you One Who Serves for your copious amount of patience. We love you and we really appreciate it. We are so happy to be a part of this wonderful group, Ancient Awakenings, a gathering of Masters. Thank you Sananda for overlighting this group. Thank you James for founding this group.

We get emotional sometimes when we think about the people that we’re working with. We are working with Sananda who is transforming this universe into higher frequencies. We are working with Archangel Uriel who’s illuminating the universe. We’re blowing the trumpets with Archangel Gabrielle and we are winning battles with Archangel Michael. Hallelujah!

We are great beings of light and we are here. We are here with great purpose. Our mission is peace. Our mission is love. And so it is.

All: And so it is.

James: That was beautiful Cheryl thank you. Okay we’re all finished here. We’re signing off and thank you all for joining us. I hope you all loved the meditation from Sananda. That was unexpected on my part that he was going to do the whole thing but from what I can tell it was pretty amazing. So anyway, we’ll say bye now. Take care. Love you all. See you next week.

All: Love you, bye!

Cue Music.

Channeled by James McConnell
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated.
“Believing is seeing!”



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