Kp Message 171103… “I’m Sensing Something Significant May Be Happening… (soon?)… So how ’bout “Remaining in Peace” and “Holding the Light” ~ Nov. 3, 2017

I rather like Kp’s remarks here. Kp is all about following your heart and not letting any of that “head stuff” get in the way of living your life. Of course, many will regard the lifestyle Kp lives (in Hawaii, living minimally) is not possible for them.

But what IS possible is for each of us to regard our heart-felt responses as the primary driver  for our actions and mode of thought! Yes, you and I have to pay bills and so does Kp. Yes, you and I are living in a family situation where family members must be loved and “dealt with” as appropriate.

But, as we each learn to modify our thoughts and belief systems…things DO begin to change  and the events of our lives will begin to mirror those thought was we hold.

So…please read Kp’s message below, consider what YOU believe these days and the influence your thoughts have over  your lives, and…


As I mentioned in this video post from earlier today, Planetary Energetic Rumblings appear to be afoot. Now whether that leads to events in the 3D, we shall see.

There are some posts I’ve read that may lend some credence to that. And then there was this recent comment on a BF article that is out, related to this weekend’s Grand Antifa event on 11-4. Here’s the included jpeg link. Feel free to check it out if so guided.

All I’m going to say here is that no matter what may or may not be going on, and what types of planetary- and/or USA-disruptive things that are “planned”, each of us still may “Remain (Be) in Peace” and “Hold the Light” for those on this planet (and those inside it).

I will be remaining in the moment, and likely enjoying each and every moment, including those with a mocha, or as today, those with a few waves at Hapuna Beach. It is up to myself to BE the Light, and not put any energy into those things of “darker” intent.

We’ll see where it all goes. I have a sense that the “dark intenders” will fizzle out as the Higher Vibrations (our Light) embrace all upon this planet for the next few days.

That is all, Aloha, Kp



About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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