Twin Flame Energy Report ~ Main Reason Why Many Twin Flames Are Still in Separation ~ Oct. 25, 2017

By Matahariji

Dearest beloveds,

It is our deepest honour to once again come forth at this highly potent and auspicious time with the second part of our message. There is so much going on in the higher and more subtler planes of consciousness currently, and this is all very much due to the influx of a brand-new patterning of photonic light particles that have been bombarding the 3-D plane since around the time of the 8*8*8 activation portal.

Many of you are experiencing this influx as a quickening in the distance between thought and manifestation, indeed this influx of light activity is currently calibrated to the Diamond-Christ 24 strand DNA patterning. These gamma rays which are pouring forth can be likened to keys that fit perfectly with the locks within our DNA and pineal gland, and is always exponentially enhanced if our hearts are allowed to be open.

The more that you align wholeheartedly with the knowing of the purity of your being, then this allows these gamma rays to integrate on a very high level with the dormant ascension codes that are stored in the physical body. Please know that this has always been a part of the divine plan dear ones, and these energetic gateways will continue to increase in intensity until at least the time of the en masse collective Rapture.

This is a prophecy which all of the ancient Scriptures speak about, and this “event” is very much on track and aligned to take place for the children of Gaia. For these words to even be expressed at this time demonstrates that there has been a profound shift in the vibratory frequency of Gaia recently, and as such earth’s frequency is currently exhilarating at a phenomenal rate.

Dearest ones, you whom are reading these words, please know you are seen, you are known, you are felt, and there is no separation. We are truly the ones whom the Christ self has risen within. I am that I am….. the second coming….. the prophecy/ the Rapture….There is no one alive who can give your Christ self to you, as it is yours and yours only to claim. The world will have you believe you are a sinful mortal, yet nothing could be further from the truth. You are an eternal angelic being who has returned to this earthly plane in order to serve and assist in this planetary evolution and en masse awakening.

Mother Father God is about to serve out prasad (a devotional offering made to a god) and the heavenly children are needed now to be fully ready to serve this great offering, and to be the conduits for the absolute living presence of the divine embodied on earth.

You who read these words, are on the front line of this collective awakening timeline trajectory, and please know that your leadership skills are needed now like never before. Lead with your heart as your primary compass and you will go so far dearest ones.

With regards to the current twin flame collective, please know that the divine masculine polarity consciousness is very much on the verge of another archetypal “Tower” moment, as for many who are still in Karmic partnerships the cracks are now well and truly beginning to show, and it is becoming obvious that this is in fact not a 100% soul based connection and is more of a superficial 3-D connection. This realization is very much on the agenda for many divine masculines who have in fact on the higher level simply been giving their Divine feminine the time that they need to step out and step forward now as the true leaders, guide and wayshowers that they have incarnated to be.

The Divine feminine must be in balance with her own masculine energy now which means she must be out there and seen in the world, and a lot of the divine masculine or calling for this now from the Divine feminine

Take heed dear ones. Everything is based on vibration, attune your vibration to the vision of your highest destiny and Call forth the knowing that you have fulfilled your role and and are reaching all the divine souls whom you promised you would connect with this time around.

We hope you are getting the picture, all is so precisely in perfect divine order that no words can adequately quantify the extent of this, suffice to say your only job is to attain mastery over the monkey mind through training yourself to prioritize attuning your attention and awareness to the present moment for short moments at a time. This is the practice which is the highest master key to attain full spiritual liberation of the egoic mind.

Your imagination is all powerful dear ones, especially at this time of approaching Samhain in the northern hemisphere. To those of you who have heard the call to come forward to be part of the ancestors ceremony please know that this transmission will be overseen by our most beloved ancestor and grandmother Louise Hay, who is very deeply connected to the theme of this transmission, which has been sparked by the powerful #metoo campaign, Louise herself was sexually abused as a young person and this manifested itself in her body as cancer in her vaginal area. In this potent samhain gateway we we are being called to work with this all pervading issue.

This is a call to come forward now to gather at this auspicious time to heal the collective trauma and remove the template that has allowed sexual abuse and violation to continue, through the all powerful and loving presence of our beloved ancestors who have crossed over to the other side. This transmission is directly related To Jupiter now positioning itself in Scorpio, which is highlighting the necessity to heal all trauma associated with sexual abuse and violation for you and your own lineage. It is powerful beyond measure to join in your ascension groups at this time to address huge personal and planetary issues like this, and we have some potent things in store for all of you who sign up for this.

Please know that throughout this samhain transmission we will be sending fourth angelic divine protection throughout your whole bloodline lineage. It is imperative that as many souls as possible come forward to harness this powerful and long overdue forgiveness and atonement energy on their grid points, and please know that all who come forward will receive a powerful Angelic blessing to assist with the removal of this abuse at the cellular and molecular level, which for many of you is still a huge energetic reason why you have not come into full physical union with your beloved twin flame on the physical plane.

The work that we do in the transmission is powerful beyond measure and the ongoing support and friendship and love that is born from these groups it’s a soul nourishing at its core.

Please see below for full details.

All is well dear ones,

Breath deeply

Choose presence

This is it.

Om tat Sat

Welcome home.

We made it.

In love and eternal light Matahari-ji and the white wolf tribe.



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